PSEO Flyer

Online version of Immanuel’s PSEO flyer

PSEO Classes

Upperclassmen at Immanuel have the opportunity to take advantage of PSEO classes at colleges in the Mankato Area.  See each school’s website for information regarding their specific requirements and application process.  Requirements are typically related to GPA, Class Rank, and ACT scores.  For most schools, deadlines for the fall semester are early in the summer and deadlines for the spring semester are early in the fall.


PSEO at South Central College

PSEO at Bethany

PSEO Online at Northwestern

Post-Secondary Education Option Policy from ILS Handbook

Immanuel requires that all credits in the areas of religion, social studies, earth science, life science, and health that are needed for high school graduation be earned through courses taken at Immanuel.  Credits earned in these areas through PSEO courses will be counted only as electives at Immanuel.  A course that meets five times per week is measured as 5 college credits and 1 high school credit.