Twin Steeples


To fulfill God's PromisesTo Deliver Us from our EnemiesTo Guide Us in the Way of Peace

When the Lord Restores…

November 22, 2020
He needs to pinch me with where I've beenHe seeks to flood me with what He has doneHe loves to cheer me with what I have won
His rest calms our worriesHis word renews our hearts  
The Fact of God's Love is that He Does Not Forget His PeopleThe Fact of God's Love is that He Does Redeem His People
1 The pureness of currency (defining denominations)2 The value of the currency (deadly discipleship) 
False obedience is resisting God's loveDenying the Word is resisting God's loveResistance can not change God's love

Mission Festival

October 18, 2020
I: He offers it to you  II: He offers it through you 
Power over the nationsPower over naturePower over timePower over death
To Lead all People to RepentanceTo Give the Standard that Christ has FulfilledTo Guide the Christian to a Joyful Response
Because He Died, Death has been SubjectedBecause He Lives, Eternal Life has been Gained
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A couple of Christmases ago, I shelled out and bought one of my cousins a brand new basketball. “The Spalding TF-1000 Legacy with Deep Channel Design has a game-ready feel…