March 17 Bible Reading

Numbers 5:11-6:27

Luke 2:1-20

Proverbs 7:6-20

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  1. Dori Murray

    This section is disturbing to read. I'm not sure what actually happens in the curse but it sounds horrible.

    1. Pastor Naumann

      I agree Dori. It is important to remember that this was not some magical process, but rather depended on God's direct intervention. God judges who is righteous and who is guilty. Because of the sinful state of mankind, God needed to put procedures like this in place. The goal of the ordeal was to cause sincere confession of sin or declaration of innocence.

      We have no examples from Scripture of this ordeal being put into practice.

      1. Dori Murray

        Thank you for your response. That makes sense to me and I'm glad there are no records of them needing to actually do this. Good point.