February 22 Bible Reading

Exodus 31:1-33:6

Mark 6:30-56

Psalm 25:1-7

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  1. Stephanie Schmid

    I'm Exodus are the ornaments of the people symbolic of their pride?

  2. Joseph Naumann

    I think you are right. It was customary to not wear ornaments during a time of mourning. So because of the idolatry they committed with the golden calf, God told them to not wear their ornaments, to be in mourning.0 God still promised to be with them, but He would not be present with them as He would have been if they had not committed this sin.

  3. Dori Murray

    It is shocking that the people of Israel turned back to idolatry with Aaron at the lead. God must have been so disappointed. And then the Levites had to carry out God's punishment by killing their own family members and neighbors. 3000 men! How horrible! YetGod continues to lead them, discipline them and shows His grace.