February 21 Bible Reading

Exodus 29:1-30:38

Mark 6:7-29

Proverbs 5:15-23

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  1. Evangelical Immanuel

    In the Exodus reading, I love the anointing and the ordination ceremony. The sacrifices and the blood shed "to the LORD" was a pleasing aroma to Him in view of their repentance (Mark reading touches on this too). It was a sacrifice of something of value from the people's possessions. Likewise, I think of what the LORD was willing to sacrifice for me, His only Son, which is a sweet smelling aroma to me because of what it means for my future in Christ. The Proverbs section is so specific. I pray to be intoxicated with the love of my Savior Jesus - His Words to me, as my Savior and best friend!

  2. Neal

    I was also thinking about how the section about John being beheaded must have been so discouraging at first to the early Christian church. But as John said, "He must increase, I must decrease." Such an encouraging humility which comes from Christ.

  3. Stephanie Schmid

    This is awesome! Thanks for setting this up!