Weekly Update 9/8/23


*All meals come with fruit, vegetable, and milk. Peanut butter & jelly sandwich may be substituted for the main course.

Monday, Sept 11

French toast, sausage

Tuesday, Sept 12


Wednesday, Sept 13

 Hot ham & cheese sandwich

Thursday, Sept 14

Chicken fajitas

Friday, Sept 15

Chicken nuggets

ILS Athletics

Show your support for ILS Athletics. Game dates and times can be found here:

Sports Pictures

  Volleyball and soccer team and individual pictures will be on Thursday, Sept. 14 at 3:30pm. Volleyball pictures will be in the gym. Soccer pictures will be at Land of Memories. Athletes should wear their blue uniforms. Order forms will be given to athletes on Monday, Sept. 11. Ordering photos is optional, but everyone should be dressed for the team pictures.

K-11th Testing

  Immanuel students (K-11) will be taking the NWEA MAP tests starting Monday, September 11 through Friday, September 15. The majority of the testing will be done in the mornings. Students will still have

some of their regular classes each day we are testing.

Please be sure your child eats a healthy breakfast each morning, gets plenty of rest starting 2-3 nights

before testing, and stays hydrated.

The results of the NWEA tests will be used to determine areas in which your student may need more help and in areas your student has made good progress.

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