Twin Steeples


Vows Worth Venerating

July 18, 2021
REPENT of your vows TO the LORDREJOICE in  your vows FROM the LORD 
Before- I've 'breathed my last' After- I'm 'gathered to my people'

Remember Lot’s Wife

July 4, 2021
From her LingeringTo her Looking backTo her Loss of life From the Lord's FavorTo His FulfillmentTo His Final return
It's leverage that comes to us through Jesus ChristIt's leverage that we can be bold in using
God Guards Our Faith and Life Deposit With HimGod Calls Us to Guard His Word and Gospel on Deposit With Us
We Teach the Law's DemandWe Preach the Gospel's DoctrineHe Heals the Sinner's Disease
The Persecuted Christian is StrengthenedThe Compromising Christian is Weakened
Remember What You Have HeardWatch for Christ's Return
You made your bed, now lie in itYou dug your grave, but I laid in it


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