Twin Steeples


Worship and Service in the Worship Service The LORD serves us with His Word We worship the LORD in thankful praise We serve one another when we worship together

15th Sunday in Trinity

September 25, 2022
The Doctrine of Vocation You are a Citizen of God's Holy Nation You are an Alien in the World You are to be Noticed by the World

14th Sunday in the Trinity

September 18, 2022
What's the Harm in That? harmful if it affects my relationship with Jesus harmful if it affects his/her relationship with Jesus

13th Sunday in Trinity

September 11, 2022
The Gospel is the Greatest Aspect of God's Glory As Revealed in the Vision of the Prophet Isaiah As Revealed in the Supper of the Savior Jesus

12th Sunday in Trinity

September 4, 2022
What are the three C's of the Lord's Supper? Communion- with body/bread and blood/wine Communion- with your fellow believers Communion- with the Lord Jesus

11th Sunday in Trinity

August 28, 2022
Ready to Forgive There is none like You You have delivered my soul Turn to Me, LORD

10th Sunday in Trinity

August 21, 2022
God's People Confess Their Sins As an Act of Humility As an Act of Confidence As an Act of Rededication

9th Sunday in Trinity

August 14, 2022
Jesus Teaches about the Father's Love Measuring the Debt of my Sin Measuring the Depth of His Love

8th Sunday in Trinity

August 5, 2022
A Lesson in Church Management The Responsibilities of Leadership The Expectations of the Flock The Danger of the Enemy The Strength of Our Savior

7th Sunday After Trinity

July 31, 2022
Why 'Put on the Full Armor of God?' For Battle For the Home For School/Work For the Day For Every Part of your Lives
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Weekly Update 9/30/22

Menu *All meals come with fruit, vegetable, and milk. Peanut butter & jelly sandwich may be substituted for the main course. Monday, Oct. 3 Chicken patty on a bun Tuesday,…