Twin Steeples


What you CAN'T take with you What you CAN take with you
His grace gives great gifts His promise prompts purposeful prayer

*Tears of Natural Sorrow Over Life's Miseries *Tears of Godly Sorrow Over Our Sins *Tears of Compassion Over the Lost
Worldly wisdom- leads to practicing a selfish ambition Heavenly wisdom- leads to practicing a peaceful disposition
He plans to restore what was broken! He plans to revive what was dead!


September 12, 2021
Daddy, can I? Daddy, I'm scared. Daddy, guess what!
The Path of the Wicked- Ignoring the perilous imperatives of the Lord's Warnings The Path of the Just- Treasuring the priceless directions of the Lord's Way
David heard them- confesses Nathan used them- absolves Christ stands behind them- and delivers

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A couple of Christmases ago, I shelled out and bought one of my cousins a brand new basketball. “The Spalding TF-1000 Legacy with Deep Channel Design has a game-ready feel…