Bible Study: Sunday 9:00 AM, Saturday 7:00 PM  |  Worship: Sunday 10:00 AM, Saturday 6:00 PM


Welcome to VBS 2020 Online!

This year for Vacation Bible School we are not able to meet in person because of the restrictions that have been placed on us because of COVID-19. However, that does not mean that our study of God’s Word should stop! God wants all of us to be equipped with what He tells us about sickness, so that we can share it with others.

This all online VBS is designed for families to use together in their homes. It is designed to be understood by preschoolers and also to challenge teenagers and adults. This wide range of audience means that some things may seem obvious to you and others may seem obvious, but all of it is based on God’s Word, which is powerful and effective to plant and sustain faith.

The two tools you need to participate in this VBS are:
  1. A worksheet that contains all the Bible readings, discussion questions, and crafts. This worksheet can be printed out through the link below or you can contact Immanuel and we will print it out for you. Click HERE for the full worksheet.
  2. A daily video that will come out each day next week (July 27-31) and can be found on YouTube or through the links found below. This video includes the Bible Lesson, songs, and a daily scavenger hunt that teaches an object lesson. 

This Virtual VBS will be coming out live every day of the week of July 27-31, 2020. However, it will be available for free to whoever wants to use it for one calendar year. Please feel free to share as much as you can and are able.

God bless and keep you all through these times of trial, remembering that Christ has already triumphed!

Pastor Joe Naumann

Monday - Why is There Sickness?

Tuesday - How Does God Use Sickness?

Wednesday- Who has Power Over Sickness?

Thursday - What is the Worst Sickness of All?

Friday - When Will Sickness Be No More?