Twin Steeples


1 A letter of Commendation- for enduring false teachers and false works2 A letter of Condemnation- for an eroding love of the Gospel3  A letter of Consolation- from He who…
Preserving the Philadelphians Lukewarm Ladoiceans
The Joy and Privilege of Serving in Christ's KingdomThe Assurance and Confidence of the Lord's Deliverance 

A Place to Stand

April 18, 2021

Faith Founded on the Resurrection of Jesus ChristFaith Leading to the Salvation of Your Soul
Learn from the Pacesetters Set Aside the Weights Keep Your Eyes Fixed on the Finish Line
Sufficiently handled sin as your substituteSupremely comforts your soul as your intercessor
Whose Mission is to bring forth JusticeWhose Guarantee is the Power of God
 He SAYS what is Better for you. He DOES what is Best for you.  


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