Pilgrim’s Rest

Pilgrims Rest Cemetery is owned and controlled by Immanuel Lutheran Church under the supervision of the church board of trustees. It is the aim of the cemetery board to make Pilgrims Rest a quiet and beautiful cemetery which requires the cooperation of all lot owners. A copy of the regulations may be obtained from the church or cemetery board secretary. The cemetery is also subject to city, county and state laws.

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Contact information:


(507) 388-4009

Aagard Chris J. PILGRIM_COUNTY_167_1
Abbe Daniel PILGRIM_COUNTY_245_1
Abbot Moses R. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Abbott Morey PILGRIM_MAUSO_506_8
Abel Edwin F. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_7
Abel Frances M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_8
Abelman Earl W. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_551_2
Abelman Susanna E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A214_1
Ackerman Adolph J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_521_5
Ackerman Cecilia S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_488_8
Ackerman Edwin Robert PILGRIM_PILGRIM_521_2
Ackermann Dorthea PILGRIM_PILGRIM_521_4
Ackermann Rev. Adolph PILGRIM_PILGRIM_521_1
Ackermann Robert E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_92_7
Adams John (Jack) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_603_1
Adams Viola M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_603_2
Adman Ole PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Affolter Albert W PILGRIM_MAUSO_375_5
Affolter Clara B PILGRIM_FTPRINT_542_3
Affolter Constance C PILGRIM_FTPRINT_542_4
Affolter Emil PILGRIM_SPIREA_1_3
Affolter Emil (infant) PILGRIM_SPIREA_1_2
Affolter Emil F PILGRIM_SPIREA_1_4
Affolter Emil F. PILGRIM_MAUSO_375_2
Affolter John E. PILGRIM_MAUSO_375_4
Affolter John W PILGRIM_FTPRINT_542_6
Affolter Josephine PILGRIM_MAUSO_375_4
Affolter Maria W PILGRIM_MAUSO_375_1
Affolter Natalia B PILGRIM_MAUSO_375_6
Affolter Ramond PILGRIM_MAUSO_375_3
Affolter Walter H PILGRIM_FTPRINT_542_2
Aftem John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Afterhart Edwaer PILGRIM_COUNTY_159_1
Agada Thourralingo PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C147_1
Ahlensdorf Catherine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_143_4
Ahlenstaf Paulina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ahlenstorf Minnie S. B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ahrens Christ C PILGRIM_SPIREA_330_1
Ahrens Walter C PILGRIM_SPIREA_330_2
Aiken Dorothea PILGRIM_SPIREA_270_2
Albert Amanda PILGRIM_PILGRIM_356_2
Albrecht Gottlieb PILGRIM_MAUSO_187_3
Albrecht Herman A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A42_1
Albrecht Julia PILGRIM_MAUSO_187_2
Albrecht Phyllis M. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_633_8
Albrecht Samuel Lee PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C74_1
Albright Alvina PILGRIM_MAUSO_187_1
Albright Gust J PILGRIM_SPIREA_252_2
Albright Mary PILGRIM_SPIREA_252_1
Alexander Andrew PILGRIM_SPIREA_80_4
Alf Lillian PILGRIM_MAUSO_501_6
Allbee Susan M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_1
Allen Benjamin PILGRIM_COUNTY_253_1
Andersen Axel L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Andersen G. A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Andersen Nels PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson Alma B. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_644_1
Anderson Andrew I PILGRIM_CEDAR_922_4
Anderson Anne M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson Barbara PILGRIM_AB-EAST_535_8
Anderson Catherine PILGRIM_SPIREA_38_6
Anderson Charly M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson Chris PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_6
Anderson Clarence L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_696_3
Anderson Dorothy L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_679_6
Anderson Ernstrie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson Gust PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson Hans PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson Hans PILGRIM_MAUSO_196_1
Anderson Hazel PILGRIM_SPIREA_281_1
Anderson Henry P. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A20_1
Anderson Holger PILGRIM_SPIREA_55_5
Anderson Howard E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_202_1
Anderson LaVerne E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_696_4
Anderson Lorene Helen PILGRIM_COUNTY_202_1
Anderson M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Anderson Marvin C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_8
Anderson Norbert G. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_679_5
Anderson Oska Lenard PILGRIM_SPIREA_55_8
Anderson Oska W. PILGRIM_SPIREA_55_8
Anderson Rose PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_7
Anderson Stephen H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_249_1
Anderson Timothy Lee PILGRIM_CEDAR_912_1
Anderson Tracy L PILGRIM_CEDAR_925_4
Anderson Verle Lee PILGRIM_CEDAR_910_3
Anderson Verna L PILGRIM_CEDAR_938_1
Andregg Andrew PILGRIM_PILGRIM_126_3
Andregg Julia H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_126_1
Andregg Maria PILGRIM_PILGRIM_126_2
Andregg Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_126_4
Andreszcuk Sandra L. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_653_4
Angrimson Henry B PILGRIM_CEDAR_924_1
Angrimson Katherine Elizabeth PILGRIM_CEDAR_924_2
Annis James F. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C37_1
Appel Kenneth Henry x PILGRIM_SPIREA_323_5
Arend Henrietta W. PILGRIM_SPIREA_77_3
Ario Edward PILGRIM_MAUSO_379_4
Ario Edwin F PILGRIM_MAUSO_379_3
Ario Elizabeth PILGRIM_MAUSO_379_1
Ario Jim PILGRIM_MAUSO_379_6
Ario Ruth A PILGRIM_MAUSO_379_2
Ario Wes PILGRIM_MAUSO_379_5
Arndt Adolph W PILGRIM_CEDAR_922_3
Arndt Margaret PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_1
Arndt Marie P PILGRIM_CEDAR_922_4
Arneman Dorothea PILGRIM_SPIREA_289_8
Arneman Fred W PILGRIM_SPIREA_289_6
Arneman George W PILGRIM_SPIREA_289_4
Arneman Ida M PILGRIM_SPIREA_289_7
Arneman Minnie B. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_427_4
Arneman William Frederick PILGRIM_SPIREA_289_4
Arnemann August C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_380_2
Arnemann Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_380_1
Arnold Anna M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_152_6
Arnold Catherine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_354_5
Arnold Emil J. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_354_7
Arnold Freda PILGRIM_PILGRIM_152_1
Arnold George PILGRIM_PILGRIM_354_6
Arnold Herbert A. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_152_8
Arnold Laura PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A35_1
Arnold Louis A. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_152_5
Arnold Marie M. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_152_7
Arnold William PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A23_1
Ashmore Willard E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_540_6
Askevold Adolph M PILGRIM_NEANGLE_574_3
Askevold Alice C PILGRIM_NEANGLE_574_4
Aufderhar Agnes Viola PILGRIM_CEDAR_922_2
Aufderhar Oliver R. PILGRIM_CEDAR_922_1
Aufderhar Patrick O PILGRIM_FTPRINT_590_4
Augustsen Richard PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Auringer Thomas D. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_Q_8
Baarson Baard C PILGRIM_SPIREA_322_2
Baarson Pearl Luella PILGRIM_SPIREA_322_3
Babcock Fred K PILGRIM_MAUSO_174_6
Baby Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bachrach Benjamin B PILGRIM_SPIREA_333_2
Bachrach Lillian M PILGRIM_SPIREA_333_1
Backer Katherine PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Backhaus Albert G PILGRIM_MAUSO_233_4
Backhaus Anna L W PILGRIM_MAUSO_233_3
Backhaus Anna S. D. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_585_8
Backhaus Carl AF PILGRIM_FTPRINT_585_5
Backhaus Dora M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_585_6
Backhaus Martha Emma PILGRIM_FTPRINT_585_7
Baker Baby PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C11_1
Baker Mary Jane PILGRIM_SPIREA_311_2
Baker Walter F Jr PILGRIM_SPIREA_311_1
Baltus Wilhelmina E. (Minnie) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A96_1
Bandemer Clarence John PILGRIM_AB-WEST_600_4
Barbander H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Barlouse Olie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Barnes James PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A13_1
Barruth Ella PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Barry Janet PILGRIM_FTPRINT_744_7
Barsotti Lilllian (Lillie) G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_548_3
Barsotti Virgil B PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A215_1
Bartell Perry W. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_568_5
Bartell Violet PILGRIM_AB-EAST_568_6
Barth Frank W PILGRIM_SPIREA_12X_1
Barth Harold PILGRIM_SPIREA_12X_3
Barth John PILGRIM_SPIREA_61_2
Barth Louise M PILGRIM_SPIREA_12X_2
Bartsch Adolph E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_570_5
Bartsch Esther Sarah Anna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_442_7
Bartsch Ewalt H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_570_8
Bartsch Herbert W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_570_7
Bartsch Lillian M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_570_6
Bartz Frank PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A211_1
Baruth Amalia J PILGRIM_SPIREA_274_2
Baruth John PILGRIM_SPIREA_274_1
Bates Harry E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bathke Alma C. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_431_5
Bathke Anna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_431_2
Bathke Herman PILGRIM_PILGRIM_431_4
Bathke John PILGRIM_SPIREA_294_4
Bathke Luisa PILGRIM_PILGRIM_431_3
Bathke Mathilde PILGRIM_SPIREA_294_3
Bathke Paul PILGRIM_PILGRIM_431_1
Batte Werner PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bauman Anna Bertha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bauman Rosa A. Lidia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Baumgartner Edith A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_767_8
Baumgartner George R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_767_7
Baumgartner Ralph R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_733_1
Beach Aubrey E PILGRIM_CEDAR_983_1
Becker Anna M. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_784_6
Becker Augusta PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Becker Christina M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A53_1
Becker Conrad(jr) PILGRIM_AB-EAST_784_5
Becker Conrad(sr) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A87_1
Becker Herbert C PILGRIM_AB-WEST_551_3
Becker Lorraine S PILGRIM_AB-WEST_BB_2
Becker Robert C. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_784_7
Becker unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_36_1
Becker Woeke PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Beckfield Betty Bruestle PILGRIM_COUNTY_276_1
Beekman Grace K. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_147_4
Beetch Baby Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_V_4
Beetch Charles E. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_567_7
Beetch Charles L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_V_7
Beetch Clarence B PILGRIM_NEANGLE_625_1
Beetch Cynthia PILGRIM_AB-WEST_V_3
Beetch Eleanor M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_567_8
Beetch Gary Dean PILGRIM_NEANGLE_625_4
Beetch Gladys E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_625_4
Beetch Julia C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_567_6
Beetsch Carol L PILGRIM_SPIREA_331_2
Beetsch Elizabeth L. PILGRIM_SPIREA_331_6
Beetsch Elizabeth M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_690_4
Beetsch George J. PILGRIM_SPIREA_331_5
Beetsch Kenneth Marvin PILGRIM_FTPRINT_690_3
Beinke Carl H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A47_1
Beinke Herman R PILGRIM_MAUSO_455_6
Beinke Ida A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A46_1
Beinke Lydia Martha PILGRIM_MAUSO_455_7
Beinke Muriel M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_765_8
Beinke William L PILGRIM_MAUSO_455_1
Benefield Baby PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C41_1
Benefield Craig D. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C53_1
Benefield Donald H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_549_4
Benefield Mary Augusta PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A102_1
Bengtson Bessie B PILGRIM_MAUSO_215_2
Bengtson Brigto PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bengtson Claude F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_392_1
Bengtson Claus PILGRIM_PILGRIM_400_7
Bengtson Darla PILGRIM_PILGRIM_392_4
Bengtson Eva M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_400_3
Bengtson Evelyn W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_392_2
Bengtson Fanchon K PILGRIM_MAUSO_215_7
Bengtson Florence E PILGRIM_SPIREA_324_1
Bengtson Gustaf PILGRIM_MAUSO_215_1
Bengtson Ida A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_400_8
Bengtson John A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_392_7
Bengtson Marian I PILGRIM_PILGRIM_392_8
Bengtson Ralph H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_392_3
Bengtson Victor C PILGRIM_MAUSO_215_6
Bennett Eunice P PILGRIM_SPIREA_316_6
Bennett Howard J. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C57_1
Bennett Jane A. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_745_4
Benning Amanda PILGRIM_MAUSO_367_5
Benning Harvey A PILGRIM_MAUSO_367_6
Benning Henry FC PILGRIM_MAUSO_367_8
Benning Raymond J PILGRIM_MAUSO_367_4
Benning Robert PILGRIM_MAUSO_367_4
Benson E. H. PILGRIM_MAUSO_215_5
Benton Verona PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_4
Berchold Phillip PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Berentson Heidi PILGRIM_FTPRINT_590_8
Berentson Melissa M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_236_1
Berentson Mindy PILGRIM_FTPRINT_590_8
Berentson Nicoloza PILGRIM_CEDAR_925_2
Berentson Ruth PILGRIM_FTPRINT_590_8
Berentson Vern L PILGRIM_CEDAR_925_1
Berentson Wilmer PILGRIM_FTPRINT_590_5
Berg Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_142_1
Berg Hulda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Berg Marry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bergemann Anna E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_826_4
Bergemann Arnold H. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_826_3
Bergemann Brian W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_446_4
Bergemann Eldor L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_525_7
Bergemann Gustave G. PILGRIM_MAUSO_468_6
Bergemann Herman L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_525_5
Bergemann Kathryn E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_525_8
Bergemann Minnie C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_468_7
Bergemann Olga A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_525_6
Berghorst Kathleen PILGRIM_AB-EAST_717_4
Berndt Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_345_7
Berndt Elizabeth (mother Ely) PILGRIM_SPIREA_345_5
Berndt Elsie PILGRIM_SPIREA_345_6
Berndt Iona L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_548_4
Berndt Otto A PILGRIM_SPIREA_345_8
Berndt Otto N PILGRIM_AB-WEST_553_1
Bernhardt Florence PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Berve George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Besaw unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Besdon William PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Beseman Ernest H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_401_6
Besser Helen PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Besser Hilda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Betow Wilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Beyer Alma F PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_2
Beyer Dora PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_5
Beyer Elizabeth A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_665_7
Beyer Emil F. C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_1
Beyer Martin C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_665_8
Beyer Melvin C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_681_8
Biermann unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Biever Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_165_5
Billings Dorothy PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_7
Binger Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Binger Bertha M PILGRIM_MAUSO_190_3
Binger Herman PILGRIM_MAUSO_190_2
Binger Loren PILGRIM_SPIREA_29_8
Birk Erick A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_449_8
Birk Gottlieb PILGRIM_PILGRIM_449_7
Birkhaus Raebhus PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Birkher Louise PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Birkholz unknown PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C65_1
Bishman Charles A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_72_3
Bishman Charles G PILGRIM_MAUSO_198_8
Bishman Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_G_1
Bishman Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_72_4
Bishman Herman C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_G_8
Bishman Hermina P PILGRIM_PILGRIM_G_2
Bishman Louis Jr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_G_7
Bishman Louis Sr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_G_3
Bisping Baby PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C50_1
Blaire James PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bland Nellie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_109_3
Blank William PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Blatterman Anna PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_3
Blatterman Ewald PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_6
Blatterman Gustav PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_4
Blatterman Harold PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_8
Blatterman Leona M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_529_6
Blatterman Oscar G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_529_5
Blatterman Robert PILGRIM_AB-EAST_529_1
Blatterman Rudolph PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_1
Blatterman Thomas PILGRIM_AB-EAST_529_1
Blume Ricky PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C36_1
Blumer unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Boch Rudoph PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Boclive Hazel PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Boehland Amalie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_132_4
Boehland Amelia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_132_8
Boehland Arthur PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_6
Boehland Clara PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_4
Boehland Ernest PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_2
Boehland Gustav PILGRIM_PILGRIM_147_1
Boehland Helene PILGRIM_PILGRIM_132_6
Boehland Irvin J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_147_3
Boehland Maysie M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_8
Boehland Oscar PILGRIM_PILGRIM_132_7
Boehland Pauline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_147_2
Boehland Rena PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_3
Boehland Theodor PILGRIM_PILGRIM_132_1
Boehland Theodor PILGRIM_PILGRIM_132_5
Boehland Walter B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_8
Boethcher Edward Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Boettcher baby H PILGRIM_MAUSO_228_6
Boettcher Esther E. PILGRIM_SPIREA_272_8
Boettcher Herman A PILGRIM_SPIREA_272_7
Boettcher LaDonna PILGRIM_SPIREA_272_4
Boettger August PILGRIM_MAUSO_228_2
Boettger Emma M PILGRIM_SPIREA_324_4
Boettger Henry W PILGRIM_SPIREA_324_3
Boettger Logan H E PILGRIM_SPIREA_324_8
Boettger Matilda PILGRIM_MAUSO_228_3
Boettger Ruth A PILGRIM_SPIREA_324_7
Bohm Esther A PILGRIM_MAUSO_373_1
Bohm Sophia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bohrer Viola PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_3
Bolduan George K PILGRIM_PILGRIM_487_5
Bolduan Lillian I PILGRIM_PILGRIM_487_6
Bolduc Joanne M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_738_6
Bollman Mildred D PILGRIM_PILGRIM_396_7
Bonebrake Lyle S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_478_6
Borchert Leona PILGRIM_FTPRINT_662_6
Borchert Max E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_662_5
Borgger Mary Ann PILGRIM_COUNTY_277_1
Born Albert C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_476_5
Born Arthur G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_569_6
Born Daniel A. E. PILGRIM_MAUSO_165_7
Born Florence L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_476_6
Born Frank R PILGRIM_MAUSO_165_6
Born Friedericke PILGRIM_MAUSO_165_8
Born Herman W PILGRIM_MAUSO_165_2
Born Jacob PILGRIM_MAUSO_182_4
Born Kim A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_569_4
Born Laura A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_637_7
Born Maria C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_473_7
Born Marianna PILGRIM_MAUSO_182_3
Born Marie C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_473_8
Born Verna C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_569_7
Borneke Barbara PILGRIM_MAUSO_182_1
Bowdish Danny Lee PILGRIM_COUNTY_197_1
Bowdish Kenneth PILGRIM_CEDAR_921_3
Bowdish Kenneth B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_194_1
Bowdish Loretta A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_196_1
Bowdish Lucretia M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_195_1
Bowdish Phyllis PILGRIM_CEDAR_921_4
Bowers Wesley PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Braam Leo R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_595_3
Brabanda Clara PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bradley John K or H PILGRIM_SPIREA_42_4
Brandes Elsie PILGRIM_COUNTY_182_1
Brandis Alvin PILGRIM_COUNTY_154_1
Brandt August C PILGRIM_SPIREA_242_1
Brandt Carl F W PILGRIM_SPIREA_242_2
Brandt Martha PILGRIM_SPIREA_242_3
Brandt Martha A PILGRIM_SPIREA_242_3
Braun Walter PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C9_1
Braunlich Julia Clara PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Braunlich Oscar M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Braunlich Rosa PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Braunlich Wilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Breidenbach Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_418_5
Breidenbach Ben PILGRIM_MAUSO_418_6
Breidenbach Bernhard PILGRIM_MAUSO_418_7
Breitbarth Martin PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C19_1
Breitenfeld Anna L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_634_5
Breitenfeld Henry G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_634_6
Brenner Dale H PILGRIM_SPIREA_307_8
Brenner David H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_788_7
Brenner Eliza PILGRIM_MAUSO_191_7
Brenner George H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_515_6
Brenner George Sr. PILGRIM_MAUSO_191_8
Brenner Harold G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_788_5
Brenner Jeanette Marie PILGRIM_AB-EAST_788_8
Brenner John G PILGRIM_MAUSO_191_6
Brenner John J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_616_6
Brenner Maria K PILGRIM_MAUSO_191_5
Brenner Martha A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_616_5
Brenner Martha E. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_515_7
Brenner Michael H PILGRIM_SPIREA_307_4
Brenner Odella A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_788_6
Brenner Rosa M PILGRIM_MAUSO_191_4
Brewsterlittle Rev. Joseph PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Briek John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Briggs Baby Boy PILGRIM_COUNTY_164_1
Briggs Ellizabeth PILGRIM_COUNTY_269_1
Briggs Freeman Jr PILGRIM_AB-WEST_602_2
Briggs Henry R PILGRIM_CEDAR_958_3
Briggs Loraine F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_602_1
Briggs Wilma L PILGRIM_CEDAR_958_4
Brist June Arlene PILGRIM_FTPRINT_605_4
Brockmeyer Dora Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_213_2
Brockmeyer Dorathea PILGRIM_MAUSO_213_1
Brockmeyer Margaret PILGRIM_SPIREA_323_2
Brockmeyer Otto PILGRIM_SPIREA_323_1
Brockmeyer Paul PILGRIM_MAUSO_213_3
Brockmeyer Prof. Heinrich D.R. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_90_1
Broe Martin PILGRIM_COUNTY_284_1
Brooks Alvera Rose PILGRIM_CEDAR_955_4
Brooks Harvey PILGRIM_CEDAR_955_4
Brown Beatrice R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_714_1
Brown Judith A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_714_5
Brown Julian E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_714_2
Brown Leonard Frank PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Brown Lydia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Brown Mike Eugene PILGRIM_AB-EAST_714_6
Brown Nadine PILGRIM_MAUSO_453_7
Brown Robert J PILGRIM_CEDAR_952_2
Brown Robert Sr PILGRIM_CEDAR_952_1
Brown Roger A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_188_1
Brown Wilma V PILGRIM_CEDAR_952_1
Browning John T PILGRIM_CEDAR_916_1
Browning Margaret L. PILGRIM_CEDAR_916_2
Browning Nadine M PILGRIM_CEDAR_916_3
Bruhn Dean L. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C114_1
Bruhn Janice Ann PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C105_1
Bruhn Lorelei PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C104_1
Bruhn Waldemar L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A80_1
Brula Evelyn L PILGRIM_MAUSO_215_3
Brunner Thomas PILGRIM_PILGRIM_521_6
Bruns Ardella PILGRIM_NEANGLE_727_3
Bruns Fred J PILGRIM_NEANGLE_727_2
Bruns Jeanne M PILGRIM_NEANGLE_727_4
Bruss Fred W PILGRIM_MAUSO_166_1
Bruss Oscar H PILGRIM_MAUSO_166_4
Bruss Wilhelmina PILGRIM_MAUSO_166_2
Buck baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Buck Ella Janett PILGRIM_PILGRIM_428_6
Buck Harry L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_428_5
Buck Ludwig PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Buckhaus Henry A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_627_7
Buckhaus Jessie E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_627_8
Budes John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Buefing Kristine PILGRIM_AB-WEST_647_3
Buelow Wiliam Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bulow Earl PILGRIM_MAUSO_410_8
Bulow Ella PILGRIM_MAUSO_410_5
Bulow Emil J PILGRIM_MAUSO_410_6
Bulow Helma E PILGRIM_MAUSO_410_7
Burcham Elva E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Burgess Mary Ellen PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A205_1
Burgstrom Ulrika PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Burgstrom Ulrika P. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Burmeister Anna Marie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Burmeister Helena M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Burns Helmer PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_2
Burns James PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_4
Burns James L PILGRIM_CEDAR_934_1
Burns Katherine PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_3
Burns Margaret M. PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_1
Burns Marguerite Mary PILGRIM_CEDAR_935_4
Burns Mildred PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_5
Burns Robert L PILGRIM_CEDAR_935_3
Burrill Nellie H PILGRIM_SPIREA_19_5
Burt Carolina T PILGRIM_PILGRIM_109_5
Burt Charles E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_605_1
Burt Dean PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C113_1
Burt Donna Mae PILGRIM_PILGRIM_109_5
Burt Doris E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_605_2
Burt Gilbert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Burt Nellie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_109_6
Busch Walter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Bush Frank PILGRIM_MAUSO_424_5
Bush Nettie PILGRIM_MAUSO_424_6
Bushway Isaac M PILGRIM_CEDAR_962_1
Busse Adelheid A PILGRIM_MAUSO_500_4
Busse Emil C PILGRIM_MAUSO_500_1
Busse Ervin J PILGRIM_MAUSO_500_5
Busse Roy E PILGRIM_MAUSO_500_7
Caballero Jesse PILGRIM_AB-WEST_554_3
Caballero Juana PILGRIM_AB-WEST_554_2
Caballero Juanita Marie PILGRIM_AB-WEST_554_4
Caballero Rufio (father) PILGRIM_COUNTY_75_1
Cain Elizabeth PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A30_1
Cain Frederick PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A36_1
Call Roy PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Callies Caroline M PILGRIM_MAUSO_422_7
Callies Ewald A PILGRIM_MAUSO_422_5
Callies Otto H PILGRIM_MAUSO_422_8
Callies Walter C PILGRIM_MAUSO_422_6
Capp Donald PILGRIM_AB-EAST_736_1
Capp Marilyn L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_736_2
Carlson August PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Carlson Charly PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Carlson Dollie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Carlson E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Carlson John A PILGRIM_SPIREA_37X_2
Carroll James D PILGRIM_FTPRINT_707_1
Carroll Lorraine A. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_707_2
Carson Charley Alex PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Carson Edgar W. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Carson Ester PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Cassman Dale C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_615_7
Chapman Mary F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Chelon Elmer PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christ Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christ Elizabeth PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A1_1
Christ Frances R Stella PILGRIM_NEANGLE_779_2
Christ Helen Dolly PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christ Joseph G. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C28_1
Christ Joseph O PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A69_1
Christ Margarette PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A68_1
Christ Stanley W PILGRIM_NEANGLE_779_1
Christensen Caristins M PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christensen Ch. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C13_1
Christensen Harry PILGRIM_AB-EAST_840_5
Christensen James E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christensen Lewis P. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christensen Louis PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A70_1
Christensen Peter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christensen Shirley Duane PILGRIM_AB-EAST_840_6
Christiansen L. P. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christiansen Sine PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Christnagel Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_5
Christof Joseph PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Clark Louise PILGRIM_PILGRIM_385_4
Claucke Gilbert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Clement Aurelia Gieseke PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_5
Cline Arnold L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_Q_7
Cline Rhonda J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_Q_3
Cline Violet PILGRIM_AB-WEST_Q_8
Clow Clarence C PILGRIM_CEDAR_939_1
Clow Josie PILGRIM_CEDAR_939_2
Cole Allen Henry PILGRIM_CEDAR_937_3
Cole Clifford M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_118_2
Cole Louise M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_118_3
Cole Marilyn PILGRIM_CEDAR_937_3
Colen Mary Ann PILGRIM_AB-WEST_648_1
Collette Edward W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A60_1
Collin Dale PILGRIM_MAUSO_370_5
Collin Ella M PILGRIM_MAUSO_370_8
Collin Lawrence J PILGRIM_MAUSO_370_4
Collins Alfred H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_108_1
Colwill Lyle PILGRIM_AB-WEST_652_1
Comstock Infant PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Comstock Phillip Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Connelly Jack M PILGRIM_CEDAR_955_1
Conway George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Cooper Clara A PILGRIM_MAUSO_504_6
Cooper Donna L PILGRIM_MAUSO_504_8
Cooper Harry B PILGRIM_AB-EAST_681_5
Cooper Hubert D PILGRIM_MAUSO_504_5
Cooper Ida PILGRIM_AB-EAST_681_6
Cooper Loren H PILGRIM_MAUSO_504_7
Coopman Rebecca S PILGRIM_AB-WEST_601_2
Copp Cornelius PILGRIM_SPIREA_57_1
Copp Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_57_3
Copp Jacob PILGRIM_SPIREA_57_2
Cords Alma PILGRIM_AB-EAST_666_6
Cords Benjamin F PILGRIM_AB-EAST_663_5
Cords Delores R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_666_2
Cords Louis F PILGRIM_AB-EAST_666_5
Cords Selma PILGRIM_AB-EAST_663_6
Cornelius R. J. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A6_1
Cornwell C. W. (child) PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Cottrele William PILGRIM_COUNTY_122_1
Cowell Baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_507_4
Cowell Herbert D PILGRIM_MAUSO_507_7
Cowell Ricky David PILGRIM_MAUSO_507_8
Cox Sam PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Craddock Lora PILGRIM_CEDAR_933_4
Cray Marvin G PILGRIM_FTPRINT_609_3
Cronkhite Bell PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Cucinotta Joseph PILGRIM_COUNTY_257_1
Cucinotta Stella PILGRIM_COUNTY_255_1
Cuddling Carl F PILGRIM_MAUSO_175_1
Culp Charlotte B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_389_8
Culp Frances PILGRIM_PILGRIM_389_6
Culp George E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_389_5
Culp Lorraine E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_389_3
Cumin L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Curtin Alice PILGRIM_SPIREA_309_6
Curtin Ambrose PILGRIM_SPIREA_309_5
Cutkosky Charles H PILGRIM_MAUSO_462_6
Cutkosky Ella Ida PILGRIM_MAUSO_462_7
Cutkosky Emily PILGRIM_MAUSO_462_5
Daehn Albert O PILGRIM_AB-WEST_V_5
Dagan Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_185_6
Dahler Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dahler John G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A49_1
Dahler Myrtle M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A50_1
Dahms Emil G. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dahms Julius Martin PILGRIM_SPIREA_267_7
Dahms Wilhelmina A PILGRIM_SPIREA_267_6
Dalaska Howard LeRoy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A207_1
Dalaska Trudy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A206_1
Dallen Whilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Danberry Bert E PILGRIM_CEDAR_909_3
Danberry Bradley K PILGRIM_CEDAR_910_4
Danberry Glen Edward PILGRIM_COUNTY_238_1
Danberry Ralph D PILGRIM_CEDAR_911_3
Daniels Eunice Louise PILGRIM_CEDAR_931_2
Daniels Lorenzo PILGRIM_CEDAR_931_1
Danielson Lewis PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Danner Albert O PILGRIM_SPIREA_317_5
Danner Christian J PILGRIM_SPIREA_317_8
Danner Clara D PILGRIM_SPIREA_317_7
Danner Marie PILGRIM_SPIREA_317_6
Darsow Anna E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_520_5
Darsow Emelie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_520_1
Darsow Frank W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_520_6
Darsow Helen L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_520_7
Darsow Ida B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_520_8
Dauer Frederick Baby PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C63_1
Daufenbach Douglas PILGRIM_AB-EAST_765_3
Daufenbach Edna A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_765_7
Davis Dennis PILGRIM_CEDAR_951_4
Davis Gladys R PILGRIM_CEDAR_951_2
Davis Robert D PILGRIM_SPIREA_326_5
Davis Willard A PILGRIM_CEDAR_951_3
Dawley Baby Boy PILGRIM_COUNTY_179_1
Dawley Evelyn PILGRIM_AB-EAST_720_4
Dawley Leonard P Jr PILGRIM_AB-EAST_720_7
Dawley Leonard W Sr PILGRIM_AB-EAST_720_3
Dawley Roy A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_780_1
Dawson Anna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dean unknown PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C15_1
Deebach Fannie M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_5
Deebach G. Adolph PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_6
Deebach Gotllielb Adolph PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_8
Deebach Katherina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_7
Deebach Paul Arthur PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_8
Deebach Veronika PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_8
Deegan Arthur L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_772_5
Deegan Caroline M PILGRIM_MAUSO_420_8
Deegan Carrie B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_110_2
Deegan George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Deegan George C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_110_4
Deegan George E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_110_3
Deegan John H PILGRIM_MAUSO_420_7
Deegan Phillip M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_823_1
Deegan Vera PILGRIM_AB-EAST_772_6
Deike Anna PILGRIM_SPIREA_262_2
Deike Fred PILGRIM_SPIREA_262_1
Deike John F PILGRIM_SPIREA_262_5
Deitrich August John or Johann PILGRIM_SPIREA_21X_3
Deitrich Emilie PILGRIM_SPIREA_21X_2
Dellwo Kuehne Eileen PILGRIM_PILGRIM_429_4
Demmin Edna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Demmin Frank PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Demmin Frank J PILGRIM_SPIREA_51_2
Demmin Wilhelmina PILGRIM_SPIREA_51_3
Dempsey Daniel J PILGRIM_CEDAR_936_1
Dethloff Augusta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_119_1
Dethloff Carl PILGRIM_PILGRIM_119_2
Dethloff Catherine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_120_7
Dethloff Edmund H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_120_6
Dethloff Emma E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_R_6
Dethloff Martha M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_119_4
Dethloff Minnie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_119_3
Dethloff Paul PILGRIM_PILGRIM_119_5
Dethloff Walter H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_119_7
Deuber Rev Simeon PILGRIM_SPIREA_279_8
Deuber Rosalia PILGRIM_SPIREA_261_5
Deuber Verena PILGRIM_SPIREA_279_7
Devens Marjorie E PILGRIM_CEDAR_946_4
Devens Walter PILGRIM_COUNTY_144_1
DeWitte Leon H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_748_1
DeWitte Robert G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_748_1
Dick Ervin PILGRIM_COUNTY_252_1
Dienst Anna PILGRIM_CEDAR_920_2
Dienst Lawrence H PILGRIM_CEDAR_920_1
Dietl Elaine V PILGRIM_AB-EAST_680_6
Dietl Stanley J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_680_5
Dietmann Emile PILGRIM_MAUSO_218_6
Dietrich Alvina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dietz William PILGRIM_COUNTY_237_1
Dingler Edgar PILGRIM_COUNTY_127_1
Dingler Martha PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A104_1
Dmytrasz Esther PILGRIM_CEDAR_935_2
Dmytrasz Joseph PILGRIM_CEDAR_935_1
Doege Bruno PILGRIM_CEDAR_952_4
Doehling Andrea N PILGRIM_FTPRINT_738_3
Doehling Rosemary G PILGRIM_FTPRINT_738_8
Doehling Willard H PILGRIM_FTPRINT_738_7
Doering Carl C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_613_5
Doering Carl Child PILGRIM_PILGRIM_494_2
Doering Clara R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_613_8
Doering David C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_613_7
Doering Edna C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_613_6
Doering Hazel H (Schweim) PILGRIM_AB-EAST_536_7
Doherty Patrick PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dolar Fred PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dolar Johanna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dolar Minnie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dolar William PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dolor Otto PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A28_1
Dombrouske Minnie E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_258_1
Dommeroes child PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dommrese Dorothea PILGRIM_PILGRIM_116_7
Dommrese Ida PILGRIM_PILGRIM_116_6
Dommrese Wilhelm PILGRIM_PILGRIM_116_8
Domrose Wm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Donahue Kenneth J PILGRIM_MAUSO_371_1
Donahue Orville W PILGRIM_MAUSO_371_1
Donahue Richard E PILGRIM_MAUSO_371_1
Door Carolina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Doring Elizabeth PILGRIM_NEANGLE_723_2
Doring Lee R PILGRIM_NEANGLE_722_3
Dorn Betty J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_682_1
Doss Lawrence S PILGRIM_CEDAR_982_1
Draeger Augusta PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A31_1
Draeger Herman PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dreher Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_7
Dreher Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_3
Dreher Johann N PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_8
Dreher John PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_8
Dreher William F PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_4
Drewes Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_441_2
Drewes Susan Irene PILGRIM_PILGRIM_441_8
Drewes Walter Henry Edward PILGRIM_PILGRIM_441_7
Drewes William B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_441_5
Drill Bertha J PILGRIM_SPIREA_302_6
Drill Ernst PILGRIM_SPIREA_302_7
Drill Herman H PILGRIM_SPIREA_302_8
Drueke Mabel PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dryer Eleanor PILGRIM_COUNTY_282_1
Dubke Anna PILGRIM_SPIREA_36_3
Dubke August PILGRIM_SPIREA_45X_8
Dubke Augusta B PILGRIM_SPIREA_288_4
Dubke Augusta E PILGRIM_SPIREA_273_4
Dubke Bernhard PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dubke Bernice D PILGRIM_SPIREA_288_5
Dubke Carl H PILGRIM_SPIREA_288_6
Dubke Carl L PILGRIM_SPIREA_273_1
Dubke Charles W PILGRIM_SPIREA_273_8
Dubke Christian PILGRIM_SPIREA_1_7
Dubke Ed PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dubke Edward PILGRIM_SPIREA_273_7
Dubke Edward W PILGRIM_SPIREA_288_2
Dubke Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_44X_7
Dubke Emil R PILGRIM_SPIREA_273_6
Dubke Henrietta PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_6
Dubke Herbert P PILGRIM_CEDAR_937_2
Dubke Karl PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_7
Dubke Maria E. PILGRIM_SPIREA_45X_5
Dubke Miriam C PILGRIM_CEDAR_937_1
Dubke Otto PILGRIM_SPIREA_273_5
Dueball Albert PILGRIM_MAUSO_164_7
Dueball Catrina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dueball child PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dueball Elizabeth PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dueball Ida PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dueball Louise PILGRIM_MAUSO_164_8
Duehring Emma F PILGRIM_MAUSO_413_7
Duehring George PILGRIM_MAUSO_240_2
Duehring George Michael PILGRIM_FTPRINT_610_8
Duehring George W PILGRIM_FTPRINT_610_6
Duehring Mercedes R PILGRIM_FTPRINT_610_7
Duehring William PILGRIM_MAUSO_413_6
Dulits or Deilitllz Child of Rev. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dumeland Dorothea PILGRIM_SPIREA_69_7
Dumeland Heinrich PILGRIM_SPIREA_69_6
Dumeland William PILGRIM_PILGRIM_D_7
Dunkelbeck Harold J PILGRIM_SPIREA_258_8
Dunkelbeck Heinrich PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dunkelbeck Henrietta PILGRIM_SPIREA_258_2
Dunkelbeck Henry W PILGRIM_SPIREA_258_1
Dunkelbeck Ida B PILGRIM_SPIREA_258_6
Dunkelbeck unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dunkelbeck Vera PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dunkelbeck Walter C PILGRIM_SPIREA_258_7
Dunnel Alick PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dunning Al PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Dysterheft Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_151_3
Dysterheft Leonard R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_151_2
Dysterheft Ludvig PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Eccles Susan (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C49_1
Eckstein George J PILGRIM_MAUSO_506_5
Edwards Al PILGRIM_COUNTY_33_1
Eich George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Eichorn Alma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_6
Eichorn Emelia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_1
Eichorn Emelie H. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_2
Eichorn Fred PILGRIM_SPIREA_261_8
Eichorn Hulda PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_5
Eichorn Maria PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_8
Eichorn Otto PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_7
Eichstadt Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_77X_3
Eichstadt Pauline PILGRIM_SPIREA_77X_6
Eilenfeldt Fred J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_R_7
Eilenfeldt Maida PILGRIM_AB-WEST_R_8
Eirson John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Eisert August F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_401_2
Eisert Louisa PILGRIM_PILGRIM_401_1
Eklund Olga PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ellanson Karen PILGRIM_AB-WEST_646_1
Emmel Albert C PILGRIM_SPIREA_260_7
Emmel Bertha Louise PILGRIM_SPIREA_241_3
Emmel Esther F PILGRIM_SPIREA_260_8
Emmel Heather Suzanne PILGRIM_SPIREA_241_1
Emmel Rev Albert E G PILGRIM_SPIREA_241_4
Emmerick Loraine PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Emmler Fred P PILGRIM_PILGRIM_474_5
Emmler Wilhemina (Minnie) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_474_6
Enders Clara PILGRIM_SPIREA_326_4
Enders Edward PILGRIM_SPIREA_297_7
Enders Frank H PILGRIM_SPIREA_297_6
Enders Mary W PILGRIM_SPIREA_297_5
Enfield William PILGRIM_COUNTY_180_1
Engel Charles PILGRIM_SPIREA_282_4
Engel Mary PILGRIM_SPIREA_282_7
Engel Roland (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C43_1
Engel William PILGRIM_SPIREA_282_6
Engelbrecht Alvin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Engelbrecht Lucinda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Engelbrecht Walter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Engelbrectht Mabel PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Enger Anton John PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A11_1
Enger Arthur PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Enger Emma N PILGRIM_SPIREA_348_5
Enger Engvald PILGRIM_COUNTY_166_1
Enger John PILGRIM_SPIREA_348_6
Enger Marvin A PILGRIM_SPIREA_348_7
Enger Mary PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A12_1
Enter Marion L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_670_8
Enter Ricky G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_670_7
Erdman Fred A PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_6
Erdman Laura E PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_7
Erdner Amanda PILGRIM_MAUSO_210_5
Erdner Caroline PILGRIM_MAUSO_210_7
Erdner Gustav C PILGRIM_MAUSO_210_6
Erdner Olga PILGRIM_MAUSO_210_4
Erdner Wilhelm PILGRIM_MAUSO_210_8
Erickson Charlotte PILGRIM_MAUSO_197_4
Erickson Ed PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Erickson Elizabeth (Betty) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_4
Erickson Erla PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Erickson Jonas PILGRIM_MAUSO_197_3
Erickson Oscar G PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_4
Erickson Swen Olaf PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ericson Chester W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_T_1
Ericson Emma A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_T_2
Erlandson Chester E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_403_1
Erlandson Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_403_2
Erlandson Emma PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ernst John Andrew PILGRIM_AB-EAST_817_7
Ernst John R. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_817_5
Ernst Margaret Ann PILGRIM_AB-EAST_817_6
Ernst Maynard A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_817_1
Ernst Philip PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Errison Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Esner Alvina J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_102_6
Essner Peter PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A29_1
Evenson Lucille G PILGRIM_NEANGLE_624_2
Everhart Margaret J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_89_6
Evers Charles E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_782_5
Evers Geraldine R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_782_6
Ewert Peggy M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_8
Ewy Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_43_3
Exner Arlene PILGRIM_FTPRINT_641_5
Exner Margaret F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_493_1
Exner William C PILGRIM_FTPRINT_641_6
Eynon Sidney PILGRIM_COUNTY_186_1
Fallen Helene A PILGRIM_MAUSO_236_6
Fallen Neal R PILGRIM_MAUSO_236_5
Farland Sven E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_643_3
Fehlandt Craig Allen PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C110_1
Fehlandt Kimberly K. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C111_1
Felber Amelia PILGRIM_SPIREA_340_6
Felber Elizabeth S PILGRIM_SPIREA_340_8
Felber John PILGRIM_SPIREA_340_7
Feld Marie PILGRIM_SPIREA_37_2
Feldbusch Elisabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_323_7
Feldbusch Esther A PILGRIM_MAUSO_368_5
Feldbusch Henry PILGRIM_SPIREA_323_8
Feldbusch Henry W PILGRIM_MAUSO_368_6
Fell John G. (Jack) PILGRIM_MAUSO_378_3
Fell Mary E PILGRIM_MAUSO_378_2
Fells Robert PILGRIM_MAUSO_378_1
Fennern Daisy PILGRIM_MAUSO_215_8
Fennern Ella M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_632_6
Fennern Herman F PILGRIM_AB-EAST_632_5
Fennern Victoria E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_579_3
Field Hubert D PILGRIM_AB-EAST_666_7
Field Rubey L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_666_8
Fischer Adam Jr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_493_7
Fischer Adam Sr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_493_6
Fischer Clara PILGRIM_PILGRIM_493_8
Fischer H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Fischer LaDaryl C PILGRIM_SPIREA_330_6
Fischer Lenora E PILGRIM_CEDAR_977_1
Fischer Maria PILGRIM_PILGRIM_493_5
Fischer Rev. G. W. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_89_5
Fitch Ann Elizabeth PILGRIM_FTPRINT_607_1
Fitch Bradley W PILGRIM_FTPRINT_607_3
Fitch Merlyn W PILGRIM_FTPRINT_607_2
Fitzpatrick Leo J PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_8
Fjeld Cyril D PILGRIM_PILGRIM_478_7
Fjeld Helen M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_478_8
Fjeld Thole PILGRIM_SPIREA_74_2
Fjelstad David P PILGRIM_FTPRINT_538_7
Fleischer Peter M PILGRIM_MAUSO_170_1
Fletcher Arthur PILGRIM_COUNTY_199_1
Flores Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Foelster Albert D PILGRIM_PILGRIM_446_1
Foelster August PILGRIM_MAUSO_195_3
Foelster Christian D PILGRIM_SPIREA_338_7
Foelster D.C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_195_1
Foelster Edna Ottilie PILGRIM_SPIREA_338_5
Foelster Emma I. L. PILGRIM_MAUSO_195_4
Foelster Gustav PILGRIM_MAUSO_195_2
Foelster Harold D PILGRIM_SPIREA_338_8
Foelster Ida PILGRIM_SPIREA_255_7
Foelster Maria K PILGRIM_MAUSO_195_2
Foelster Ottilia PILGRIM_SPIREA_338_6
Foldese baby girl PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_8
Foltz Emma PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ford George W PILGRIM_MAUSO_179_1
Ford Ira PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ford William PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C22_1
Forsberg Anna S. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Foss George E PILGRIM_SPIREA_53_7
Fossen Clinton V PILGRIM_AB-EAST_663_4
Fossen Harry PILGRIM_SPIREA_347_7
Fossen Mary A PILGRIM_SPIREA_347_6
Fossen Raymond H PILGRIM_SPIREA_347_5
Fowler Bertha R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_599_3
Fowles Chauncey A PILGRIM_SPIREA_300_2
Fowles Irene G PILGRIM_SPIREA_300_1
Fox Elmer PILGRIM_COUNTY_141_1
Fox Todd Alan PILGRIM_CEDAR_908_1
Frank Ernest J PILGRIM_CEDAR_929_4
Frank Wilhelmina PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A22_1
Franke Brandon S PILGRIM_NEANGLE_673_4
Franke Harry K PILGRIM_NEANGLE_672_4
Franke Shirley J PILGRIM_NEANGLE_672_4
Franske Albert H. PILGRIM_SPIREA_34_4
Franske August PILGRIM_SPIREA_34_5
Franske Carl PILGRIM_SPIREA_34_7
Franske Christina PILGRIM_SPIREA_34_6
Franske Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_34_1
Franske Otto PILGRIM_SPIREA_34_3
Franske William O. PILGRIM_SPIREA_34_8
Frederickson Baby Girl PILGRIM_COUNTY_155_1
Frederickson Fred PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Fredricks Henry W PILGRIM_MAUSO_464_5
Fredricks Marion E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_539_5
Fredricks Orville C PILGRIM_FTPRINT_539_6
Fredricks Reaka PILGRIM_MAUSO_464_6
Freick Clara R E PILGRIM_MAUSO_229_5
Freick Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_229_1
Freie Lisette PILGRIM_PILGRIM_138_2
Freie Lydia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_138_3
Freie Sena PILGRIM_PILGRIM_138_4
Freitag Louis PILGRIM_SPIREA_253_2
Freitag Mrs. PILGRIM_SPIREA_253_3
Frescholz Christina PILGRIM_SPIREA_51_4
Frescholz Elsie A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_K_6
Frescholz Harry A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_K_5
Frescholz Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_153_5
Frey Theodora PILGRIM_PILGRIM_92_8
Frey Theodore PILGRIM_PILGRIM_92_8
Friberg Andrew PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Friberg Ernst Wm. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Friberg Harlen PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Friberg Hilda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Fricke Anna L PILGRIM_MAUSO_506_2
Fricke Bertha M PILGRIM_MAUSO_505_8
Fricke Charles J PILGRIM_MAUSO_506_4
Fricke Earl C PILGRIM_MAUSO_506_1
Fricke Fred H PILGRIM_MAUSO_505_7
Friday Harry E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_581_6
Friday Vivian A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_581_5
Friederichs Lydia M PILGRIM_NEANGLE_773_4
Friederichs Marlys J PILGRIM_NEANGLE_773_4
Friederichs Walter E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_773_3
Friedrichs Erwin O PILGRIM_FTPRINT_587_5
Friedrichs Helen PILGRIM_FTPRINT_587_6
Frischhloz Henry PILGRIM_PILGRIM_104_4
Frischhloz John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_104_6
Frischhloz Katharine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_104_3
Frischholz Carl PILGRIM_PILGRIM_104_2
Frischholz Heinrich PILGRIM_PILGRIM_104_1
Frischolz Johann Heinrich PILGRIM_PILGRIM_104_5
Fritz Lizetta PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A86_1
Frosland Petra PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A88_1
Fuller Arville PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Fuller Eliza E PILGRIM_SPIREA_313_5
Fuller Unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Furst Delvera E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_203_1
Fyler Alice C PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A85_1
Gabrik Donald R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_546_1
Gabrik Muriel J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_546_2
Gadacz Leona M PILGRIM_CEDAR_942_2
Ganpenl Ludwig PILGRIM_MAUSO_417_4
Garra Maggaline PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Gatluak America PILGRIM_CEDAR_941_1
Gauthier Frank T PILGRIM_PILGRIM_445_5
Gauthier Lloyd PILGRIM_PILGRIM_445_4
Gauthier Martha M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_445_6
Geiger Alberta Stella PILGRIM_AB-EAST_682_3
Geiger Fredericke PILGRIM_PILGRIM_434_2
Geiger George F PILGRIM_AB-EAST_682_2
Geiger Herbert PILGRIM_FTPRINT_794_7
Geiger John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_434_4
Georg Herman J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A2_1
George Carl C PILGRIM_MAUSO_467_5
George Edwin C PILGRIM_MAUSO_467_8
George Mary Ellen (Mazie) PILGRIM_MAUSO_467_6
George Ottilia A PILGRIM_MAUSO_467_7
Gerlach Franklin Earl PILGRIM_MAUSO_511_6
Gerlick Herman J Jr PILGRIM_SPIREA_282_5
German Bertha S PILGRIM_SPIREA_47_4
German Heinrich PILGRIM_SPIREA_47_7
German Lehart PILGRIM_SPIREA_47_8
Gieseke Emma M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_2
Gieseke Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Gieseke Melba C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_1
Gieseke Samuel E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_1
Gilberts Harold W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_1
Gilberts Keith Amor PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_1
Gilberts Martha W PILGRIM_SPIREA_330_5
Gilberts Ruth M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_2
Gilberts Stephanie R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_632_5
Gilberts William O PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A106_1
Gilligan Baby A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C106_1
Gilligan Baby Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C83_1
Gilson unknown PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C34_1
Gimmer Baby PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C107_1
Gimmer Donald D. PILGRIM_COUNTY_287_1
Gimmer Jeanette L PILGRIM_CEDAR_982_4
Gimmer Leslie C Jr PILGRIM_CEDAR_982_2
Gimmer Leslie C Sr PILGRIM_CEDAR_983_3
Girmal Pouth Tuach PILGRIM_AB-WEST_593_1
Gjistrog Martin G. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Glaubitz Alma PILGRIM_MAUSO_234_3
Glenn Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_123_7
Glenn Elmer PILGRIM_PILGRIM_123_8
Glenn Harry Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Glenn Lillian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_123_4
Glenn Mary PILGRIM_MAUSO_193_8
Glenn Mary Jane PILGRIM_SPIREA_29_3
Glenn Willis O PILGRIM_MAUSO_193_4
Glidden Allie PILGRIM_COUNTY_131_1
Goodge baby PILGRIM_SPIREA_300_8
Goodge Robert H Jr PILGRIM_AB-EAST_665_5
Goodge Robert Henry Sr PILGRIM_AB-EAST_665_2
Goodge Rose M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_665_1
Gordy Leona B PILGRIM_MAUSO_451_8
Gosewisch Anna M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_402_1
Gosewisch Fred H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_402_1
Gosewisch Johanna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_402_3
Gosewisch LeRoy L PILGRIM_FTPRINT_592_2
Gosewisch Lorriane Agnes PILGRIM_FTPRINT_592_1
Gosewisch Wilbert O PILGRIM_PILGRIM_402_2
Gosewisch William PILGRIM_PILGRIM_402_4
Gould Michael L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_291_1
Gould Scott A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_264_1
Grabow Clara C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_629_6
Grabow Emiel G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_629_5
Graf Amelia PILGRIM_MAUSO_177_2
Graf Anna PILGRIM_AB-WEST_549_1
Graf Ferdinand PILGRIM_PILGRIM_159_4
Graf Fred PILGRIM_AB-WEST_550_1
Graf Louis PILGRIM_MAUSO_177_3
Graf Louise F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_159_7
Graf Oska PILGRIM_MAUSO_177_4
Gramer Emma PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Grams Eric R PILGRIM_CEDAR_940_1
Grams Norman K PILGRIM_CEDAR_940_3
Graupmann Janet I PILGRIM_AB-WEST_555_4
Graven Evan PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Gray Ervin E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_360_5
Gretillat Kristina A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_778_3
Greve Anna W.A. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_106_3
Greve Bertha PILGRIM_PILGRIM_106_2
Greve Fred H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Griepentrog August F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_O_5
Griepentrog Minnie L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_O_6
Griffin Duane E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_562_5
Griffin Earl J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_539_7
Griffin Gary PILGRIM_FTPRINT_843_7
Griffin Gloria G PILGRIM_FTPRINT_562_7
Griffin John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_110_1
Griffin Smila PILGRIM_FTPRINT_562_6
Griffing Emma PILGRIM_COUNTY_200_1
Griffing James E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_280_1
Grimm John J. PILGRIM_SPIREA_70_3
Grimm Mary B. PILGRIM_SPIREA_70_4
Grohn Augusta PILGRIM_COUNTY_150_1
Grohn Peter PILGRIM_COUNTY_173_1
Gruber Marcella D PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_6
Gruber Merle A PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_5
Gueltzow Alvin L PILGRIM_CEDAR_915_3
Gueltzow Florence S PILGRIM_CEDAR_915_4
Guentzel August H PILGRIM_SPIREA_243_8
Guentzel baby PILGRIM_SPIREA_258_5
Guentzel Caroline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_D_6
Guentzel Clarence W PILGRIM_SPIREA_243_3
Guentzel Dale PILGRIM_SPIREA_243_1
Guentzel Frederick PILGRIM_PILGRIM_D_8
Guentzel George C PILGRIM_SPIREA_243_5
Guentzel Herman PILGRIM_SPIREA_296_5
Guentzel M. F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Guentzel Otilda PILGRIM_SPIREA_296_6
Guentzel Theresa PILGRIM_SPIREA_243_4
Gunsolus Lee Winters PILGRIM_SPIREA_72_7
Gunsolus Sylvia I PILGRIM_SPIREA_72_8
Gurgel Lois Helen PILGRIM_CEDAR_906_2
Gurgel Roland PILGRIM_CEDAR_906_1
Guth Harry (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C45_1
Haack Bernard A PILGRIM_MAUSO_501_5
Haack Emilie PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_4
Haack Freda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Haack Herman PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_5
Haack Herman PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_5
Haack Herman PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_8
Haack Hubert PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_1
Haack Juanita PILGRIM_FTPRINT_561_4
Haack Kenneth E PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_3
Haack Ludwig (Herby) PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Haack Mary PILGRIM_MAUSO_501_2
Haack Paul PILGRIM_MAUSO_192_2
Haack Paul F PILGRIM_FTPRINT_561_3
Haack Richard PILGRIM_MAUSO_501_1
Haarstick Edna M PILGRIM_MAUSO_418_4
Haarstick Edward PILGRIM_MAUSO_418_2
Haarstick Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_418_3
Haarstick William E PILGRIM_MAUSO_418_1
Habeck Emil A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_575_4
Habeck Verona PILGRIM_NEANGLE_575_3
Habrael Clara B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hackett Dora E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A10_1
Hackett George H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A9_1
Hagen Alfons PILGRIM_AB-EAST_667_5
Hagen Marilyn Jane PILGRIM_FTPRINT_764_6
Hagen Roger J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_764_5
Hagen Rosella PILGRIM_AB-EAST_667_6
Hall Alan PILGRIM_CEDAR_981_3
Hall Charles A PILGRIM_CEDAR_982_3
Hall Emily PILGRIM_COUNTY_240_1
Hamer Hans A PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_7
Hamman Frederick PILGRIM_SPIREA_281_6
Hamman Josephine B PILGRIM_SPIREA_281_8
Hamman Sophia PILGRIM_SPIREA_281_5
Hamman William Jr PILGRIM_SPIREA_281_7
Hamman Willie PILGRIM_SPIREA_281_4
Hammann Walter (Willie) PILGRIM_SPIREA_281_3
Hanel Arthur H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_529_7
Hanel Carol C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_572_6
Hanel Erna C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_529_8
Hanel James D PILGRIM_AB-EAST_529_4
Hanel Michael David PILGRIM_PILGRIM_100_6
Haney David R. PILGRIM_SPIREA_12X_4
Hansch Anna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_141_1
Hansch Bertha PILGRIM_PILGRIM_141_7
Hansch Carl Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hansch Emma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_141_2
Hansch Fred (Fritz) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_141_6
Hansch Friedrich Wm. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hansch Ida PILGRIM_PILGRIM_141_5
Hansch Mattias PILGRIM_PILGRIM_141_3
Hansen Andrean PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hansen Anna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hansen Kenneth J. PILGRIM_MAUSO_458_7
Hanson Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_203_5
Hanson Baby Boy PILGRIM_AB-EAST_619_1
Hanson Deloris E PILGRIM_MAUSO_499_1
Hanson Detta J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_556_2
Hanson Frank PILGRIM_PILGRIM_153_3
Hanson Ida PILGRIM_PILGRIM_153_2
Hanson John (Johnnie) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_153_4
Hardin Walter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Harding Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Harmon Carol Louise PILGRIM_FTPRINT_537_8
Harmon June I PILGRIM_FTPRINT_537_7
Harmon Stanlley M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_537_8
Harms Alma W PILGRIM_FTPRINT_662_8
Harms Ferdinand H PILGRIM_FTPRINT_662_7
Harms Grace Luella PILGRIM_PILGRIM_H_6
Harres Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_237_4
Harres Gertrude PILGRIM_MAUSO_224_2
Harres Maria Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_224_1
Harres Nickolas (Nick) PILGRIM_MAUSO_237_3
Harrington John P. PILGRIM_COUNTY_288_1
Harris Dennis R PILGRIM_CEDAR_964_2
Hartig Caroline PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hartig Charles PILGRIM_SPIREA_278_6
Hartig Christine PILGRIM_SPIREA_265_7
Hartig Dora PILGRIM_SPIREA_278_7
Hartig Ella C PILGRIM_SPIREA_265_2
Hartig Florence PILGRIM_SPIREA_265_8
Hartig Fred PILGRIM_SPIREA_265_6
Hartig Fritz Baby PILGRIM_SPIREA_265_5
Hartig Walter PILGRIM_SPIREA_278_5
Hartig William R PILGRIM_SPIREA_265_1
Hartung Adam PILGRIM_MAUSO_163_5
Hartung baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_163_6
Hartung Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_178_7
Hartung Christina PILGRIM_MAUSO_163_6
Hartung George PILGRIM_MAUSO_171_6
Hartung Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_171_5
Hartung Martha PILGRIM_MAUSO_178_8
Haslip Bradley C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_7
Haslip Dayne L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_8
Haslip Edwin (Bud) PILGRIM_AB-EAST_734_8
Haslip Ervin T PILGRIM_AB-EAST_767_5
Haslip Evelyn M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_767_6
Haslip Laura K PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_2
Haslip Leona PILGRIM_AB-EAST_734_7
Haslip Lester C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_3
Haslip Richard J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_6
Haslip Thomas B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_1
Haslip Viola E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_355_4
Hasse Alma D PILGRIM_FTPRINT_759_1
Hasse Edwin E. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_759_2
Hatch Etta PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hathaway Claude P. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A84_1
Hauch Kenneth F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_97_8
Hauge Otto PILGRIM_COUNTY_239_1
Hausin Warren C. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hayward Alice M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hedt Anna M PILGRIM_SPIREA_345_3
Hedt Martha PILGRIM_SPIREA_345_1
Hedt Paul H PILGRIM_SPIREA_345_4
Heep John PILGRIM_SPIREA_261_1
Heese Elizabeth PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hegemann Lena PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hegermann Albert C PILGRIM_SPIREA_325_3
Hegermann Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_188_8
Hegermann August PILGRIM_MAUSO_188_7
Hegermann baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_188_1
Hegermann Frank PILGRIM_MAUSO_188_6
Hegermann Helena PILGRIM_SPIREA_325_4
Heil Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Heiner Oswin PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_7
Heintz Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_153_1
Heinze Carmen PILGRIM_PILGRIM_479_7
Heinze Johanna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Heinze LeRoy T PILGRIM_PILGRIM_479_6
Heinze Marion M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_715_8
Heinze Milton F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_442_6
Heise Adolph PILGRIM_MAUSO_184_4
Heise Adolph W Jr PILGRIM_MAUSO_184_8
Heise Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_184_3
Heise Luisa PILGRIM_MAUSO_184_2
Heise Marjorie E PILGRIM_MAUSO_184_7
Heise Norman Antone PILGRIM_MAUSO_184_6
Heise Rosa PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Heiser Agnes PILGRIM_SPIREA_312_8
Heiser August PILGRIM_SPIREA_269_7
Heiser August Jr PILGRIM_SPIREA_312_7
Heiser Bertha PILGRIM_SPIREA_269_8
Heiser Carl PILGRIM_PILGRIM_477_6
Heiser Christina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Heiser Darlene F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_477_8
Heiser Donald (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C44_1
Heiser Donald W PILGRIM_SPIREA_269_2
Heiser Elmer A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_477_8
Heiser Harold PILGRIM_PILGRIM_477_5
Heiser Henry Emil PILGRIM_SPIREA_269_6
Heiser Minnie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_477_7
Heiser Otto PILGRIM_SPIREA_269_4
Heiser Pauline PILGRIM_AB-WEST_693_1
Heiser Walter O PILGRIM_SPIREA_269_5
Helin John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Heller Hjalmer H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_T_4
Heller Lloyd F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_T_3
Heller Richard R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_T_8
Hellikson baby PILGRIM_PILGRIM_149_7
Hellikson Edna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_149_8
Helling Florella Emma Augusta PILGRIM_FTPRINT_605_4
Helling James O PILGRIM_FTPRINT_605_3
Heminover Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Henderson Carl P PILGRIM_SPIREA_312_5
Henderson Ida A PILGRIM_SPIREA_312_6
Hennegar Edward G PILGRIM_SPIREA_313_4
Henricks Unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_168_1
Hensel Elda F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_773_2
Hensel Henry E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_773_1
Hensel LaVonne Jean PILGRIM_AB-WEST_555_2
Herbst Baby Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C69_1
Herbst Dorothea A PILGRIM_SPIREA_337_4
Herbst Elmer Andrew PILGRIM_CEDAR_987_3
Herbst Gordon H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_785_6
Herbst Grace L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_785_5
Herbst Heinrich F PILGRIM_SPIREA_337_1
Herbst Henry B PILGRIM_SPIREA_337_7
Herbst Ida F. W. PILGRIM_SPIREA_337_6
Herbst Millie L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_785_7
Herbst Viola G PILGRIM_CEDAR_987_4
Herzberg Martha A PILGRIM_CEDAR_938_1
Hess Elizabeth D PILGRIM_MAUSO_514_5
Hess Jonathan PILGRIM_AB-EAST_730_5
Hess Timothy PILGRIM_AB-EAST_730_5
Hesse Flora H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_351_1
Hesse Gloria Jane PILGRIM_PILGRIM_H_1
Hesse Martha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Heubsch Emilie PILGRIM_MAUSO_226_7
Heubsch Rudolph (infant) PILGRIM_MAUSO_226_8
Heubsch Rudolph Sr PILGRIM_MAUSO_226_6
Heyn Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Heyn Hugo W PILGRIM_SPIREA_272_5
Heyn Minnie L PILGRIM_SPIREA_272_6
Hildeen Thor L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hill Robert O PILGRIM_CEDAR_944_3
Hiller William PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hilt Agnes PILGRIM_SPIREA_46_3
Hilt David PILGRIM_SPIREA_46_2
Hilt Johann PILGRIM_MAUSO_217_4
Hilt Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_217_3
Hintie John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hintz Edwin PILGRIM_SPIREA_248_5
Hintz Emma M PILGRIM_SPIREA_248_1
Hintz Ferdinand PILGRIM_SPIREA_248_6
Hintz Herbert PILGRIM_SPIREA_248_7
Hintz Louise PILGRIM_SPIREA_15_3
Hintz Oswald A PILGRIM_SPIREA_248_4
Hintze August Sr PILGRIM_SPIREA_248_2
Hinz Adolph PILGRIM_SPIREA_15_2
Hinz Edwin A PILGRIM_MAUSO_505_1
Hinz Ferdinand PILGRIM_PILGRIM_387_7
Hinz Harold PILGRIM_PILGRIM_387_6
Hinz Ida M PILGRIM_MAUSO_505_2
Hinz Reuben PILGRIM_PILGRIM_387_4
Hinz Walter F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_387_1
Hippauf Edgar Paul PILGRIM_PILGRIM_518_8
Hippauf Paul PILGRIM_PILGRIM_518_6
Hippauf Sophia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_518_7
Hirsch Alfred Wm. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hirsch Wilhelm A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hoagland Charles H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_486_1
Hoagland Edna F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_486_4
Hodge John PILGRIM_COUNTY_107_1
Hoeppner Bernita L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_395_1
Hoffman Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_231_2
Hoffman Baby Boy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C56_1
Hoffman Donald PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hoffman Doris PILGRIM_MAUSO_207_1
Hoffman Edward P PILGRIM_AB-WEST_M_7
Hoffman Minnie P PILGRIM_AB-WEST_M_8
Hoffman twin A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C55_1
Hoffman twin B PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C55_1
Hoffman William Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hofius Charles H PILGRIM_CEDAR_964_3
Hofmaster A. C. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C12_1
Hoglund Louis PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hohansee Mary Anna PILGRIM_FTPRINT_564_8
Hohenstein Esther R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_1
Hohenstein Otto L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_3
Hohenstein Selma R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_4
Holland Helen PILGRIM_PILGRIM_389_2
Holland Henry PILGRIM_PILGRIM_389_1
Holland William Alfred PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Holle Reuben P PILGRIM_FTPRINT_738_1
Hollmichel Benjamin F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_400_5
Hollmichel Bertha PILGRIM_PILGRIM_400_6
Hollnagel Richard H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_360_8
Holm John M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Holtze Amanda PILGRIM_AB-EAST_583_6
Holtze William A. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_583_5
Holzapfel Donald W PILGRIM_FTPRINT_705_6
Holzapfel Gean Aloys PILGRIM_COUNTY_93_1
Holzapfl Aloys PILGRIM_COUNTY_94_1
Holzinger Amelia PILGRIM_SPIREA_349_3
Holzinger Edward W PILGRIM_SPIREA_349_5
Holzinger Esther M PILGRIM_SPIREA_348_2
Holzinger Frank PILGRIM_SPIREA_349_2
Holzinger George A PILGRIM_SPIREA_349_1
Holzinger Herman A (Fred) PILGRIM_SPIREA_348_1
Holzinger William PILGRIM_SPIREA_349_4
Homer Betty Elizabeth PILGRIM_AB-EAST_568_4
Honetschlager Alvina PILGRIM_SPIREA_34X_7
Honetschlager Leopold PILGRIM_SPIREA_34X_6
Honetschlager Lillian PILGRIM_SPIREA_34X_5
Honetschlager Walter O. PILGRIM_SPIREA_34X_8
Hook L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hopp Anna M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_629_8
Hopp Arlene L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_693_4
Howard Charley PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hruby Agnes PILGRIM_MAUSO_415_1
Hruby Anton PILGRIM_MAUSO_415_2
Hruby Debra Kay PILGRIM_MAUSO_417_3
Hruby Dorothea Theresia PILGRIM_MAUSO_200_5
Hruby Frank PILGRIM_MAUSO_415_4
Hruby Jacob PILGRIM_MAUSO_417_8
Hruby Jacob G PILGRIM_MAUSO_417_6
Hruby Joseph PILGRIM_MAUSO_200_5
Hruby Maria (Mary) PILGRIM_MAUSO_417_7
Hub Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_1
Hub Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_7
Hub Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_6
Hub Emma Marie PILGRIM_SPIREA_76_7
Hub Henry PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_5
Hub Herman PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_4
Hub Jacob PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_8
Hub Julia PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_5
Hub Minnie E PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_3
Hub Sophia PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_2
Hub William PILGRIM_MAUSO_214_6
Hubrig Heinrich (Henry) PILGRIM_MAUSO_211_7
Hubrig Hellena PILGRIM_MAUSO_211_6
Hudson Ina Ursula PILGRIM_SPIREA_316_5
Hudson Mildred P PILGRIM_AB-WEST_K_4
Huebsch Christian PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Huebsch Frederich (Frederick) PILGRIM_MAUSO_226_3
Huebsch Oscar PILGRIM_MAUSO_226_4
Huettl Esther E PILGRIM_SPIREA_276_7
Huffman Eva Mae PILGRIM_FTPRINT_612_3
Hughes Anna M PILGRIM_MAUSO_501_4
Hughes Eva Mae PILGRIM_FTPRINT_685_5
Hughes John Owen PILGRIM_MAUSO_501_3
Hughes Paul T PILGRIM_FTPRINT_685_6
Hughes Thomas E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_685_5
Huisinga Warner J. H. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C25_1
Hull Louise A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_86_2
Hulm John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hultengren Florence M PILGRIM_CEDAR_950_3
Hultengren Humphrey Hap PILGRIM_COUNTY_275_1
Hunter Bertha A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_139_2
Hunter Helena A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Hunter Henrietta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_139_3
Hunter Otto Benz PILGRIM_PILGRIM_120_8
Hunter William Jr. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_139_1
Hunter William Sr. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_139_4
Hutchens Agnes PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_6
Imm Robert V PILGRIM_FTPRINT_635_5
Ingerton Anton PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Isenberg Harvey J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_557_7
Jacobs Arlo B PILGRIM_MAUSO_460_1
Jacobs Dorrance W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_703_3
Jacobs Emma C PILGRIM_MAUSO_460_2
Jacobs George H PILGRIM_MAUSO_460_3
Jacobs Lillie M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_703_4
Jacobs Martin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jacobson Anna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jacobson Otto M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jaeger Christian F PILGRIM_SPIREA_42X_2
Jakoby Charly PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jans Darlene E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_661_2
Jans Irvin L PILGRIM_FTPRINT_661_1
Jansen John A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Janson T. Alfred PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Janzen Baby PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C116_1
Jarvis Phyllis B PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_5
Jefferson Baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_3
Jefferson Dorothy V PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_1
Jefferson Grace Madeline PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_4
Jefferson Gretchen B PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_6
Jefferson Jean PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_1
Jefferson Kenneth W PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_1
Jefferson Leon T PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_8
Jefferson Lorraine B PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_5
Jefferson Lydia F PILGRIM_MAUSO_414_7
Jenkins Anna H. (Dawley) PILGRIM_NEANGLE_780_2
Jenkins Blanche PILGRIM_COUNTY_204_1
Jenkins Philip PILGRIM_COUNTY_234_1
Jennings James PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C59_1
Jensen Bertha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jensen Charley PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jensen Eldon L. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_391_6
Jensen Lorraine E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_391_7
Jensen Nels Chri PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jesse Adolph PILGRIM_MAUSO_185_4
Jesse Archie PILGRIM_MAUSO_185_1
Jesse Augusta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_85_7
Jesse Clarence PILGRIM_MAUSO_185_5
Jesse Elsie PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A93_1
Jesse Emil A PILGRIM_SPIREA_339_5
Jesse Fred PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jesse Fred Carl PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jesse Frida PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jesse Gustav A PILGRIM_MAUSO_185_2
Jesse Gustave A PILGRIM_SPIREA_339_4
Jesse Henry G PILGRIM_SPIREA_339_8
Jesse Hulda R PILGRIM_SPIREA_339_2
Jesse Juliana PILGRIM_MAUSO_185_7
Jesse Karl Henry PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A92_1
Jesse Walter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jesse Wilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jevne Loretta F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_548_1
John Adolf PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
John Gertrud G PILGRIM_MAUSO_419_8
John Rev Emil O PILGRIM_MAUSO_419_7
John Steve PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A43_1
Johnson Albert A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Albert O PILGRIM_SPIREA_296_7
Johnson Alice L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_279_1
Johnson Alma M PILGRIM_SPIREA_296_8
Johnson Amanda PILGRIM_MAUSO_508_7
Johnson Anna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Arvid N. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Beret PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Carl L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_603_4
Johnson Carl Victor PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Carrie PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A33_1
Johnson Ellen Matilda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Emil PILGRIM_MAUSO_507_5
Johnson Emma L PILGRIM_SPIREA_348_3
Johnson Ernest PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Esther A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_489_7
Johnson Eugene Jr. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C76_1
Johnson Harold D PILGRIM_PILGRIM_489_5
Johnson Harold W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_617_6
Johnson John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson John F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_146_4
Johnson John R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A100_1
Johnson Kay M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_617_8
Johnson Lorraine M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_603_4
Johnson Magdalena (Lena) PILGRIM_MAUSO_507_6
Johnson Marie I PILGRIM_FTPRINT_539_8
Johnson Mary L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Mathilda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Melanie Jane PILGRIM_FTPRINT_763_4
Johnson Nellie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Oscar L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_489_6
Johnson Peter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnson Ray PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A89_1
Johnson Reuben Q Jr PILGRIM_AB-WEST_645_1
Johnson Richard H PILGRIM_COUNTY_263_1
Johnson Sharon Lee PILGRIM_FTPRINT_592_5
Johnson Troy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C115_1
Johnson Victor PILGRIM_SPIREA_348_4
Johnson Viola A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_552_2
Johnston Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Johnston Marion Louise PILGRIM_SPIREA_270_3
Jones Baby PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C60_1
Jones Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_117_1
Jonson Ellen W. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jonson Erick M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Jordan Elsie S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_1
Jordan Herman E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_2
Jordan Kathleen M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_5
Jordan Mininie M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_3
Jungberg Exel Gotfried PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kaderly Alice PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kaderly Elthedia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kahle Herman PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kain Franziska PILGRIM_MAUSO_200_2
Kaiser Friedrick PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kalbow Gertrud N PILGRIM_MAUSO_212_7
Kalbow Louis PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A3_1
Kalbow Mennie PILGRIM_SPIREA_70X_7
Kalbow Stella D (R) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A5_1
Kalbow Wilhelmine PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A4_1
Kaller Wendelia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kallevig Craig PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C52_1
Kalmeier August PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kammerdiener unknown (boy) PILGRIM_COUNTY_151_1
Kammerdiener unknown (girl) PILGRIM_COUNTY_151_1
Kantop Ella PILGRIM_COUNTY_103_1
Kaprut Ida G. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Karl Catherine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_7
Karl Frank PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_8
Karstadt Charles PILGRIM_PILGRIM_134_8
Karstadt Frederich PILGRIM_PILGRIM_134_7
Kassen Bertha PILGRIM_SPIREA_301_2
Katsma Florence B PILGRIM_SPIREA_336_4
Katsma Gerard PILGRIM_SPIREA_336_1
Kawell Allen F PILGRIM_MAUSO_421_5
Kawell Anna E PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_1
Kawell Anna P PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_4
Kawell Augusta C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_398_6
Kawell Betty Jane PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_7
Kawell Carl H F PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_2
Kawell Carolyn PILGRIM_PILGRIM_398_8
Kawell Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kawell Charles H PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_3
Kawell Charles H Sr. PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_4
Kawell Edna L PILGRIM_FTPRINT_538_6
Kawell Florence M PILGRIM_MAUSO_421_6
Kawell Fred PILGRIM_PILGRIM_398_7
Kawell Gunhild PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_8
Kawell Henry Carl PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_6
Kawell Herman D PILGRIM_FTPRINT_538_5
Kawell Hilda R. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kawell John PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_7
Kawell Robert H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_398_4
Kawell Ruth PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kawell Susana E PILGRIM_SPIREA_247_5
Kearns Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Keene Loreno PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Keep Maud PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kelly James L PILGRIM_MAUSO_462_4
Kelly Lillian PILGRIM_MAUSO_462_1
Kennedy Charles E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_552_4
Kennedy Linda K PILGRIM_AB-WEST_552_1
Kereleley John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kerns Dale H PILGRIM_CEDAR_927_1
Kettler Elsa S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_118_5
Kettler Fred W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_118_7
Kettler Hilda E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_118_4
Kettler Mina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_118_6
Kettler Selma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_118_8
Keummer Clemins PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Keummer Marie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kieninger Adolph J PILGRIM_NEANGLE_621_1
Kieninger Anna Mary PILGRIM_NEANGLE_621_2
Kietzer Arnold F PILGRIM_CEDAR_926_4
Kietzer Eugene G. PILGRIM_CEDAR_928_4
Kietzer Irene M PILGRIM_CEDAR_926_3
Kiindler Anna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kimble Marvin A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_704_4
Kimpton Earl Burnett PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kindler Anna PILGRIM_SPIREA_251_3
Kindler August PILGRIM_SPIREA_251_8
Kindler Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_251_5
Kindler Ernstine PILGRIM_SPIREA_251_7
Kindler Herman PILGRIM_SPIREA_251_4
Kindler Otto PILGRIM_SPIREA_251_1
Kindler William F PILGRIM_SPIREA_251_6
King Bertha PILGRIM_MAUSO_412_7
King Edmund N PILGRIM_MAUSO_412_8
King Edna M PILGRIM_MAUSO_412_5
King Frank W. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
King Helen E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_584_7
King Helen M PILGRIM_MAUSO_205_5
King Joseph L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
King Nicholas PILGRIM_MAUSO_412_6
King Walter E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_584_6
Kintzi Peter PILGRIM_SPIREA_29_1
Kintzie Margaret PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kirby baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_209_4
Kirby Baby Boy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C109_1
Kirby Ella N PILGRIM_MAUSO_209_7
Kirby William F PILGRIM_MAUSO_209_8
Kirchgatter Lawrence PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C26_1
Kirchoff Albert PILGRIM_SPIREA_254_6
Kirchoff Donald W PILGRIM_SPIREA_254_8
Kirchoff Lumetta PILGRIM_SPIREA_254_7
Kirkpatrick Albert J PILGRIM_SPIREA_327_2
Kirkpatrick Verna PILGRIM_SPIREA_327_3
Kirmse Vera M PILGRIM_SPIREA_19_6
Kistler Hazel PILGRIM_COUNTY_249_1
Kistler John PILGRIM_COUNTY_254_1
Klagge William Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_130_1
Klatt Helena A PILGRIM_SPIREA_287_5
Klatt Martin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Klaus Baby Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_S_5
Klaus Baby Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_S_6
Kleen Mary PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A95_1
Klein Archie PILGRIM_MAUSO_196_4
Klein Clarence PILGRIM_MAUSO_196_8
Klein Elizabeth PILGRIM_MAUSO_196_6
Klein Jean Adam PILGRIM_MAUSO_196_3
Klein Johanna PILGRIM_MAUSO_196_5
Klein Rudolph PILGRIM_MAUSO_196_2
Kleinschmidt Anna H PILGRIM_MAUSO_456_2
Kleinschmidt Esther W PILGRIM_MAUSO_456_7
Kleinschmidt Eva A PILGRIM_MAUSO_456_8
Kleinschmidt John PILGRIM_SPIREA_316_7
Kleinschmidt Katharina PILGRIM_SPIREA_316_8
Kleinschmidt Nicholas PILGRIM_MAUSO_456_1
Kleinschmidt Robert A PILGRIM_MAUSO_456_3
Kleist Amelia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_444_7
Kleist Elsie Louise Anna PILGRIM_CEDAR_914_4
Kleist Fred PILGRIM_PILGRIM_444_6
Kleist Fred H. PILGRIM_CEDAR_914_3
Kleist Henry F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_444_8
Kling Aaron F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_140_8
Kling Bertha E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_352_1
Kling Bertha L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_352_6
Kling Fred PILGRIM_PILGRIM_352_5
Kling Stacy C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_352_2
Kloppmann Fred PILGRIM_SPIREA_275_6
Kloppmann Helen L PILGRIM_SPIREA_275_1
Kloppmann Henry C PILGRIM_SPIREA_275_8
Kloppmann Katherine PILGRIM_SPIREA_275_7
Kloppmann Marie PILGRIM_SPIREA_275_4
Klotsky Christian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_136_2
Knaub John PILGRIM_MAUSO_415_5
Knaub Sofia PILGRIM_MAUSO_415_6
Knoff Amos R PILGRIM_SPIREA_313_8
Knoff Anna M. PILGRIM_SPIREA_19_7
Knoff Charles J PILGRIM_SPIREA_19_4
Knoff Frank PILGRIM_COUNTY_156_1
Knoff Hugo B PILGRIM_SPIREA_19_8
Knoff Susan H PILGRIM_SPIREA_313_7
Knopf Emelia PILGRIM_SPIREA_73_4
Knopf Gottlieb F. PILGRIM_SPIREA_73_3
Knowles Harold P PILGRIM_CEDAR_905_1
Knowles Joyce I PILGRIM_CEDAR_905_2
Knowlton Dagnie B PILGRIM_AB-WEST_703_2
Knowlton Wayne A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_703_1
Knudsen Mary PILGRIM_SPIREA_37_6
Koch Cecelia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_481_7
Koch Edward PILGRIM_PILGRIM_128_5
Koch Mathias C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_481_6
Koch Sophia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_128_2
Koehler Connie J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_530_3
Koehler Frieda S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_523_7
Koehler M PILGRIM_MAUSO_202_1
Koehler Victor A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_523_1
Koehler Walter I PILGRIM_PILGRIM_523_6
Koenck John PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C81_1
Koenen Amelia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_111_2
Koenen John P PILGRIM_PILGRIM_111_3
Koenen Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_111_4
Koenen Mary P PILGRIM_PILGRIM_111_1
Koenig Mina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Koentop Ella A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A103_1
Koentopp Herman PILGRIM_PILGRIM_84_1
Kohl Hattie A PILGRIM_SPIREA_285_6
Kohler Michal PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kolbert Carl E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_427_7
Kolbert John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_427_1
Kollenback John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kollhoff Albiras PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kollmann Amanda L PILGRIM_MAUSO_212_6
Kollmann Amelia PILGRIM_MAUSO_212_3
Kollmann Arlean E PILGRIM_MAUSO_453_6
Kollmann Harry J PILGRIM_MAUSO_212_5
Kollmann John M PILGRIM_MAUSO_453_5
Kollmann John Norman PILGRIM_MAUSO_453_3
Kollmann John Sr. PILGRIM_MAUSO_212_4
Kollmann John W. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_403_5
Kollmann Julia Amelia PILGRIM_MAUSO_212_8
Kollmann Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_403_6
Kollmann Norman J PILGRIM_MAUSO_453_8
Konopatzki Carl PILGRIM_PILGRIM_117_1
Konopatzki Eva PILGRIM_PILGRIM_117_2
Kopischke Edward J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_713_7
Kopischke Lavern L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_679_7
Kopischke Linver W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_748_1
Kopischke Olga W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_713_8
Kopischke Phyllis R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_679_8
Koppen Bertha A PILGRIM_SPIREA_46_5
Koppen Clara A PILGRIM_SPIREA_46_6
Koppen Joachim L. PILGRIM_SPIREA_46_5
Koppen John PILGRIM_SPIREA_75_1
Koppen Lena PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Koppen Natalie PILGRIM_SPIREA_28X_2
Koppen Willa E. PILGRIM_SPIREA_74_3
Korth Donald F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_K_1
Korth James PILGRIM_MAUSO_467_1
Kotz Elizabeth M PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_1
Kotz Emma M PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_2
Kotz Esther H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_486_5
Kotz Ida O PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_4
Kotz James PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A116_1
Kotz Julius E PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_3
Kotz Kenneth J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A101_1
Kotz Rudolph H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_486_6
Kowceun Esther PILGRIM_PILGRIM_518_5
Krahnke Frederich PILGRIM_MAUSO_173_1
Krahnke Gottliebe PILGRIM_MAUSO_173_2
Krahnke Gustav PILGRIM_MAUSO_173_3
Krahnke Martha Alma PILGRIM_MAUSO_173_4
Kramer Henry J. PILGRIM_CEDAR_918_1
Kramer Martha L PILGRIM_CEDAR_918_2
Kramer Peter J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A41_1
Kranke August PILGRIM_SPIREA_60_2
Kranke Bertha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kranke Bertha A PILGRIM_SPIREA_264_6
Kranke Frederich PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kranke Harold O PILGRIM_SPIREA_264_8
Kranke Herman PILGRIM_SPIREA_264_7
Kranke Hermina W PILGRIM_SPIREA_264_4
Kranke Martin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kranz Edwin F PILGRIM_SPIREA_346_4
Kranz Fredrick J Rod PILGRIM_SPIREA_346_3
Kranz Gertrude L PILGRIM_SPIREA_346_8
Kranz Mabel E PILGRIM_SPIREA_346_1
Kranz Martin A PILGRIM_SPIREA_346_5
Kranz Mathilde PILGRIM_SPIREA_346_2
Krause Elizabeth M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_493_4
Krause Emil B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_353_2
Krause Fredia M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_353_3
Krause Hilbert A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_353_1
Krenik Roger PILGRIM_NEANGLE_775_2
Krieg Georg PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Krieg Marea C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_401_4
Krise Clayton E Jr PILGRIM_AB-EAST_786_2
Krise June L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_786_6
Kroeger Alfred J PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_8
Kroeger Anna PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_7
Kroeger Anna Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_5
Kroeger Arthur F PILGRIM_SPIREA_255_8
Kroeger Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kroeger David M PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_3
Kroeger Douglas John PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_2
Kroeger Ella PILGRIM_PILGRIM_82_7
Kroeger Flora Julia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_82_8
Kroeger Fred H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_82_5
Kroeger Hans J PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_6
Kroeger Henry PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A26_1
Kroeger Herbert P PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A40_1
Kroeger Ida M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_82_6
Kroeger Joachim PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_6
Kroeger Lydia M PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_4
Kroeger Martin A PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_5
Kroeger Rose PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_5
Kroeger Walter M A PILGRIM_SPIREA_280_1
Krogel Henrietta PILGRIM_SPIREA_77_7
Krogel unknown PILGRIM_SPIREA_77_8
Kroll Caroline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_358_1
Kroll Henrietta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_130_2
Kroll John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_358_2
Kroll Maraetta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_130_3
Kroll Verola PILGRIM_CEDAR_938_2
Kroll Wilhelm PILGRIM_PILGRIM_130_1
Kron Otto PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kronfeld Agusta R PILGRIM_SPIREA_290_7
Kronfeld Emil R PILGRIM_SPIREA_290_6
Kronfeld Frederick C PILGRIM_SPIREA_290_8
Krost Louise PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_8
Krueger Betty L PILGRIM_CEDAR_917_4
Krueger Bruce L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_646_1
Krueger child PILGRIM_MAUSO_225_6
Krueger Christopher J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_543_3
Krueger Elmer W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_595_1
Krueger Emma M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_391_2
Krueger Ester PILGRIM_SPIREA_314_6
Krueger Frederick PILGRIM_MAUSO_225_7
Krueger Geraldine J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_595_2
Krueger Harold L PILGRIM_NEANGLE_626_1
Krueger Henry J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_543_2
Krueger Henry J PILGRIM_SPIREA_315_4
Krueger Henry N PILGRIM_FTPRINT_543_4
Krueger Ida A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_626_2
Krueger James L PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_1
Krueger Joyce PILGRIM_FTPRINT_543_5
Krueger Lavola A PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_4
Krueger Luella E PILGRIM_SPIREA_315_3
Krueger Melvin PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C61_1
Krueger Oscar W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_391_3
Krueger Paul R PILGRIM_MAUSO_225_1
Krueger Ronald J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_543_1
Krueger Ronald M PILGRIM_SPIREA_315_1
Krueger Ronna Mae PILGRIM_SPIREA_315_1
Krueger Wilhelmina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_4
Krueger William F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_626_1
Krueger William F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_391_1
Krugel Emma A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_492_6
Krugel Leo A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_492_1
Kruger Bertha H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_5
Krummel Alvina PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A37_1
Krummel Anna C PILGRIM_SPIREA_305_2
Krummel Arthur PILGRIM_PILGRIM_133_4
Krummel August G PILGRIM_SPIREA_305_1
Krummel Augusta PILGRIM_SPIREA_305_4
Krummel Herman PILGRIM_SPIREA_305_7
Krummel Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_133_2
Krummel Minnie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_133_3
Krummel Philip PILGRIM_SPIREA_55_3
Kruschke Gustav PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A91_1
Kruse Kevin R PILGRIM_NEANGLE_623_1
Krusemark Baby Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C78_1
Kuehne Carl E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_429_5
Kuehne Ferdinand A. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_429_2
Kuehne Hildegard D PILGRIM_PILGRIM_429_6
Kuehne Louise J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_429_4
Kuehne Martha PILGRIM_SPIREA_22_3
Kuehner Emilia PILGRIM_SPIREA_20_6
Kuehner John (Johann) PILGRIM_SPIREA_20_7
Kuehner John Unser Sohn PILGRIM_SPIREA_20_8
Kuehner Leopold PILGRIM_SPIREA_20_3
Kueker Gene W PILGRIM_CEDAR_920_3
Kuhle Jessica A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_602_4
Kuhlman Oscar PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A217_1
Kuhlman Randy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A107_1
Kukuk Augusta PILGRIM_SPIREA_306_1
Kukuk Bertha PILGRIM_SPIREA_306_4
Kukuk Esther PILGRIM_SPIREA_306_3
Kulack Fred E PILGRIM_SPIREA_285_7
Kulack Marie Louise PILGRIM_SPIREA_285_8
Kump Donald R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_545_1
Kump Edward J PILGRIM_SPIREA_15_8
Kump Lawrence L. PILGRIM_SPIREA_16_3
Kump Sarah K. PILGRIM_SPIREA_16_4
Kump Violet V PILGRIM_AB-WEST_545_2
Kunst Alma Marie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kunst Bertha M. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_1
Kunst Emma M. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_1
Kunst Fred J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_7
Kunst Herman PILGRIM_MAUSO_173_7
Kunst Katie PILGRIM_MAUSO_173_8
Kunst Ludwig PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_3
Kunst Mary A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_8
Kunst Paul L. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_5
Kunst Sofia L. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_4
Kuntz Frederick W PILGRIM_SPIREA_259_2
Kunz Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kunzog Julia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Kvam Carolina PILGRIM_AB-EAST_684_5
Kvam Mildred B PILGRIM_AB-EAST_684_6
Kvitek Baby Girl PILGRIM_MAUSO_237_1
Kvitek Lois M PILGRIM_MAUSO_238_2
Kvitek Ronald J. PILGRIM_MAUSO_238_1
Kvitek Timothy L PILGRIM_MAUSO_237_2
La hann Clara M PILGRIM_MAUSO_369_4
La hann Henry PILGRIM_MAUSO_369_3
La hann Leonhardt L PILGRIM_MAUSO_369_6
La hann Sarah L PILGRIM_MAUSO_369_5
La hann Waldemar PILGRIM_MAUSO_369_2
Laase Ernest H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_516_3
Laase Minnie M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_516_4
Ladendorf Christoph PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lahann Reginald PILGRIM_MAUSO_369_1
Lamb Celia PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_6
Lamb William B. Jr or II PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_7
Lamb William III PILGRIM_SPIREA_24_8
Lammer Alice PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Langhoff Frieda M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A58_1
Langhoff Otto F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A59_1
Langmaack Henry Harder PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lango Lena PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lanz Albert Henry PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_5
Lanz baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_8
Lanz Barbara Ann PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_8
Lanz Bernard A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_619_5
Lanz Clara L PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_6
Lanz Evelyn Marcella PILGRIM_AB-EAST_619_7
Lanz Harlan PILGRIM_AB-EAST_620_2
Lanz Harold A Sr PILGRIM_AB-EAST_619_6
Larson Albin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Larson Ann L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_597_2
Larson Daniel D PILGRIM_AB-WEST_647_1
Larson Donna J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_596_1
Larson Dorothy PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_2
Larson James G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_596_2
Larson Jerold L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_596_3
Larson Lorine PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_4
Larson Olga A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_150_5
Larson Sophus PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_1
Larson Terry J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_597_1
Larson unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Laube Andrew PILGRIM_MAUSO_230_7
Laube Anna A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_564_7
Laube Anna Caroline PILGRIM_MAUSO_186_2
Laube Beate PILGRIM_MAUSO_230_6
Laube Benjamin PILGRIM_MAUSO_230_5
Laube Charles PILGRIM_MAUSO_230_3
Laube Charles J PILGRIM_MAUSO_186_3
Laube Christina A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_564_6
Laube Daniel J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A71_1
Laube Emmelia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Laube Gottlieb PILGRIM_MAUSO_186_1
Laube J. Gottlieb PILGRIM_MAUSO_186_4
Laube Paul PILGRIM_MAUSO_230_4
Laube Sophia PILGRIM_SPIREA_282_1
Laube William F PILGRIM_FTPRINT_564_5
Laven Jerome K. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C24_1
Lean Donald PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lean Ellen PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lean Inac PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lee Elizabeth PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lee Florence E PILGRIM_MAUSO_458_2
Lee Joan (Schweim) PILGRIM_AB-EAST_536_1
Leesch August F. PILGRIM_CEDAR_915_1
Leesch Carl C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_474_2
Leesch Cecelia B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_474_3
Leesch Lillian M PILGRIM_CEDAR_915_2
Leesch Ruth A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_474_1
Lehnert Amelia PILGRIM_NEANGLE_621_4
Lehnert Anna B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_405_3
Lehnert August PILGRIM_MAUSO_218_7
Lehnert Edwin E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_621_3
Lehnert Emma H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_446_8
Lehnert Gustave W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_405_2
Lehnert Herman PILGRIM_MAUSO_218_8
Lehnert Otto C PILGRIM_SPIREA_331_7
Lehnert Paul A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_446_7
Lehnert Pauline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_405_1
Lehnert Rudolph A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_405_4
Lehnert Valeria D PILGRIM_PILGRIM_446_6
Lehnert Walter H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_446_5
Leiding Braden Richard PILGRIM_FTPRINT_688_2
Leiding Donna J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_688_6
Leiding Jeanne PILGRIM_FTPRINT_688_8
Leimebliey M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lenertz Dennis PILGRIM_AB-WEST_DD_2
Lentz Emma R PILGRIM_MAUSO_221_1
Lentz Johann PILGRIM_MAUSO_221_6
Lentz Maria M PILGRIM_MAUSO_221_7
Leseman Albert PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A61_1
Leudtke Charles A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_7
Leudtke Heinrich A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Leui Hilda PILGRIM_MAUSO_366_6
Lewis Dorothy Ida PILGRIM_MAUSO_411_4
Lewis Edna R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_644_2
Lewis Harlan A PILGRIM_MAUSO_411_3
Lewis Olivia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_110_6
Libby Helen E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_672_3
Liebrecht Dorothy A PILGRIM_SPIREA_276_8
Liebrecht Emma C PILGRIM_SPIREA_276_2
Liebrecht William A PILGRIM_SPIREA_276_3
Lielo W. Dinna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Liesner Evelyn PILGRIM_NEANGLE_727_1
Liesner Hanna PILGRIM_SPIREA_45X_2
Lilie Louis E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_832_1
Lilie Mildred A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_832_2
Lillegard Agnes Bernice PILGRIM_NEANGLE_877_2
Lillegard George O PILGRIM_NEANGLE_877_1
Lillegard Laura B PILGRIM_NEANGLE_832_4
Lindberg Linda Jean PILGRIM_SPIREA_312_4
Linde Johanna PILGRIM_SPIREA_13_3
Linde Thomas Lee PILGRIM_AB-EAST_584_1
Linde William W PILGRIM_SPIREA_13_4
Lindemann Garetta Emma PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C38_1
Lindfeld Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lindman Christine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_158_2
Lindman Eric PILGRIM_PILGRIM_158_4
Lindman Esther PILGRIM_PILGRIM_158_3
Lindman Nels PILGRIM_PILGRIM_158_1
Lindmeier Elizabeth A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_290_1
Lindner Bertha Marin PILGRIM_SPIREA_61X_3
Linsemann M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Logue William PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lortz Matilda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lossow Bertha PILGRIM_SPIREA_35X_6
Lossow Frank F. PILGRIM_SPIREA_35X_5
Loughrey Burt PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Louris Matthew J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_746_3
Low Anna Christina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lowe John W PILGRIM_SPIREA_262_7
Lowe Marie PILGRIM_SPIREA_262_8
Lozano Jorge A PILGRIM_CEDAR_934_4
Lueck Charmain PILGRIM_AB-EAST_731_4
Lueck Leslie PILGRIM_AB-EAST_732_7
Lueck Luverne L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_732_5
Lueck Marie G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_732_8
Lueck Norma E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_732_6
Lueck Phyllis PILGRIM_MAUSO_426_8
Luedtke Christina E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_6
Luegge Tammy L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A117_1
Luis Hanson PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lundberg Augusta 1 PILGRIM_PILGRIM_108_3
Lundberg Anna S PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_5
Lundberg Augusta 2 PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_6
Lundberg Carl Oskar PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lundberg Charles A PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_5
Lundberg Olaf E PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_8
Lundmark Anna E PILGRIM_MAUSO_378_6
Lundmark Philip N PILGRIM_MAUSO_378_5
Lundquist Andrew PILGRIM_SPIREA_44X_2
Lundquist James PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lundquist Sophie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Lutter Oscar (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C33_1
Mace Claude H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_491_7
Mace Maurice C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_491_5
Mace Orilia I PILGRIM_PILGRIM_491_6
Macik Mildred L PILGRIM_FTPRINT_640_2
Macik Russel F PILGRIM_FTPRINT_640_1
Mack Darlene I PILGRIM_PILGRIM_404_3
Mack Elsie M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_404_6
Mack Percy L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_404_5
Madison Annie P. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Madorin Fred PILGRIM_COUNTY_120_1
Madson Elsie C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_633_5
Madson Rev Norman A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_633_6
Madson Rev Paul G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_633_1
Magadanz August PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A55_1
Mahler Joseph PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mahlke August PILGRIM_SPIREA_246_2
Mahlke August E PILGRIM_SPIREA_246_8
Mahlke Augusta PILGRIM_SPIREA_246_1
Mahlke Eleanor PILGRIM_SPIREA_245_8
Mahlke Elizabeth R PILGRIM_SPIREA_256_1
Mahlke Emilie PILGRIM_SPIREA_256_7
Mahlke Ernest H PILGRIM_SPIREA_245_7
Mahlke Ernest O PILGRIM_SPIREA_256_6
Mahlke Herman J PILGRIM_SPIREA_246_7
Mahlke Ida PILGRIM_SPIREA_246_3
Mahlke Paul A PILGRIM_SPIREA_246_5
Mahlke Reuben H PILGRIM_SPIREA_256_5
Mahlke Rudolph A PILGRIM_SPIREA_246_4
Malchow August C PILGRIM_MAUSO_239_5
Malchow baby 1 PILGRIM_MAUSO_239_8
Malchow baby 2 PILGRIM_MAUSO_239_4
Malchow Bertha PILGRIM_SPIREA_278_4
Malchow Ernestine PILGRIM_MAUSO_239_6
Malchow Herman A G PILGRIM_MAUSO_239_7
Malchow Otto C PILGRIM_SPIREA_278_8
Malcomson Elizabeth F PILGRIM_SPIREA_284_7
Malcomson Frieda A PILGRIM_SPIREA_284_5
Malcomson Sarah Jane PILGRIM_SPIREA_284_4
Malke Rudolph PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mallon Pat PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Malzahn Robert PILGRIM_PILGRIM_C_1
Manee Carol J. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_534_6
Manga Christav PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mann Anna R. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mann Karla PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Manske Albert PILGRIM_SPIREA_264_1
Manske Augusta PILGRIM_SPIREA_264_3
Manske Edmund G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_715_5
Manske Emma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_100_7
Manske Ernest C PILGRIM_MAUSO_370_2
Manske Gertrude E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_715_6
Manske Ludvig PILGRIM_SPIREA_264_2
Manske Rose W PILGRIM_MAUSO_370_3
Manske William A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_100_8
Mansson John K PILGRIM_CEDAR_938_4
Mansson Marjorie E PILGRIM_CEDAR_938_3
Manthei Gustav PILGRIM_COUNTY_118_1
Manthei W. A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_291_1
Marengo Linda Helen PILGRIM_AB-EAST_568_1
Margraff August F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_85_4
Margroff A.F. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_85_8
Margroff Henrietta PILGRIM_MAUSO_193_7
Marienau Viola PILGRIM_MAUSO_420_1
Maring Emmanuel F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_265_1
Maring Lorraine PILGRIM_COUNTY_251_1
Marks Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Marquardt Bertha M PILGRIM_MAUSO_458_4
Marquardt Frank PILGRIM_MAUSO_458_8
Marquardt Heinrich PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Marquardt Herman F PILGRIM_MAUSO_458_7
Marquardt Otilia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Marso Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Martin Alfred B PILGRIM_MAUSO_459_4
Martin child PILGRIM_MAUSO_459_1
Martin Marilyn PILGRIM_MAUSO_459_3
Martin Sarah N PILGRIM_MAUSO_459_2
Martinek Jim PILGRIM_COUNTY_128_1
Mason Charles L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_519_7
Mason Josephine P PILGRIM_PILGRIM_519_4
Mason Judith K PILGRIM_PILGRIM_519_6
Mason Melvin PILGRIM_PILGRIM_519_2
Mason Norman R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_519_1
Mason Ruth Ann PILGRIM_PILGRIM_121_1
Mason Samuel Clark PILGRIM_PILGRIM_519_8
Mathwig Fred W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_534_7
Mathwig Richard E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_745_2
Mathwig Thelma R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_745_1
Mathwig Wilhelmine M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_534_8
Matson Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_129_1
Matson Julius PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Matteson Edwin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Matteson Martin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Matzke Lorna PILGRIM_FTPRINT_661_4
Matzke Megan & McKenna PILGRIM_FTPRINT_661_7
Matzke Ronald PILGRIM_FTPRINT_661_3
Mauntler H.L. PILGRIM_MAUSO_171_8
Maurer Alvin J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_480_5
Maurer Anna L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_480_8
Maurer Arnold C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_480_1
Maurer Christian H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_480_7
Maurer Dorothy G PILGRIM_PILGRIM_480_6
Maurer Vivian M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_480_4
Mayuhn Carl A. F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
McAllister unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
McCarthy Dora PILGRIM_PILGRIM_138_1
McCarthy Owen PILGRIM_PILGRIM_138_5
McCollum Emma F PILGRIM_SPIREA_266_3
McConnell Linda PILGRIM_COUNTY_193_1
McConnell Marvin PILGRIM_COUNTY_192_1
McConnell Mary Jane PILGRIM_COUNTY_190_1
McConnell Richard Ray PILGRIM_COUNTY_191_1
McConnell Robert E PILGRIM_COUNTY_189_1
McCormick James PILGRIM_SPIREA_68_6
McCoy Elisabeth H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
McCoy Helen J. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
McCoy Pheobe PILGRIM_COUNTY_101_1
McCumber Robert W. PILGRIM_COUNTY_242_1
McKinnon Gust Ernest PILGRIM_PILGRIM_450_6
McKinnon Marion PILGRIM_PILGRIM_450_5
McMahan Lucille E PILGRIM_COUNTY_243_1
McTighe Esther L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_109_7
Mees Edward C PILGRIM_MAUSO_463_2
Mees Wilhelmina PILGRIM_MAUSO_463_1
Meese Henry F PILGRIM_MAUSO_368_8
Meese Louise PILGRIM_MAUSO_368_7
Mehl Albertina Hermantina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Meier August PILGRIM_MAUSO_234_4
Meihofer Christine PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_6
Meihofer Martin PILGRIM_MAUSO_222_5
Meins Ernest PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Meisner Gilbert E PILGRIM_SPIREA_331_1
Meixner-Lanz Jay PILGRIM_AB-EAST_620_1
Melvin Dale J PILGRIM_CEDAR_930_4
Melvin Monroe R. PILGRIM_CEDAR_931_4
Menten Dianne Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_465_8
Menten Marcella Alma PILGRIM_FTPRINT_742_2
Menten Michael D PILGRIM_MAUSO_465_2
Menten Peter W PILGRIM_FTPRINT_742_1
Mergner Heinrich PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A209_1
Merrill Beverly PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C80_1
Merrill Jeanne PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C80_1
Mettler Agnes A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_475_8
Metzger George J PILGRIM_SPIREA_12X_8
Metzger Wirsing Hilda I PILGRIM_SPIREA_12X_6
Metzler David Allen PILGRIM_AB-EAST_584_2
Metzler Marvin M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_769_5
Meyer Agnes A PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_1
Meyer Anna E PILGRIM_SPIREA_307_7
Meyer Arthur W PILGRIM_MAUSO_495_7
Meyer baby boy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C82_1
Meyer Dietrich F PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_6
Meyer Emilie A PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_5
Meyer Esther PILGRIM_MAUSO_495_8
Meyer Flora L PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_4
Meyer George PILGRIM_MAUSO_496_5
Meyer John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Meyer John PILGRIM_MAUSO_496_6
Meyer John PILGRIM_SPIREA_68_8
Meyer John A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Meyer John H PILGRIM_SPIREA_307_6
Meyer Karalina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Meyer Katherine R PILGRIM_MAUSO_459_5
Meyer Lorena A PILGRIM_MAUSO_459_7
Meyer Lucille O PILGRIM_AB-WEST_604_4
Meyer Paul H PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_3
Meyer Pierre PILGRIM_MAUSO_498_2
Meyer Sharon PILGRIM_MAUSO_498_3
Meyer Victor D PILGRIM_AB-WEST_604_3
Meyer Walter H PILGRIM_MAUSO_459_6
Michels Arthur M PILGRIM_SPIREA_350_2
Michels Ruth E PILGRIM_SPIREA_350_3
Micke Ruben C PILGRIM_SPIREA_310_5
Mielke Ervin C. PILGRIM_CEDAR_949_2
Milbret Richard Earl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C21_1
Miller Aaron PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Miller Adolph PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Miller Albert PILGRIM_MAUSO_411_5
Miller Albert J PILGRIM_MAUSO_411_6
Miller Alfred H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_385_3
Miller Alvina PILGRIM_SPIREA_350_7
Miller Amelia M PILGRIM_MAUSO_180_8
Miller Ann PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Miller Arthur E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_385_1
Miller Arthur J PILGRIM_MAUSO_180_5
Miller August PILGRIM_MAUSO_170_7
Miller baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_216_8
Miller Dorothea PILGRIM_MAUSO_216_2
Miller George A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_385_5
Miller Godfrey E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_P_2
Miller Jacob PILGRIM_MAUSO_216_4
Miller Jacob PILGRIM_PILGRIM_127_6
Miller John G PILGRIM_PILGRIM_127_7
Miller John Henry PILGRIM_SPIREA_58_4
Miller Julius PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Miller Martha S PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_2
Miller Mary A PILGRIM_MAUSO_411_7
Miller Mathias J PILGRIM_SPIREA_350_6
Miller Meta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_385_6
Miller Minnie PILGRIM_MAUSO_170_8
Miller Olivia E PILGRIM_MAUSO_180_2
Miller Oscar Richard PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Miller Raymond Herbert PILGRIM_SPIREA_350_8
Miller Richard J PILGRIM_MAUSO_180_7
Miller Robert G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_P_1
Miller Rosella PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_3
Miller Sharon Jean PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C54_1
Miller Sophia PILGRIM_SPIREA_58_3
Miller unknown PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C7_1
Miller William M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_127_5
Mills George PILGRIM_SPIREA_56_3
Mills Minard PILGRIM_SPIREA_56_2
Mills Philip PILGRIM_SPIREA_56_4
Miner Albert E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_281_1
Miner Opal M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_281_1
Mingo Anna Marie PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C117_1
Mingo Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C70_1
Minke Martin Joe PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C72_1
Minke Timothy M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A105_1
Minkel Joseph A PILGRIM_MAUSO_463_7
Minkel Lydia A PILGRIM_MAUSO_463_8
Mishler Gloria Joy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_548_2
Mitchell Louis PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A39_1
Mitchell Susan PILGRIM_COUNTY_184_1
Mitton Gustaf A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Moehlenbrock Albert R PILGRIM_SPIREA_249_7
Moehlenbrock Dora PILGRIM_SPIREA_249_4
Moehlenbrock Frederick PILGRIM_SPIREA_249_8
Moehlenbrock Fredericka PILGRIM_SPIREA_249_6
Moehlenbrock Paul E PILGRIM_SPIREA_249_5
Moeri Alma A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_490_7
Moeri Annie PILGRIM_MAUSO_232_3
Moeri Doris E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_680_8
Moeri Jacob PILGRIM_PILGRIM_490_6
Moeri Janet Lynn PILGRIM_PILGRIM_490_3
Moeri Marvin H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_718_1
Moeri Raymond J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_680_7
Mohr Aorula PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mohr Carl PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mohr Francis PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mohr Johann PILGRIM_SPIREA_68_3
Mohr Minni PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Molkenthin Wilhelmina PILGRIM_MAUSO_183_6
Moncelle Wallace F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_654_3
Moncelle-Lotton Jo Anne PILGRIM_AB-WEST_654_4
Monich Frieda PILGRIM_MAUSO_172_1
Monich Rev John F PILGRIM_MAUSO_172_2
Moon Bryan Lee PILGRIM_NEANGLE_671_1
Moon unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_158_1
Moon Unknown (2nd) PILGRIM_COUNTY_161_1
More Eric James PILGRIM_COUNTY_270_1
More Melissa PILGRIM_COUNTY_272_1
More Tabatha Ann PILGRIM_COUNTY_271_1
Morgan Grace J PILGRIM_CEDAR_910_1
Morgan Joseph G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_653_2
Morgan William PILGRIM_COUNTY_157_1
Morrow Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_147_1
Morrow Marry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Morse Nellie PILGRIM_FTPRINT_590_5
Motto Sandra K PILGRIM_FTPRINT_590_2
Mueller Alfred PILGRIM_PILGRIM_87_5
Mueller Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_87_4
Mueller Emma O PILGRIM_PILGRIM_87_2
Mueller Evelyn PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mueller Ida PILGRIM_PILGRIM_87_1
Mueller Johann PILGRIM_PILGRIM_87_3
Mueller John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_87_6
Mueller Marion M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_530_2
Mueller Meta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_87_7
Mueller Paul PILGRIM_AB-EAST_530_1
Muetzel Anastasia PILGRIM_NEANGLE_774_4
Muetzel Child PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_4
Muetzel Ida A PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_1
Muetzel Melvin E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_825_4
Muetzel Otto F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_774_1
Muetzel Otto G Sr PILGRIM_MAUSO_416_2
Muetzel Thersea A. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_825_3
Muetzel William C PILGRIM_NEANGLE_774_3
Muller Georg P. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mullerleile George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Mundahl Joyce M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_690_2
Mundahl Kevin Patrick PILGRIM_FTPRINT_657_7
Mundahl Palmer V PILGRIM_FTPRINT_690_1
Mussell Gustav E PILGRIM_SPIREA_301_1
Myhre Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_424_3
Myhre Conrad PILGRIM_MAUSO_424_4
Myhre Irwin Conrad PILGRIM_MAUSO_424_1
Nagel Franz PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_3
Nagel Herman PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_4
Nagel Mrs. H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nasby Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Neidig Ruth A PILGRIM_MAUSO_180_6
Nelsen Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nelsen Barbara J PILGRIM_FTPRINT_557_6
Nelsen Louis F PILGRIM_FTPRINT_557_5
Nelson Alfred J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_428_7
Nelson Catherina PILGRIM_MAUSO_203_7
Nelson Christine E PILGRIM_MAUSO_204_8
Nelson G. Gertina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nelson George H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nelson Hans J PILGRIM_MAUSO_203_6
Nelson Henry Christian PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nelson Johanna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nelson John A PILGRIM_MAUSO_204_3
Nelson Karen PILGRIM_MAUSO_203_8
Nelson Maria C PILGRIM_MAUSO_204_4
Nelson Mina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_428_8
Nelson Oscar A PILGRIM_MAUSO_204_7
Nelson Peter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nelson T. J. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nemitz Bertha F PILGRIM_MAUSO_505_6
Nemitz Carl F PILGRIM_MAUSO_505_5
Nemitz Donald F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_1
Nenow Eleanora S PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_2
Nenow Robert W PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_1
Nerbivig Hanna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nesheim David Mark PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_8
Nesheim Glen T PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_2
Nesheim Sylvia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_3
Ness Larry N PILGRIM_CEDAR_930_1
Neubert Bertha M PILGRIM_MAUSO_451_7
Neubert Elsie PILGRIM_MAUSO_451_5
Neubert Erwin A PILGRIM_MAUSO_469_1
Neubert Olga A PILGRIM_MAUSO_452_4
Neubert Reinhold F PILGRIM_MAUSO_451_6
Neubert Violet E PILGRIM_MAUSO_452_1
Neubert Wayne PILGRIM_MAUSO_452_3
Neuenfeldt Evelyn L PILGRIM_FTPRINT_791_2
Neuenfeldt Leonard PILGRIM_FTPRINT_791_1
Neuenfeldt Richard PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C17_1
Neuenselig Herm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Neumann Ernestina PILGRIM_MAUSO_168_3
Neunandorf Henrietta PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Neutzer John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Newgaard Minna M PILGRIM_MAUSO_380_8
Newmann Julia PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_2
Newmann Rudolph PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_1
Newville Edwin PILGRIM_CEDAR_948_2
Newville Eileen C PILGRIM_CEDAR_948_1
Nichels Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Niebel Amelia PILGRIM_SPIREA_325_7
Niebel August PILGRIM_SPIREA_325_8
Niebel Olga PILGRIM_SPIREA_37_4
Niebel William PILGRIM_SPIREA_325_5
Niederkolfer Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nielsen Carl C. Jr PILGRIM_AB-WEST_549_2
Nielsen Carl C. Sr. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_825_2
Nielsen Doloris M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_551_1
Nielsen Henry PILGRIM_NEANGLE_673_1
Nielsen James Michael PILGRIM_NEANGLE_624_3
Nielsen Johanna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nielsen Linnie PILGRIM_NEANGLE_825_1
Nielsen Marcella L PILGRIM_NEANGLE_673_2
Nielsen Susan M PILGRIM_NEANGLE_624_1
Nielsen William H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_550_2
Niemeyer Henry L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_448_5
Niemeyer Julia B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_448_8
Niemeyer Marianna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_448_6
Niemeyer Walter J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_448_7
Nigg Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nigg Frederike PILGRIM_MAUSO_202_3
Nigg Joe PILGRIM_MAUSO_202_8
Nigg Joseph PILGRIM_MAUSO_202_2
Nigg Louise PILGRIM_MAUSO_202_4
Nigg Son PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nigg William J PILGRIM_MAUSO_202_6
Nillson Andrew PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nitschke Fred PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A27_1
Nolan Roger B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_273_1
Nolan Violet E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_273_1
Noltz S. B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Nordger E. G. Wherner PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Norell John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Norm Carl PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Norman Robert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Norman Willee Arthur PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Norris Burnatta M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_765_5
Norris Clarence L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_765_6
Norris Evelyn E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_735_2
Norris Richard Marshall PILGRIM_AB-EAST_735_1
Novick Joseph Lloyd PILGRIM_SPIREA_13_2
Nusbaum Curtis A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_710_6
Nusbaum Joseph Robert PILGRIM_FTPRINT_710_7
Nyquist Clifford A PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_7
Nyquist Ella PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_8
Oachs Dennis R. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C75_1
Oachs Janis Marie PILGRIM_COUNTY_124_1
Oberlander B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
O'Brien unknown PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C16_1
Odegard Belle PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A66_1
Odling Axel PILGRIM_COUNTY_165_1
Oehler Alice R PILGRIM_SPIREA_342_2
Oehler Amelia PILGRIM_SPIREA_342_7
Oehler August PILGRIM_PILGRIM_94_4
Oehler Charles PILGRIM_MAUSO_514_2
Oehler Clarence PILGRIM_MAUSO_232_8
Oehler Edward PILGRIM_PILGRIM_129_1
Oehler Edward PILGRIM_SPIREA_342_8
Oehler Eleanor E PILGRIM_MAUSO_419_1
Oehler Emma C PILGRIM_MAUSO_419_5
Oehler Ernest PILGRIM_PILGRIM_129_6
Oehler Frederick PILGRIM_MAUSO_232_4
Oehler Gustaf A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_129_8
Oehler Harry L PILGRIM_SPIREA_342_1
Oehler Henrietta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_129_7
Oehler Louis PILGRIM_PILGRIM_129_5
Oehler Louise H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_129_4
Oehler Mary PILGRIM_MAUSO_514_1
Oehler Otto PILGRIM_SPIREA_342_6
Oehler William E PILGRIM_MAUSO_419_6
Oesterreich Vivian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_360_2
Offerman Margaret E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_722_1
Offerman Rudolph A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_722_2
Oftedahl Anna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_522_8
Oftedahl Ole J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_522_7
Oglesby Donald C PILGRIM_NEANGLE_779_3
Oglesby Roberta A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_779_4
Oglesby Sophia Lydia PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A214_1
ogrosky Florence L. (Flora) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_150_2
ogrosky Julius E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_150_7
ogrosky Minna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_150_3
ogrosky Minna A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_150_6
Olmanson Aimee PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C146_1
Olmanson Heleen PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C145_1
Olsen Carl PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olsen Clarence PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olsen Oska M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Barney PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Carl F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Carre PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Carrie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Frederich PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Lena PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Martha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Ohlans Ed PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Olive PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Oscar M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Olson Stina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Oman Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_77X_4
Osborne Alma PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A216_1
Osborne John W. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A44_1
Oschmann Clara PILGRIM_SPIREA_299_7
Oschmann Henry PILGRIM_SPIREA_299_6
Oslund Donna M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_683_1
Osterday Billie Rae PILGRIM_COUNTY_286_1
Ostermann Clarence H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_599_4
Ott Mamie Gerlach PILGRIM_MAUSO_511_7
Ott Max (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C14_1
Otto Albert PILGRIM_MAUSO_366_8
Otto Arnold H PILGRIM_MAUSO_366_4
Otto Caroline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_135_1
Otto Charles PILGRIM_PILGRIM_135_2
Otto Dorothy A PILGRIM_MAUSO_366_3
Otto Emelia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_430_1
Otto Emil C PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Otto Henrieta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_135_3
Otto Johann PILGRIM_PILGRIM_135_4
Otto Mildred H PILGRIM_MAUSO_366_7
Over Clifford W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_550_3
Over Hulda A PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_7
Over Oscar PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_8
Owen Helen L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_717_8
Owen James M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_717_7
Paape LoVera D PILGRIM_MAUSO_498_1
Padilla Cheryl Ann (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C66_1
Padilla Edward PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C120_1
Padilla Joyce PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C121_1
Padilla Randy E. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C120_1
Padilla Tammy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C121_1
Page Frances PILGRIM_PILGRIM_114_4
Page Hazel PILGRIM_MAUSO_504_1
Page Martha A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_114_1
Page Martha H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_357_4
Paswalk Fred W. PILGRIM_MAUSO_458_5
Paswalk Mary L PILGRIM_MAUSO_458_6
Patten Robert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Paul George Jerald (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C29_1
Paulson Bertha J PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_8
Paulson Henry P PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_7
Paulson John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Paulson John PILGRIM_SPIREA_75_7
Pearson Alma Edith PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C3_1
Pearson Arthur L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A64_1
Pearson Ida B PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A63_1
Peckman Donna J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_LL_1
Peckman Herbert M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_LL_2
Pedersen Laura P PILGRIM_SPIREA_333_7
Pedersen Peter M PILGRIM_SPIREA_333_8
Pederson Alverde L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_174_1
Pederson Hannah C PILGRIM_NEANGLE_728_3
Pederson Inga Mary PILGRIM_COUNTY_125_1
Pederson James Edwin PILGRIM_NEANGLE_728_4
Peitterson Terrance L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_268_1
Petersen John PILGRIM_COUNTY_187_1
Petersen Kermit PILGRIM_COUNTY_205_1
Petersen Naomi L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_735_8
Petersen Peter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Petersen Rev Wilhelm W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_735_7
Petersen Stephen Roy PILGRIM_SPIREA_329_3
Peterson Alice Bernadine PILGRIM_COUNTY_235_1
Peterson Anton O. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Carl PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_8
Peterson Carl R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_146_1
Peterson Charles PILGRIM_PILGRIM_146_5
Peterson David H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_489_4
Peterson Edwin PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Eleanor Eisenlor PILGRIM_MAUSO_213_4
Peterson Emily S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_146_6
Peterson George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Harry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Henrietta PILGRIM_AB-WEST_546_4
Peterson Ida F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Isach Walther PILGRIM_SPIREA_28_2
Peterson Jill Ann PILGRIM_FTPRINT_848_1
Peterson John H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_152_1
Peterson Lina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Lois P. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Lucille H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_L_4
Peterson Ludwig H PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_5
Peterson Marry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Nina B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Peterson Philip M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_546_3
Peterson Rachel PILGRIM_AB-WEST_695_3
Petrick Andrew PILGRIM_CEDAR_941_4
Pettis Delores Louise PILGRIM_AB-WEST_AA_2
Pettis George PILGRIM_AB-WEST_AA_1
Phelps Christina PILGRIM_SPIREA_250_8
Phelps Frank PILGRIM_SPIREA_250_7
Phelps Jennie S PILGRIM_SPIREA_343_6
Phillips unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_198_1
Pidde Beatrice PILGRIM_PILGRIM_436_7
Pidde Carl G PILGRIM_PILGRIM_436_6
Piepho Alta M PILGRIM_SPIREA_320_7
Piepho Amanda E PILGRIM_SPIREA_319_3
Piepho Caroline M PILGRIM_SPIREA_320_4
Piepho Charles H. PILGRIM_SPIREA_320_5
Piepho Della A PILGRIM_SPIREA_319_4
Piepho Harold A PILGRIM_SPIREA_320_8
Piepho Henry J Jr PILGRIM_SPIREA_320_6
Piepho Henry Sr. PILGRIM_SPIREA_320_2
Piepho Mary PILGRIM_SPIREA_320_1
Piepho William E PILGRIM_SPIREA_319_1
Piepho William Jr PILGRIM_SPIREA_319_8
Pierce Clarence H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_244_1
Pierce Erwin Wm. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C27_1
Piper Emil PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A24_1
Piper Louise PILGRIM_SPIREA_29_6
Pirkel Edward F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pirkel John B PILGRIM_FTPRINT_659_5
Pischner Alta A PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_3
Pischner Harold PILGRIM_FTPRINT_563_6
Pischner Herman C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_7
Pischner Lester PILGRIM_FTPRINT_563_5
Pischner Lydia A PILGRIM_MAUSO_457_8
Pischner Mildred B PILGRIM_FTPRINT_563_7
Pishek William H PILGRIM_CEDAR_944_4
Plauger William PILGRIM_COUNTY_163_1
Plumt Adolphania PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Plypirat William Norton PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pofahl Gustav A PILGRIM_SPIREA_10_1
Pofahl Lena T PILGRIM_SPIREA_10_4
Pofahl Olga L PILGRIM_MAUSO_237_6
Pofahl Oscar E PILGRIM_MAUSO_237_5
Polchow Ada Alvina PILGRIM_SPIREA_300_3
Polchow Anna M PILGRIM_SPIREA_300_6
Polchow Anna M PILGRIM_SPIREA_318_3
Polchow Carl PILGRIM_SPIREA_22_7
Polchow Charles PILGRIM_MAUSO_219_4
Polchow Christian PILGRIM_SPIREA_60_6
Polchow Christian L PILGRIM_SPIREA_318_5
Polchow Dorthea PILGRIM_SPIREA_53_4
Polchow Fred PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Polchow Fred W PILGRIM_SPIREA_318_7
Polchow George PILGRIM_SPIREA_318_8
Polchow Harvey C PILGRIM_SPIREA_300_4
Polchow Hattie PILGRIM_SPIREA_318_4
Polchow Henriette PILGRIM_SPIREA_318_6
Polchow Henry Wilhelm PILGRIM_MAUSO_219_3
Polchow John PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A45_1
Polchow John C PILGRIM_SPIREA_300_5
Polchow Louis W PILGRIM_MAUSO_219_7
Polchow Louisa PILGRIM_SPIREA_22_6
Polchow Martha L. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_125_2
Polchow Wilhelmina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pollei Amelia PILGRIM_SPIREA_301_8
Pollei Anna Auguste PILGRIM_MAUSO_235_7
Pollei Anna C. PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_2
Pollei August PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pollei Blanche May PILGRIM_AB-EAST_664_4
Pollei Emma S PILGRIM_SPIREA_301_5
Pollei Fredericka PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pollei Gerald J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_616_8
Pollei Gustav A PILGRIM_SPIREA_344_5
Pollei Harold PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pollei John H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A218_1
Pollei John L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_664_3
Pollei John M PILGRIM_SPIREA_301_7
Pollei Lorine PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C8_1
Pollei Marion R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_616_7
Pollei Nina J. PILGRIM_MAUSO_235_6
Pollei unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pomerenke Eva PILGRIM_AB-WEST_554_4
Pomerenke Richard A PILGRIM_CEDAR_942_3
Post Gustav PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Postels Albert A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_83_1
Postels Alice E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_721_4
Postels Anna M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_83_3
Postels Christian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_98_3
Postels Emma I PILGRIM_PILGRIM_98_1
Postels Harold C PILGRIM_NEANGLE_721_3
Postels Lydia M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_83_4
Postels Mathilda PILGRIM_PILGRIM_98_2
Postels May Anna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_83_2
Potz Clement PILGRIM_COUNTY_257_1
Powell William B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_185_1
Prahl Ronald W. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C108_1
Preston Emma N. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pretzur August PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Prey Clara B PILGRIM_FTPRINT_537_5
Prey Herman C PILGRIM_FTPRINT_537_6
Price Earl E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_831_4
Price Gary E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_831_3
Pringle Donald PILGRIM_COUNTY_172_1
Prodaehl child PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C67_1
Purdy Glen E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_653_1
Purdy Ina P PILGRIM_AB-WEST_644_3
Purdy Irma M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_644_4
Purdy unknown PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C32_1
Pusch Ida E PILGRIM_SPIREA_255_5
Pusch John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Pusch John G PILGRIM_SPIREA_255_6
Rabe August F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_144_1
Rabe Dorothy M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_144_3
Rabe Essie Louisa PILGRIM_PILGRIM_123_6
Rabe Henry J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_144_4
Rabe John C Jr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_123_3
Rabe Loren Henderson PILGRIM_CEDAR_914_1
Rabe Mabel PILGRIM_PILGRIM_123_2
Rabe Mabel G PILGRIM_CEDAR_914_2
Rabe Rebecca PILGRIM_PILGRIM_144_2
Rabe William G PILGRIM_PILGRIM_144_5
Rabe William H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_123_1
Radford Clarence PILGRIM_PILGRIM_396_6
Radford Jennie W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_396_5
Radley John H. PILGRIM_SPIREA_55_1
Radloff Amaliea PILGRIM_MAUSO_181_1
Radloff Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_181_4
Radloff Louise PILGRIM_MAUSO_181_2
Radloff Wilhelm PILGRIM_MAUSO_181_3
Radtke Charles A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_728_1
Radtke Edna A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_728_2
Rahf Tim PILGRIM_MAUSO_205_2
Rahn Ella Ann PILGRIM_AB-EAST_736_6
Rahn Martin A. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_736_7
Rahn Meta I. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_736_8
Rahn Walter P PILGRIM_AB-EAST_736_5
Raihle Albert PILGRIM_PILGRIM_107_8
Raihle Catherine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_107_5
Raihle Christ PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_4
Raihle Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_107_7
Raihle Laura PILGRIM_PILGRIM_107_6
Raihle Pauline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_3
Raihle William F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_2
Randall E. Esther PILGRIM_SPIREA_72_5
Randall Percy L. PILGRIM_SPIREA_72_5
Rankin Clifford PILGRIM_AB-EAST_615_5
Rankin Florence PILGRIM_AB-EAST_615_6
Rasmussen Anna Louise PILGRIM_AB-WEST_604_2
Rasmussen Augusta PILGRIM_MAUSO_240_1
Rasmussen Thomas PILGRIM_AB-WEST_604_1
Rauchman Clifford PILGRIM_PILGRIM_385_8
Rauchman Harold PILGRIM_PILGRIM_385_7
Reed Child PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C40_1
Reed Christopher C PILGRIM_AB-WEST_Q_5
Reed Eva H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_598_4
Reed Hazel Reve PILGRIM_MAUSO_424_2
Reed Milton A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_598_3
Reetz Irene L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_583_8
Reetz Martin PILGRIM_AB-EAST_583_7
Reich Anna B. PILGRIM_SPIREA_10_5
Reich George Clinton PILGRIM_SPIREA_10_6
Reid Clyde E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A94_1
Reinhart Herbert J. PILGRIM_COUNTY_247_1
Reinhart Sylvia M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_247_1
Reinsberg Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Reipke Alvina PILGRIM_SPIREA_271_7
Reipke John PILGRIM_SPIREA_271_8
Rengsdorf Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_495_6
Rengsdorf Henry D PILGRIM_MAUSO_495_5
Renstrom John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Revier Irene Lorraine PILGRIM_AB-WEST_555_4
Reynolds baby PILGRIM_SPIREA_314_3
Reynolds Lawrence L PILGRIM_SPIREA_314_4
Reynolds Thomas J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_390_4
Rhimes Jesse Miller PILGRIM_COUNTY_175_1
Rhodes Clarence PILGRIM_SPIREA_339_6
Rhodes Emma S PILGRIM_SPIREA_339_7
Richard Emma PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Richards Clara (Effie) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_1
Richter Arthur PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_2
Richter Emil B PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A48_1
Richter Mathilda PILGRIM_MAUSO_377_7
Rief John F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Riesdorf Florence M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A51_1
Rietz Jacob Michael PILGRIM_CEDAR_994_1
Rilling Adam PILGRIM_SPIREA_27_5
Rilling Edmund PILGRIM_SPIREA_27_6
Rilling Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_27_7
Rilling Emilia PILGRIM_SPIREA_27_6
Ristau Scott K PILGRIM_CEDAR_923_4
Ristau Steve Allen PILGRIM_CEDAR_924_3
Ritt Augusta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_143_1
Ritt Carl R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_632_7
Ritt Edward W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_143_6
Ritt Ferdinand PILGRIM_PILGRIM_143_2
Ritt Henrietta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_143_8
Ritt Laura M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_632_8
Ritt Margaret L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_143_5
Ritt Margreta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_143_3
Ritter Arlene R PILGRIM_SPIREA_326_8
Ritter Frederich PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ritter Fredericka PILGRIM_PILGRIM_88_3
Ritter Herman PILGRIM_PILGRIM_88_4
Ritter Herman E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_88_2
Ritter Martha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Robb Rose-Ann Marie PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C58_1
Roben Regina M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A111_1
Roberts Boy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C73_1
Roberts Earl F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_U_3
Roberts Madeline PILGRIM_AB-WEST_U_4
Rode Martha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Roe Arthur E PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_3
Roe Donald J PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_1
Roe Gertrude L PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_2
Roe Harry E PILGRIM_SPIREA_335_4
Roemhildt Dorothy M PILGRIM_MAUSO_510_8
Roesch Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Roesin Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Rogers Jack PILGRIM_COUNTY_177_1
Rolf Christian PILGRIM_SPIREA_327_5
Rolf Katherine PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ronne Gary L PILGRIM_SPIREA_340_4
Ronst Sven John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Roos Ella Rosina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_86_1
Roos George J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_86_3
Roos Isabella PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Roos Philippene PILGRIM_PILGRIM_86_4
Roozhen Laura PILGRIM_MAUSO_504_2
Rosenau August PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_5
Rosenau Ernest Henry PILGRIM_SPIREA_291_2
Rosenau Gordon E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_1
Rosenau John H PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A25_1
Rosenau John H Jr PILGRIM_SPIREA_291_4
Rosenau Lucille PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C10_1
Rosenau Margaret M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_6
Rosenau Paulina S PILGRIM_SPIREA_291_1
Rosenau William M PILGRIM_SPIREA_291_3
Rosenbrook Carl PILGRIM_AB-EAST_733_5
Rosenbrook Ellen C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_733_6
Rosenbrook Everett W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_734_5
Rosenow Alvena S PILGRIM_SPIREA_328_7
Rosenow Emil O PILGRIM_SPIREA_328_8
Rosin Arno H. F. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_102_1
Rosin Arthur E.L. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_102_2
Rosin Charles A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_102_5
Rosin Ronald J. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C42_1
Rosprim Mary PILGRIM_MAUSO_415_3
Rossow B. B. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C64_1
Rossow Timothy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C62_1
Rothshank Frank PILGRIM_PILGRIM_153_6
Roulet Beth LeAnn PILGRIM_CEDAR_958_2
Rousselow Linda Ann PILGRIM_AB-EAST_730_1
Roust Anna F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_156_1
Roust Anna J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_156_2
Roust Bernhard PILGRIM_PILGRIM_156_3
Roust Charles PILGRIM_PILGRIM_156_7
Roust Gustav L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_156_8
Roust Johan S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_146_2
Roust John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_156_6
Roust Sophia H. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_146_3
Roust Sophia Johanna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_156_5
Rovan Christ PILGRIM_SPIREA_45X_6
Ruberg Andrew PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Rubey Martha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Rud Orrick M. PILGRIM_SPIREA_61X_2
Rudenick Ervin B PILGRIM_CEDAR_965_3
Rudenick Ervin C PILGRIM_SPIREA_310_4
Rudenick Evelyn Lucille PILGRIM_SPIREA_310_3
Rudenick Jeffrey T PILGRIM_CEDAR_965_2
Rudenick Norma J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_386_1
Rudenick Tina M PILGRIM_SPIREA_310_2
Rudenick William F PILGRIM_SPIREA_310_1
Rudie Paul T PILGRIM_AB-WEST_554_1
Ruentzel Girl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C35_1
Ruge August PILGRIM_MAUSO_421_8
Ruge Augusta C PILGRIM_MAUSO_421_7
Ruge Maria PILGRIM_MAUSO_206_6
Ruge Marx Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_206_7
Rusdahl Duane PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Rush Jacob PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Rutges Elaine PILGRIM_SPIREA_269_1
Ruthenbeck Alvin R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_651_1
Ruthenbeck Edith M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_651_2
Rutter Elizabeth S PILGRIM_SPIREA_329_6
Rutter Fred C PILGRIM_SPIREA_329_5
Ryberd Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Sack Elvira E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_819_6
Sack Richard W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_819_5
Sahr Child PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Salfer Gerald F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_576_1
Salfer Joseph J PILGRIM_NEANGLE_575_1
Salfer Lillian F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_575_2
Salinas Mahlayna Leah PILGRIM_CEDAR_958_4
Salinas Marlene Marie PILGRIM_CEDAR_958_4
Salinas Ted Jay PILGRIM_COUNTY_264_1
Salomonson Rachel M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_1
Samberg Ida PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Sanders Walter PILGRIM_COUNTY_278_1
Sandstrom Clela O PILGRIM_AB-WEST_603_3
Sandstrom Leslie D PILGRIM_AB-WEST_602_3
Sarna Sigmund PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A121_1
Sayler baby PILGRIM_SPIREA_308_4
Sayler Clarence PILGRIM_PILGRIM_386_5
Sayler Frances D PILGRIM_SPIREA_308_7
Sayler Hattie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_386_6
Sayler William H PILGRIM_SPIREA_308_8
Saylor Leighton PILGRIM_SPIREA_308_8
Schadler Anna Rose PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schadler August PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schadler Daniel PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schadler Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schadler Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schaefer Johann PILGRIM_SPIREA_46_7
Schaefer Sophie PILGRIM_SPIREA_46_8
Schaffenberg Alvina PILGRIM_SPIREA_292_7
Schaffenberg Clarence PILGRIM_SPIREA_292_7
Schaffenberg Della PILGRIM_SPIREA_292_4
Schaffenberg George C PILGRIM_SPIREA_292_6
Schaffenberg Harold W PILGRIM_SPIREA_292_5
Schaller Adelgunde F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_89_2
Schaller Frieda J. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_831_2
Schaller Prof Egbert PILGRIM_NEANGLE_831_1
Schaller Rev. Hilbert H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_89_1
Schaller Ruth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_89_3
Schaub Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schaub Marie S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_406_3
Schaub Otto A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_406_4
Schauer Adolph R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_5
Schauer Anna S PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_6
Schauer Marcella E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_631_5
Schedler Albert R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_97_1
Schedler Ernestina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_97_3
Schedler Fred W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A62_1
Schedler Frederick W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_97_4
Schedler Marie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_97_6
Schedler Martin H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_97_2
Schedler Walter A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_97_5
Schell Arthur PILGRIM_COUNTY_171_1
Schippel Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schippel Anton PILGRIM_MAUSO_198_2
Schippel Wilhelmina PILGRIM_MAUSO_198_3
Schipper Ida M PILGRIM_SPIREA_343_7
Schipper Nicholas PILGRIM_SPIREA_343_8
Schipple Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_119_1
Schirrschmidt Bruno or Brian PILGRIM_SPIREA_76_8
Schirrschmidt Emil PILGRIM_PILGRIM_404_1
Schirrschmidt Pauline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_404_2
Schlaak Selma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_115_4
Schlichting Caroline PILGRIM_SPIREA_77_4
Schlingmann Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schlingmann Emil C PILGRIM_MAUSO_373_5
Schlingmann Mabel A PILGRIM_MAUSO_373_6
Schluter Cathryn G PILGRIM_NEANGLE_877_4
Schluter Walter J. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_877_3
Schmidt Agnes S. PILGRIM_MAUSO_499_6
Schmidt Amanda A PILGRIM_MAUSO_498_7
Schmidt Edmund PILGRIM_MAUSO_236_1
Schmidt Edward A PILGRIM_MAUSO_236_4
Schmidt Emma A PILGRIM_MAUSO_236_2
Schmidt Emma M PILGRIM_MAUSO_236_3
Schmidt Ernest J PILGRIM_MAUSO_498_6
Schmidt Frederick PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schmidt Gustav PILGRIM_SPIREA_45_5
Schmidt Herman PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schmidt Julia PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A32_1
Schmidt Lyle J PILGRIM_MAUSO_499_5
Schmidt Maria 1 PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schmidt Maria 2 PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schmidt Norman R. PILGRIM_MAUSO_498_5
Schmidt Paul W PILGRIM_MAUSO_499_7
Schmidt Pauline PILGRIM_SPIREA_45_6
Schmidt Robert Swede PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A34_1
Schmidt Robert H PILGRIM_MAUSO_499_2
Schmidt Robert R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A34_1
Schmidt Sharon PILGRIM_COUNTY_267_1
Schmit Erna A PILGRIM_CEDAR_953_4
Schmit Joseph H PILGRIM_CEDAR_953_3
Schmitt Gary PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schmitt Peter C. PILGRIM_COUNTY_169_1
Schmitz Raymond P. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_578_5
Schmitz Sophia Elizabeth PILGRIM_AB-EAST_578_6
Schneider Anna D PILGRIM_MAUSO_503_6
Schneider August Hugo PILGRIM_SPIREA_39_4
Schneider Christina PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A52_1
Schneider Erna M PILGRIM_MAUSO_503_4
Schneider Henry PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A67_1
Schneider Henry W PILGRIM_MAUSO_503_5
Schneider John PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A98_1
Schneider Marilyn F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A99_1
Schneider Paul L PILGRIM_MAUSO_503_1
Schneider Peter PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A97_1
Schneider unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schoenbeck Frederick PILGRIM_PILGRIM_94_6
Schoenbeck Henry PILGRIM_PILGRIM_94_5
Schoenbeck Ida M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_94_7
Schoenbeck Mrs. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_94_2
Schoenbeck Ottila PILGRIM_PILGRIM_94_8
Schoenbeck Sophia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_94_1
Schoenhofen Anton W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_5
Schoenhofen Harry A. W. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_5
Schoenhofen Paulina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_101_6
Schoettler Adolph G PILGRIM_MAUSO_205_6
Schoettler Alfred PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_7
Schoettler Christina M PILGRIM_MAUSO_205_3
Schoettler Erna B PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_8
Schoettler J. Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_205_4
Schoettler Marie I PILGRIM_MAUSO_205_7
Scholer Robert John PILGRIM_FTPRINT_710_1
Scholtz Alvina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_145_6
Scholtz Frank PILGRIM_PILGRIM_145_5
Scholtz Henry PILGRIM_PILGRIM_145_4
Scholtz Herman PILGRIM_PILGRIM_145_7
Schostag Albert W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_105_7
Schostag Alma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_105_8
Schostag Anna A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_475_6
Schostag Carl PILGRIM_PILGRIM_105_3
Schostag Caroline PILGRIM_SPIREA_31_1
Schostag Christian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_105_1
Schostag Edward O. PILGRIM_SPIREA_31_4
Schostag Evelyn PILGRIM_FTPRINT_611_7
Schostag F. William PILGRIM_PILGRIM_475_7
Schostag Fredericka PILGRIM_PILGRIM_105_4
Schostag Gottlieb PILGRIM_SPIREA_31_2
Schostag John Henry PILGRIM_SPIREA_31_3
Schostag Juliana PILGRIM_PILGRIM_105_2
Schostag Kenneth PILGRIM_FTPRINT_611_6
Schram Paul PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schramser Bert PILGRIM_COUNTY_89_1
Schramser Pearl PILGRIM_COUNTY_162_1
Schreyer Irma D PILGRIM_AB-EAST_580_6
Schreyer Lowell H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_580_3
Schreyer Roman O PILGRIM_AB-EAST_580_5
Schroeder Anna L PILGRIM_MAUSO_423_2
Schroeder Fred PILGRIM_AB-EAST_668_8
Schroeder George H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_667_7
Schroeder Gertrude PILGRIM_MAUSO_423_8
Schroeder Ludwig PILGRIM_MAUSO_199_3
Schroeder Rev Hellmuth W. PILGRIM_MAUSO_423_3
Schroeder Rev Theodore PILGRIM_MAUSO_423_4
Schroeder Shirley A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_435_7
Schroeder Sophia PILGRIM_MAUSO_199_2
Schroeder Sophia M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_667_8
Schubbe Helen PILGRIM_AB-WEST_547_2
Schubbe John R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_547_1
Schuette Emma PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schull Friedrick G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A15_1
Schull Henrietta M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A16_1
Schull Theodor PILGRIM_SPIREA_336_5
Schult Christian L PILGRIM_NEANGLE_574_1
Schult Helen J PILGRIM_NEANGLE_574_2
Schulte Eunice PILGRIM_MAUSO_507_2
Schultz Agnes PILGRIM_AB-EAST_664_5
Schultz Agnes Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_397_6
Schultz Agnes G. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A83_1
Schultz Anna Christina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_84_3
Schultz Arthur PILGRIM_MAUSO_208_2
Schultz August PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schultz Carl C. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schultz Edward A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_84_5
Schultz Erna B PILGRIM_MAUSO_208_8
Schultz Ernst J.F. PILGRIM_MAUSO_219_8
Schultz Francis A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_664_6
Schultz Fredericka PILGRIM_MAUSO_208_3
Schultz Heinrich F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_84_4
Schultz Hulda PILGRIM_AB-WEST_T_5
Schultz Jeanne S. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_397_2
Schultz John PILGRIM_MAUSO_208_4
Schultz John C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_397_5
Schultz John W. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_397_7
Schultz Louise Ernestina PILGRIM_MAUSO_208_1
Schultz Marbetta Marlys PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schultz Naomi M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_571_8
Schultz Olga A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_84_6
Schultz Rev Raymond A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_571_7
Schultz Ruth J PILGRIM_CEDAR_929_3
Schultz Timothy T. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_827_1
Schultz Wilhelmina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_84_2
Schultze E. R. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schulz Adelie PILGRIM_MAUSO_201_3
Schulz Augusta H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_140_1
Schulz Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schulz Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_194_4
Schulz Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_201_5
Schulz Earl PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schulz Elsa Julia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_140_3
Schulz Emilie PILGRIM_MAUSO_201_6
Schulz Fred J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_140_2
Schulz Karl O PILGRIM_PILGRIM_140_4
Schulz Turie G. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schulze Arthur PILGRIM_MAUSO_194_8
Schulze Boy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C79_1
Schulze Elise PILGRIM_MAUSO_199_4
Schulze Ernest T PILGRIM_MAUSO_454_6
Schulze Hilda H. PILGRIM_MAUSO_454_7
Schulze Walter E. PILGRIM_MAUSO_454_1
Schumacher Anna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_131_3
Schumacher Bertha A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_471_7
Schumacher Edward PILGRIM_PILGRIM_471_6
Schumacher Ervin M. (Dutch) PILGRIM_AB-EAST_670_5
Schumacher Gustav PILGRIM_PILGRIM_131_1
Schumacher Ida M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_670_6
Schumacher Jacob J PILGRIM_AB-EAST_634_7
Schumacher Marie E. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_634_8
Schumacher Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_131_5
Schumacher Mathias PILGRIM_PILGRIM_131_2
Schumacher Peter PILGRIM_PILGRIM_131_4
Schumann Andrea PILGRIM_MAUSO_168_2
Schumann Ernstine L PILGRIM_MAUSO_168_5
Schumann Esther PILGRIM_MAUSO_168_1
Schumann Johan PILGRIM_MAUSO_168_8
Schumann Johann F PILGRIM_MAUSO_168_4
Schwab Tonya Jo PILGRIM_CEDAR_964_1
Schwabe Lloyd F PILGRIM_MAUSO_189_6
Schwald Hilda PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A213_1
Schwald Martin PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A90_1
Schwandt William H PILGRIM_SPIREA_285_5
Schwanke Erna Marie PILGRIM_AB-EAST_735_6
Schwanke Leo C. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_714_7
Schwanke Louis A. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_735_5
Schwanke Rosa L. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_714_8
Schwansen Emma PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schwartz Emil H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schwartz Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_70X_6
Schwartz Ernest C PILGRIM_MAUSO_221_4
Schwartz Ernest Casper PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schwartz Julia I. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schwartz Katie M PILGRIM_MAUSO_221_8
Schwartz Mrs. Wm. PILGRIM_MAUSO_221_3
Schwartz William PILGRIM_MAUSO_221_2
Schweim Arthur E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_565_6
Schweim August H. PILGRIM_SPIREA_274_4
Schweim Augusta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_494_7
Schweim Carl G. PILGRIM_SPIREA_298_1
Schweim Cassie Ann PILGRIM_FTPRINT_612_6
Schweim Christian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_3
Schweim Delores Mae PILGRIM_PILGRIM_100_5
Schweim Dorothea J. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_440_6
Schweim Dorothy M. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_440_8
Schweim Earl Robert PILGRIM_AB-EAST_536_5
Schweim Edna A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_565_7
Schweim Edward R. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_612_5
Schweim Edwin A. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_566_6
Schweim Emil F. PILGRIM_SPIREA_298_6
Schweim Emilie PILGRIM_SPIREA_298_3
Schweim Erna M. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_U_6
Schweim Ernest Christian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_434_5
Schweim Ervin G. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_440_7
Schweim Fred PILGRIM_SPIREA_298_4
Schweim George E. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_612_7
Schweim Gustav (Christian) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_7
Schweim Gustav C. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_878_1
Schweim Herman PILGRIM_SPIREA_298_2
Schweim Ida B PILGRIM_SPIREA_298_8
Schweim James E PILGRIM_FTPRINT_612_3
Schweim John A. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_U_5
Schweim Lane PILGRIM_AB-EAST_536_8
Schweim Leona A. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_612_8
Schweim Louis F. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_440_5
Schweim Lydia J. A. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_878_2
Schweim Margaret PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_8
Schweim Margaretha PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_6
Schweim Marie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_100_1
Schweim Marie F. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_434_6
Schweim Marie Margaret PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_4
Schweim Meta PILGRIM_AB-EAST_566_7
Schweim Otilla M. (Tillie) PILGRIM_SPIREA_274_3
Schweim Otto PILGRIM_SPIREA_298_5
Schweim Robert O PILGRIM_AB-EAST_536_6
Schweim Thomas G PILGRIM_FTPRINT_612_4
Schweim Walter C. G. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_494_8
Schweim William PILGRIM_PILGRIM_494_6
Schweim William PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_1
Schweim William F. E. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_494_5
Schwender William PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A8_1
Schwenson Johan L. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Schweppe Lydia Ruth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_361_1
Schweppe Walter A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_361_2
Schwerr Howard E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_170_1
Schwieger Marie A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_686_6
Schwieger Mildred S. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_686_5
Schwieger Otto H. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_686_5
Scott Earl L. PILGRIM_CEDAR_917_1
Scott Lynda M. PILGRIM_CEDAR_917_2
Scott unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Scutty Gustaff PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Seefeld Albert E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_573_3
Seefeld Alma PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Seefeld Bertha A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_573_4
Seefeld Herman PILGRIM_PILGRIM_353_5
Seefeld Ida A. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_353_6
Seefeld Marie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Seefeld Melvin D. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_353_5
Seefeld Myrtle O PILGRIM_PILGRIM_353_8
Seefeld Nettie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Seefeld Wilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Seefeld Wilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Seefeld William PILGRIM_SPIREA_30_6
Seefeldt Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_183_1
Seeman Clara V PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_7
Seeman Gustav PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_8
Seeman Herbert O PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_6
Seenarka Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Seewald Lawrence PILGRIM_CEDAR_919_2
Seewald Pauline E PILGRIM_CEDAR_919_1
Sessions William C PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A17_1
Severns Eudean E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_645_3
Severns Joanne F PILGRIM_AB-WEST_645_4
Severson Alma V PILGRIM_AB-WEST_597_4
Severson Duane PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C39_1
Severson Iner D PILGRIM_AB-WEST_552_3
Severson Iner S PILGRIM_AB-WEST_550_4
Severson Jacob Matthew PILGRIM_COUNTY_266_1
Sexauer Robert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Sharits June B. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_561_6
Sharits Loran R PILGRIM_FTPRINT_561_5
Shockman Ivan PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C47_1
Shockman John PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A57_1
Shockman Leona L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A56_1
Shonbom Ruben PILGRIM_PILGRIM_446_4
Shouts Frank PILGRIM_CEDAR_899_2
Shouts Frieda PILGRIM_CEDAR_899_1
Shouts Robert F PILGRIM_CEDAR_900_2
Shurber Erika PILGRIM_SPIREA_9_2
Shurber Henry J PILGRIM_SPIREA_9_1
Shurber John PILGRIM_SPIREA_9_3
Siebenbruner Fern A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_694_4
Siebenbruner Leroy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_694_3
Siebenbruner Ruth S PILGRIM_AB-EAST_683_6
Siebenbruner Wayne W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_683_2
Siebenbruner William G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_683_5
Sieber Annie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Siebert Amelia PILGRIM_MAUSO_240_6
Siebert Louisa Emilia Wilhelmina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Siebert Max PILGRIM_MAUSO_240_5
Siebert Rosa E PILGRIM_MAUSO_240_4
Siebert William PILGRIM_MAUSO_240_7
Siefert Gerhard Arthur PILGRIM_SPIREA_279_1
Siefert Magdelena PILGRIM_SPIREA_279_6
Sievers Mayreen Ann PILGRIM_AB-WEST_694_2
Silber Albert H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_149_7
Silber Alma Esther PILGRIM_PILGRIM_149_4
Silber Caroline PILGRIM_MAUSO_234_1
Silber Gottlieb PILGRIM_MAUSO_234_1
Silber Louise PILGRIM_MAUSO_234_2
Silber Maria Caroline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_149_3
Silber Mathilda Marie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_149_6
Simmonds Donna H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_138_8
Simmonds Robert PILGRIM_PILGRIM_138_7
Simmonds William PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Simning Lois M. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_360_7
Simonsen Debbie M. Ristau PILGRIM_COUNTY_262_1
Simonsen Joe PILGRIM_CEDAR_947_4
Simonson Minnie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Sippert Beverly M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_559_6
Sippert Evelyn M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_559_2
Sippert Rev. Albert Alfred PILGRIM_FTPRINT_559_1
Skog John Swenson PILGRIM_SPIREA_43X_3
Skuse Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_343_5
Skuse John C PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A108_1
Skuse Josephine PILGRIM_SPIREA_303_2
Slama Leona M. PILGRIM_CEDAR_900_1
Smesrud Alma L PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_6
Smesrud Donna K PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_3
Smesrud Julia PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_2
Smesrud Lorraine PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_4
Smesrud Robert PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_4
Smesrud Thore O PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_1
Smesrud Walter A. PILGRIM_MAUSO_409_5
Smith Anna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Smith Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Smith Birdie M PILGRIM_MAUSO_371_2
Smith David PILGRIM_COUNTY_132_1
Smith Donald M PILGRIM_SPIREA_267_1
Smith Guenter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Smith May L. PILGRIM_MAUSO_373_8
Smith Ramon R. PILGRIM_MAUSO_373_7
Smith Rhonda Lee PILGRIM_COUNTY_283_1
Snider Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Snider Leonora E PILGRIM_MAUSO_177_1
Sniff Paul D. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_630_5
Snyder Larry S PILGRIM_AB-WEST_649_1
Snyder Matthew S. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_596_4
Snyder William PILGRIM_COUNTY_148_1
Solli Gerhard E. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_L_5
Solli Vivian E. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_L_1
Soltau Garrett W. PILGRIM_CEDAR_954_4
Somnitz Otto R PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_4
Somnitz Wanda PILGRIM_MAUSO_220_3
Sorebo John B. Sr. PILGRIM_SPIREA_329_8
Sorebo Nellie L. PILGRIM_SPIREA_329_7
Sorem Boy PILGRIM_COUNTY_176_1
Soukup Joseph PILGRIM_MAUSO_460_5
Soukup Louise PILGRIM_MAUSO_460_6
Speck Billy G. PILGRIM_MAUSO_455_5
Speck George R PILGRIM_MAUSO_455_8
Speck Mary PILGRIM_MAUSO_455_4
Spenger Alma Dorothy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_N_2
Spenger Esther PILGRIM_AB-WEST_N_5
Spenger Peter PILGRIM_AB-WEST_N_1
Spiess Diane PILGRIM_MAUSO_466_3
Spiess Gerald PILGRIM_MAUSO_466_2
Spomer Marie PILGRIM_COUNTY_115_1
Spoomer George PILGRIM_COUNTY_121_1
Spotts Dorothy L PILGRIM_SPIREA_288_7
Spotts Gordon M PILGRIM_SPIREA_288_8
Sprengeler Elise Marie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_90_2
Sprengeler Rev C.Heinrich PILGRIM_PILGRIM_90_3
St. Clair Bertha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
St. Clair Marry E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Staack Charles PILGRIM_MAUSO_193_2
Staack Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_193_3
Staack Marie PILGRIM_MAUSO_193_5
Staack Minnie PILGRIM_MAUSO_193_1
Stabelfeldt Lillian PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A65_1
Staben Minnie Born PILGRIM_MAUSO_165_6
Staben Wilhelmina C PILGRIM_MAUSO_165_1
Staehr Erna PILGRIM_SPIREA_77X_8
Stahl George PILGRIM_MAUSO_231_3
Stahl Helen PILGRIM_MAUSO_231_1
Stahl Henry PILGRIM_PILGRIM_386_4
Stahl John A. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_386_3
Stahl Lizzie M PILGRIM_MAUSO_231_4
Staley Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stamereilers Nina B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_289_1
Stankey Arthur W. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_O_7
Stankey Grace A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_O_4
Stankey Selma M. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_O_8
Stanley Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stanley Merrill PILGRIM_MAUSO_172_6
Stanley Verona Mae PILGRIM_MAUSO_172_5
Stark Elisabeth PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Starnard Eugene Cyril PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Steinborn Marilyn Kay PILGRIM_SPIREA_326_7
Steiner Anna E. PILGRIM_MAUSO_408_1
Steiner Charles O. PILGRIM_MAUSO_408_2
Steiner Christian PILGRIM_MAUSO_407_6
Steiner Flora PILGRIM_MAUSO_407_8
Steiner Frank A. PILGRIM_MAUSO_426_6
Steiner John V. PILGRIM_MAUSO_407_7
Steiner Mary PILGRIM_MAUSO_407_5
Steiner William Chris (Bill) PILGRIM_MAUSO_425_2
Steiner William F PILGRIM_MAUSO_425_4
Stelter Charles A. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_7
Stelter Child PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_5
Stelter Ellsworth Gale PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_2
Stelter Gayle A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_655_7
Stelter Henry F PILGRIM_AB-EAST_581_7
Stelter Janice Esther PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_6
Stelter Jone C PILGRIM_NEANGLE_723_4
Stelter Laura Louise PILGRIM_PILGRIM_388_8
Stelter Paul H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_669_1
Stelter Troy F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_722_4
Stelter Wilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_123_1
Sternwandt John Peter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stewart Earl PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C20_1
Stierlen Robert A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_651_3
Stimpson Amanda PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stinnett Lorraine PILGRIM_AB-WEST_653_4
Stockman Caroline R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_488_4
Stockman Delphine Christian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_488_6
Stockman Julius E. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_488_1
Stockman Mary Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_488_7
Stokes Carl W. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_5
Stokes Marie (Maria) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_6
Stoll Emil A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_332_3
Stoll Frank H. C. PILGRIM_SPIREA_332_6
Stoll Leta Mary PILGRIM_SPIREA_332_4
Stoll Lunettie M. PILGRIM_SPIREA_332_7
Stoltzman Augusta PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A54_1
Stoltzmann Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stone Eva PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stone Hazel PILGRIM_COUNTY_259_1
Stone Luverne PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stopple Minnie PILGRIM_SPIREA_9_7
Strehlo Alma E. PILGRIM_SPIREA_341_8
Strehlo Anna PILGRIM_SPIREA_341_6
Strehlo Carl PILGRIM_SPIREA_341_5
Strehlo Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_341_8
Strehlo Fred A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_341_7
Strehlo Louise N PILGRIM_SPIREA_341_4
Strobel Adeline PILGRIM_MAUSO_229_8
Strobel Albert PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_4
Strobel Anna B. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_2
Strobel Anne M. PILGRIM_SPIREA_315_5
Strobel Bertha PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_4
Strobel David Henry PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C48_1
Strobel Elizabeth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_3
Strobel Ernastina PILGRIM_MAUSO_229_7
Strobel Godfrey (Godfried) PILGRIM_MAUSO_371_5
Strobel Hattie PILGRIM_MAUSO_371_6
Strobel Henry R PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_7
Strobel Hulda PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_5
Strobel Johann (John) M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_5
Strobel John PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_1
Strobel Martin PILGRIM_MAUSO_229_4
Strobel Martin PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_4
Strobel Martin J PILGRIM_MAUSO_229_6
Strobel Minnie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_G_6
Strobel Robert H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_6
Strobel Rosina PILGRIM_MAUSO_371_8
Strobel Rudolph J. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_122_8
Strobel William PILGRIM_PILGRIM_G_5
Strusz Albert PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Strusz Caroline B. PILGRIM_SPIREA_310_6
Strusz Christian C PILGRIM_SPIREA_277_6
Strusz Frederick PILGRIM_SPIREA_277_7
Strusz Fredericka PILGRIM_SPIREA_277_4
Strusz Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Strusz Joan M PILGRIM_MAUSO_466_4
Strusz John B PILGRIM_MAUSO_466_4
Strusz Lizzie PILGRIM_SPIREA_277_8
Strusz William H. PILGRIM_SPIREA_310_8
Stubbe Frederich PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Stubbe unknown PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C31_1
Stucky Mable PILGRIM_AB-WEST_Q_8
Studt Elisabeth Maria PILGRIM_SPIREA_263_6
Studt Henry PILGRIM_SPIREA_263_7
Studt Henry Hans PILGRIM_SPIREA_263_5
Studt Margaret PILGRIM_SPIREA_263_8
Stutzman Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_40_1
Sulflow Carl W. PILGRIM_SPIREA_309_7
Sullivan Jerry Lee PILGRIM_AB-EAST_533_1
Sullivan Judy K. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_534_5
Sullivan LaVerne Gladys PILGRIM_AB-EAST_534_2
Sullivan Nicole PILGRIM_COUNTY_274_1
Sullivan Robert J. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_534_1
Sunthimer Alice PILGRIM_AB-EAST_582_7
Sunthimer Robert A. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_582_6
Sunthimer Robert Ray PILGRIM_AB-EAST_582_8
Swan Alfred PILGRIM_COUNTY_260_1
Swansen Tina H. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Swanson Andrew PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Swanson Charley PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Swanson Effie G PILGRIM_PILGRIM_431_6
Swanson Oscar PILGRIM_PILGRIM_354_1
Swanstrom Victor D PILGRIM_CEDAR_940_4
Swedburg Axel PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Sweiger David J. PILGRIM_SPIREA_311_7
Sweiger Gertrude PILGRIM_COUNTY_261_1
Sweiger James L. PILGRIM_SPIREA_311_8
Sweiger Mary A PILGRIM_SPIREA_311_6
Sweiger Robert I PILGRIM_SPIREA_311_5
Swenson Anne PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Swenson Bergita PILGRIM_PILGRIM_155_1
Swenson Hanna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_155_5
Swenson Jacob PILGRIM_PILGRIM_155_3
Swenson Josephine PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Swenson LeRoy Frankllin PILGRIM_MAUSO_498_4
Swenson Louis PILGRIM_PILGRIM_155_4
Swenson Margareta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_155_2
Tanner Frank E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Taylor Alice L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_594_1
Taylor Frederick N PILGRIM_AB-WEST_594_2
Taylor Oscar PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Taylor Richard V PILGRIM_CEDAR_933_1
Taylor Thelma A PILGRIM_SPIREA_328_5
Taylor William G PILGRIM_SPIREA_328_6
Teig Paul PILGRIM_COUNTY_248_1
Telander Agnes C PILGRIM_NEANGLE_675_2
Telander Eleanor E PILGRIM_NEANGLE_675_3
Telander Glenn M PILGRIM_NEANGLE_675_4
Telander William L PILGRIM_NEANGLE_675_1
Tester Clarence R. PILGRIM_COUNTY_256_1
Theissen Henry A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_305_5
Theissen Herman Walther PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Theissen Minnie A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_305_6
Theurer Albert A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A212_1
Theurer Ellie PILGRIM_AB-WEST_598_2
Thilgen baby PILGRIM_SPIREA_343_1
Thilgen Eliza (Elsie) PILGRIM_SPIREA_343_4
Thom August F Jr. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_524_7
Thom August Sr. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_524_5
Thom Donald E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_677_5
Thom Esther PILGRIM_PILGRIM_524_8
Thom Irene M PILGRIM_AB-EAST_677_6
Thom Orloene PILGRIM_AB-EAST_663_3
Thomas John Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_178_1
Thompson Ada H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_3
Thompson Anton P.(TE) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_3
Thompson Elmer T PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_4
Thompson Harold PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_6
Thompson Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Thompson Ingeborge PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_2
Thompson Minnie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_5
Thompson Richard PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Thompson Rudolph PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_7
Thompson Sharron K PILGRIM_AB-WEST_K_3
Thompson Thomas E. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_157_1
Thorelson Anna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Thurber Annajean PILGRIM_COUNTY_246_1
Thurston Esther A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_705_5
Tiefel Hulda A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_622_2
Tiefel Rudolf F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_622_1
Tiefel Walter A PILGRIM_NEANGLE_622_3
Timholz John PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Timm Armand J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_399_1
Timm Charles J. F. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_399_2
Timm Clara L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_399_8
Timm Donald H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_614_5
Timm Elfrieda A PILGRIM_AB-EAST_614_6
Timm Elizabeth Ellen PILGRIM_MAUSO_470_5
Timm Henry W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_614_7
Timm Herbert C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_766_7
Timm Mary I PILGRIM_AB-EAST_766_8
Timm Merton H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_399_3
Timm Oscar C PILGRIM_AB-EAST_614_1
Timm Wilhelmina (Minnie) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_399_4
Timmerman Albert C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_509_6
Timmerman Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_175_2
Timmerman Charles PILGRIM_MAUSO_175_3
Timmerman Frank PILGRIM_MAUSO_175_4
Timmerman Glen A PILGRIM_FTPRINT_638_1
Timmerman Harold PILGRIM_SPIREA_253_5
Timmerman Harriet PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Timmerman Hattie Victoria PILGRIM_SPIREA_253_6
Timmerman Lillie PILGRIM_MAUSO_175_4
Timmerman M. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Timmerman Nicole F PILGRIM_FTPRINT_761_1
Timmerman Paula C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_509_7
Timmerman Yvonne C PILGRIM_FTPRINT_638_2
Tirre William F. PILGRIM_COUNTY_133_1
Todd Anna Sophia Nelson PILGRIM_SPIREA_28X_3
Tollefson Mattia PILGRIM_SPIREA_37_1
Tollefson Tilda PILGRIM_SPIREA_44_6
Tolliver Tom PILGRIM_COUNTY_143_1
Toreson Mathias PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Torgler Esther E. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_447_7
Torgler Friedrich PILGRIM_PILGRIM_447_5
Torgler Hugo J. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_447_8
Torgler Maria (Mary) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_447_6
Traeger Anton Sr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_406_1
Traeger Dorothea PILGRIM_PILGRIM_406_2
Traeger Ida W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_683_7
Traeger John H. PILGRIM_AB-EAST_683_8
Transient Unknown PILGRIM_COUNTY_160_1
Traub Arline PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Traub Catherine PILGRIM_PILGRIM_160_1
Traub Jacob PILGRIM_PILGRIM_160_3
Traub Jacob Sr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_160_2
Traub Wilhelmina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_160_4
Trenhauser Eleanor K. PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_4
Trenhauser John PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_8
Trenhauser John Jr PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_5
Trenhauser Louisa PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_6
Trenhauser Lucy PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_3
Trenhauser Lydia PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_2
Trenhauser Minnie PILGRIM_MAUSO_176_7
Trosrt Marie E. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Trusdale Martha PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Tulin Carl PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Turner Karl PILGRIM_SPIREA_285_4
Turner Wilhelmina PILGRIM_SPIREA_285_1
Tuykes Louise PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Tweed Bertel PILGRIM_COUNTY_241_1
Tweed Gail PILGRIM_COUNTY_181_1
Tweed Margaret Ellen PILGRIM_CEDAR_934_3
Tyler L. D. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Uhlhorn Augusta PILGRIM_MAUSO_376_2
Uhlhorn Ernest PILGRIM_MAUSO_376_1
Uhlhorn Fred E. PILGRIM_MAUSO_376_5
Uhlhorn Frieda B PILGRIM_MAUSO_376_7
Uhlhorn George W PILGRIM_MAUSO_376_6
Uhlhorn Mildred A PILGRIM_MAUSO_376_8
Ulerick Bonnie PILGRIM_AB-EAST_532_6
Ulerick Warren L PILGRIM_AB-EAST_532_5
Ulman Bernard PILGRIM_PILGRIM_443_6
Ulman Emma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_443_7
Ulman Harvey G PILGRIM_PILGRIM_443_4
Ulrich Emma M PILGRIM_MAUSO_464_8
Ulrich Lauren R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_713_5
Ulrich William A PILGRIM_MAUSO_464_7
Unknown Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Unknown Child PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Unknown Florence PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Unknown Rosa PILGRIM_PILGRIM_95_1
Unknown unknown PILGRIM_PILGRIM_127_2
Unknown Unknown PILGRIM_PILGRIM_128_7
Unknown unknown PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_5
Unknown unknown PILGRIM_PILGRIM_99_5
Unseth Ida J. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_626_4
Unseth Rev Joseph B PILGRIM_NEANGLE_626_3
Unzeitig Carl Jr PILGRIM_PILGRIM_394_4
Van Degrift John W. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C30_1
Vehling Bertha E PILGRIM_PILGRIM_485_7
Vehling Henry W. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_485_6
Vinning Wm. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Vogel Carl PILGRIM_SPIREA_270_8
Vogel Charles PILGRIM_SPIREA_270_5
Vogel Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_270_6
Vogel Ferdinand J. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_93_3
Vogel Gottlieb L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_93_4
Vogel Johan Ludwig Adam PILGRIM_PILGRIM_93_6
Vogel Louise A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_270_7
Vogel Rosena Caroline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_93_7
Vogel Walter J. PILGRIM_SPIREA_270_1
Vogel Wilhelmina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_88_1
Vogt Johann PILGRIM_PILGRIM_153_8
Vogtman Anna K. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_103_1
Vogtman John Phillip PILGRIM_PILGRIM_103_2
Voiglander Paul PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Voigt Gerald L. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_608_7
Voigt John R. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_609_7
Voigt Lenora E. PILGRIM_FTPRINT_609_8
Volk Gerald G PILGRIM_AB-WEST_756_1
Vosbeck Albert F. PILGRIM_SPIREA_336_8
Vosbeck Alma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_113_4
Vosbeck Baby Boy PILGRIM_PILGRIM_113_6
Vosbeck Bertha M PILGRIM_SPIREA_336_7
Vosbeck Claus PILGRIM_PILGRIM_113_2
Vosbeck Elise W. PILGRIM_MAUSO_453_2
Vosbeck Gladys G. PILGRIM_SPIREA_245_2
Vosbeck Henry C. PILGRIM_MAUSO_453_1
Vosbeck Imogene PILGRIM_SPIREA_245_6
Vosbeck Julia M. PILGRIM_SPIREA_245_4
Vosbeck Leona PILGRIM_PILGRIM_113_3
Vosbeck Lillian PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Vosbeck Maria PILGRIM_PILGRIM_113_1
Vosbeck Mary PILGRIM_PILGRIM_113_8
Vosbeck Walter A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_245_3
Voss Johanna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wachholz Alma Louise PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_6
Wagen Catharina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_148_3
Wagen Charles Sr. (Carl) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_148_3
Wagen F. George PILGRIM_PILGRIM_148_8
Wagen Herman J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_148_5
Wagner August PILGRIM_SPIREA_321_1
Wagner August T PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_7
Wagner Augusta H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_1
Wagner Daniel R PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_4
Wagner Elizabeth M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_4
Wagner Emilie A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_6
Wagner Emilie C PILGRIM_SPIREA_321_2
Wagner Gustav R PILGRIM_SPIREA_321_4
Wagner Harold A. PILGRIM_SPIREA_319_8
Wagner Hazelle P PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_8
Wagner Henry A PILGRIM_SPIREA_321_5
Wagner John (Jack) PILGRIM_FTPRINT_636_3
Wagner Meta M PILGRIM_SPIREA_319_2
Wagner Mildred M PILGRIM_SPIREA_319_7
Wagner Rudolf PILGRIM_SPIREA_321_6
Wagner Walter A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_432_5
Wagner William PILGRIM_SPIREA_321_8
Wahl Wilbur R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_746_1
Waldorf Laura B. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Walker Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Walker Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Walker Emma PILGRIM_SPIREA_15_4
Wallin Larry Maxfield PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C18_1
Walter Arthur Glenn PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_3
Walter Child (Glen) PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_4
Walter Glenn Lawrence PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_7
Walter Margaret Inez PILGRIM_MAUSO_502_8
Walters Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Walton Ruby Fuller PILGRIM_COUNTY_285_1
Wandersee Arthur E PILGRIM_MAUSO_365_4
Wandersee Baby PILGRIM_PILGRIM_D_2
Wandersee Baby PILGRIM_PILGRIM_D_3
Wandersee Caroline Frederica PILGRIM_SPIREA_77X_2
Wandersee Carrie PILGRIM_MAUSO_365_3
Wandersee Frank Adam PILGRIM_MAUSO_365_2
Wandersee Harry W PILGRIM_MAUSO_365_1
Wandersee Hattie M PILGRIM_FTPRINT_586_6
Wandersee Henry PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wandersee Irene C PILGRIM_MAUSO_365_7
Wandersee John F PILGRIM_MAUSO_365_8
Wandersee Martin H PILGRIM_FTPRINT_586_5
Ward Claude W PILGRIM_CEDAR_950_4
Ward Helen A PILGRIM_CEDAR_943_1
Wass Arthur W. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wass Ernst Henry PILGRIM_MAUSO_162_3
Wass Ernst W PILGRIM_MAUSO_162_4
Wass Helms W PILGRIM_MAUSO_162_1
Wass John E PILGRIM_MAUSO_162_5
Wass John Walfried PILGRIM_MAUSO_162_6
Wass Walberg C PILGRIM_MAUSO_162_2
Watke Doris PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Watts Isaac (child) PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C46_1
Weaver Robert G. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Weber Anna PILGRIM_SPIREA_338_1
Weber August William PILGRIM_MAUSO_510_6
Weber Edward A PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_2
Weber Elizabeth PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A7_1
Weber Elizabeth PILGRIM_MAUSO_374_1
Weber Ella Adeline PILGRIM_MAUSO_513_3
Weber Ella Florence PILGRIM_SPIREA_77_6
Weber Frieda C PILGRIM_MAUSO_510_7
Weber John S. PILGRIM_COUNTY_201_1
Weber June H PILGRIM_MAUSO_510_4
Weber Katherine D PILGRIM_MAUSO_513_5
Weber Leslie P PILGRIM_MAUSO_513_6
Weber Melvin W PILGRIM_MAUSO_510_1
Weber Paul R PILGRIM_MAUSO_513_2
Weber Raymond G PILGRIM_MAUSO_510_5
Weber Rosa I PILGRIM_AB-EAST_629_7
Webster Elisa PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Webster Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_171_7
Week Margaret PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wegner Minna PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Weicht Anna R PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Weier Minnie PILGRIM_SPIREA_77_2
Weigt Arthur G PILGRIM_AB-EAST_531_6
Weigt Berniel B PILGRIM_AB-EAST_535_7
Weigt Bertha W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_472_1
Weigt Elda E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_535_6
Weigt Ellen Nelsine PILGRIM_MAUSO_512_8
Weigt Ellen W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_822_8
Weigt Ewald Albert PILGRIM_MAUSO_497_6
Weigt Friedrich PILGRIM_SPIREA_283_5
Weigt John F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_472_4
Weigt Julia L PILGRIM_MAUSO_512_5
Weigt Laura A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_517_7
Weigt Lloyd M PILGRIM_PILGRIM_517_5
Weigt Lori Ellen PILGRIM_MAUSO_512_3
Weigt Marie R PILGRIM_AB-EAST_531_5
Weigt Marvin S PILGRIM_MAUSO_512_7
Weigt Oscar John PILGRIM_MAUSO_512_6
Weigt Richard A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_517_6
Weigt Robert D PILGRIM_AB-EAST_822_7
Weigt Rudolph W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_535_5
Weigt Wilbur A PILGRIM_MAUSO_497_8
Weigt/Pidde Charlotte PILGRIM_MAUSO_497_5
Weih Margaret PILGRIM_SPIREA_21X_4
Weiler Irma PILGRIM_SPIREA_9_8
Weimern Darlene Emma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_492_8
Weimern Shirley PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C23_1
Weimert Eva May PILGRIM_MAUSO_425_3
Weingarten Frank PILGRIM_MAUSO_174_5
Weingarten Frank F PILGRIM_MAUSO_174_3
Weingarten Otto E PILGRIM_MAUSO_174_8
Weingarten Theodore F.L. PILGRIM_MAUSO_174_4
Weingarten Wilhelmina (Minnie) PILGRIM_MAUSO_174_1
Weingarten Wilhemina PILGRIM_MAUSO_174_2
Weis Herman PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Weis John S PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Weiske Rudolph PILGRIM_AB-WEST_551_4
Weldon Kathrine Ann PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C77_1
Weller Jake PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Weller Seth H PILGRIM_NEANGLE_676_1
Weller Teckla Mary PILGRIM_NEANGLE_676_2
Wellner baby PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_7
Wells John David PILGRIM_COUNTY_146_1
Wels Martha W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_484_7
Wendt Henriette PILGRIM_CEDAR_919_4
Wendt Marvin P PILGRIM_NEANGLE_676_3
Wendt Paul F PILGRIM_CEDAR_919_3
Wentworth Delta C PILGRIM_MAUSO_426_7
Wentz James PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wernimont Ernest PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wernimont Herbert N PILGRIM_MAUSO_377_8
Wernimont Nicolas PILGRIM_MAUSO_377_6
Wersal Donald Sr PILGRIM_AB-WEST_N_8
Wersal Jeanette M PILGRIM_MAUSO_372_1
West Dennis M. PILGRIM_SPIREA_13_8
West Katherine E. PILGRIM_SPIREA_13_7
Wester Andrew PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Westerhold Delores C. Morgan PILGRIM_AB-WEST_653_3
Westlund Ann M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_545_4
Westlund Brett J PILGRIM_AB-WEST_547_3
Westlund Michael R PILGRIM_AB-WEST_547_4
Westlund Orland E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_545_3
Westover Mary M PILGRIM_SPIREA_74_4
Westra Herbert P PILGRIM_PILGRIM_403_3
Westra Peter H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_403_4
Wettlaufer Louis PILGRIM_PILGRIM_450_4
Wettlaufer Maria PILGRIM_PILGRIM_450_7
Wettschreck Anna PILGRIM_MAUSO_164_2
Wettschreck Frederick PILGRIM_MAUSO_164_6
Weyl Emma E Ulrich PILGRIM_AB-EAST_713_6
Wheaton Burdette W Sr PILGRIM_MAUSO_461_5
Wheaton Burnedette PILGRIM_MAUSO_461_1
Wheaton Dr Burdette Carl PILGRIM_MAUSO_461_7
Wheaton Elsa PILGRIM_MAUSO_461_6
Wheeler James PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
White Archie L PILGRIM_AB-WEST_R_1
White Baby PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
White Charles PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
White Elvira M PILGRIM_AB-WEST_R_2
White William PILGRIM_COUNTY_149_1
Wienke Emilie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wiese Elizabeth PILGRIM_SPIREA_324_6
Wiese Gregory R. PILGRIM_CEDAR_923_1
Wiese Gwen R PILGRIM_CEDAR_923_1
Wieseke Pauline PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A21_1
Wilcox Frank PILGRIM_COUNTY_126_1
Wild Andvers PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wilder Michael PILGRIM_AB-WEST_C112_1
Wildes Frank PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wilhelm Conrad PILGRIM_SPIREA_304_5
Wilhelm Helen PILGRIM_SPIREA_304_6
Wilking Shirley PILGRIM_AB-EAST_571_2
Wilking Verona Rosetta PILGRIM_AB-EAST_618_3
Wilking William John PILGRIM_AB-EAST_618_2
Wilkins Floyd E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_M_1
Wilkins Frank E Sr PILGRIM_AB-WEST_M_5
Wilkins Lydia A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_M_6
Will Agnes PILGRIM_MAUSO_170_3
Will Andrew PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_3
Will Ernest PILGRIM_PILGRIM_81_4
Will Esther PILGRIM_PILGRIM_81_8
Will Frieda R. PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A210_1
Will Justina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_154_4
Will Mrs Henry PILGRIM_PILGRIM_81_7
Will Rosalia PILGRIM_PILGRIM_81_2
Will Theodore PILGRIM_PILGRIM_81_3
Will Walter PILGRIM_PILGRIM_81_1
Will Wilhelmina PILGRIM_MAUSO_187_8
Willi Koppen PILGRIM_SPIREA_75_3
Williams Emma PILGRIM_MAUSO_496_3
Williams Harold R (Buck) PILGRIM_SPIREA_295_7
Williams Helena PILGRIM_AB-WEST_L_8
Williams Henry C PILGRIM_AB-WEST_L_7
Williams John H PILGRIM_SPIREA_295_2
Williams Minnie PILGRIM_SPIREA_295_1
Williams Peter J PILGRIM_MAUSO_496_4
Williams Ruth M PILGRIM_SPIREA_295_8
Williams Walter PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Williams Walter C PILGRIM_AB-WEST_L_3
Willock Charles A. PILGRIM_COUNTY_116_1
Willsey Mrs. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wilson Barbara Lee PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A119_1
Wilson Benjamin PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A219_1
Wilson Clarence PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A112_1
Wilson Daniel R Sr PILGRIM_AB-WEST_599_1
Wilson David Harold PILGRIM_FTPRINT_692_1
Wilson Genievieve PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A220_1
Wilson George PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wilson Kenneth E PILGRIM_AB-WEST_KK_2
Wilson Lawrence PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A113_1
Wilson Lloyd PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A221_1
Wilson Olander J PILGRIM_SPIREA_330_7
Wilson Theresia B PILGRIM_SPIREA_330_8
Winkler Vernon D PILGRIM_AB-WEST_600_3
Winter Lena PILGRIM_MAUSO_377_1
Winter William C PILGRIM_MAUSO_377_2
Winters William O PILGRIM_SPIREA_333_5
Wischstaedt Augusta PILGRIM_SPIREA_35_8
Wischstaedt Friedrich PILGRIM_SPIREA_35_7
Wischt Friedrich PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Withrow Martha Marie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_402_6
Withrow William PILGRIM_PILGRIM_402_5
Witt Marjorie M PILGRIM_CEDAR_982_4
Witts Augustine PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wohlrabe Anna L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_361_7
Wohlrabe Arlowene D PILGRIM_PILGRIM_384_7
Wohlrabe Carl C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_361_6
Wohlrabe Caroline S PILGRIM_PILGRIM_384_5
Wohlrabe Charles F. (Charley) PILGRIM_PILGRIM_361_4
Wohlrabe Dr Clarence F. PILGRIM_PILGRIM_384_6
Wohlrabe Edna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_384_3
Wohlrabe James V PILGRIM_PILGRIM_384_8
Wohlrabe Waldemar W PILGRIM_PILGRIM_384_2
Wold Minnie PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wolf Nancy L PILGRIM_PILGRIM_391_8
Wolfe Clarence F PILGRIM_AB-EAST_717_5
Wolfe Louise V PILGRIM_AB-EAST_717_6
Wolfe Shirley Ann PILGRIM_AB-EAST_717_2
Wolff Margaret H PILGRIM_AB-EAST_684_8
Wolff Walter W PILGRIM_AB-EAST_684_7
Wolle Carl E PILGRIM_SPIREA_291_7
Wolle Elnora F PILGRIM_SPIREA_291_6
Wolle Valeria L PILGRIM_SPIREA_291_8
Wolter Agusta J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_2
Wolter Augusta PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_7
Wolter Ella PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_3
Wolter Emma PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_4
Wolter Helene A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_8
Wolter Henry PILGRIM_PILGRIM_359_1
Worrell Harry O. PILGRIM_NEANGLE_826_1
Worrell Mildred G PILGRIM_NEANGLE_826_2
Wreath James H PILGRIM_FTPRINT_711_2
Wright Amy PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A19_1
Wright Laverne W PILGRIM_AB-WEST_A18_1
Wroge James D PILGRIM_AB-EAST_835_3
Wurdelman Aaron PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_7
Wurdelman Carl Frederick PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_4
Wurdelman Caroline PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_3
Wurdelman Kenneth PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_5
Wurdelman Leo PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_2
Wurdelman Minnie B PILGRIM_PILGRIM_433_8
Wussow Albert J PILGRIM_SPIREA_294_1
Wussow Albertina PILGRIM_PILGRIM_112_3
Wussow Alma H PILGRIM_NEANGLE_672_2
Wussow Amanda PILGRIM_PILGRIM_112_7
Wussow Anna PILGRIM_PILGRIM_112_8
Wussow Audrey E PILGRIM_SPIREA_294_6
Wussow August F PILGRIM_NEANGLE_672_1
Wussow August Sr. PILGRIM_SPIREA_266_1
Wussow Baby PILGRIM_SPIREA_266_5
Wussow Clara PILGRIM_PILGRIM_112_6
Wussow Edna PILGRIM_SPIREA_292_1
Wussow Edward G PILGRIM_SPIREA_266_4
Wussow Frederich PILGRIM_PILGRIM_112_4
Wussow Frederich Emil PILGRIM_PILGRIM_112_1
Wussow Harold H PILGRIM_SPIREA_294_5
Wussow Laura B PILGRIM_SPIREA_294_2
Wussow Marie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_112_2
Wussow Mary K PILGRIM_SPIREA_266_8
Wussow Russell PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Wussow Wilhelmina PILGRIM_SPIREA_266_2
Yaeger Kenneth E PILGRIM_AB-EAST_627_1
Yaeger Ruth T PILGRIM_AB-EAST_627_2
Yaeger Sophie PILGRIM_SPIREA_250_6
Yaeger Wilhelm PILGRIM_SPIREA_250_5
Yeoman Eva PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
York Armentia PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
York Janice PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
York Wilhelm PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Young Bessie A PILGRIM_AB-WEST_600_2
Zastrow Florence E PILGRIM_MAUSO_465_7
Zastrow Herman F PILGRIM_MAUSO_465_6
Zeder Wilhelmina PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Zeibach Chester Arthur PILGRIM_SPIREA_53_6
Zeigner Carl PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Zellmer Herman Earnest PILGRIM_PILGRIM_395_3
Zellmer Martha C PILGRIM_PILGRIM_395_2
Zemple Edward PILGRIM_PILGRIM_356_1
Zen German Augusta PILGRIM_SPIREA_47_6
Zerfass Gordon PILGRIM_CEDAR_947_1
Zeugner Adolph PILGRIM_SPIREA_268_4
Zeugner Alma PILGRIM_SPIREA_268_1
Zeugner Augusta PILGRIM_SPIREA_268_3
Zeugner Henry PILGRIM_SPIREA_268_2
Ziegler Carolyn A PILGRIM_CEDAR_987_2
Ziegler Child PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ziegler Ed. PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Ziegler Edward PILGRIM_MAUSO_167_4
Ziegler Emilla PILGRIM_MAUSO_167_3
Zingenhagen August PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1
Zingler August F PILGRIM_PILGRIM_356_5
Zingler Emma T PILGRIM_PILGRIM_356_6
Zingler Ernestina J PILGRIM_PILGRIM_356_7
Zingler William A PILGRIM_PILGRIM_356_8
Zobel Annie PILGRIM_PILGRIM_142_8
Zobel Christian PILGRIM_PILGRIM_400_2
Zobel Emma H PILGRIM_PILGRIM_400_1
Zobel Fred PILGRIM_COUNTY_Unknown_1