Immanuel Lutheran School Staff

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Mr. Kyle Ochsner

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Principal Ochsner graduated from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in 2005 with a BS in Applied Math and a minor in Physics. He took teacher licensure coursework at Metro University in Denver in 2006.   He was appointed as principal in 2016 and currently teaches Calculus, Precalculus, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Programming.  Mr. Ochsner enjoys helping to create an environment at Immanuel which promotes faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior from sin.  He teaches math and science at Immanuel because he enjoys the opportunity to share the complexities of God's creation in the mathematical and scientific laws which determine the physical behaviors of His universe.

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Pastor Joseph Naumann

Phone: (920) 266-5386

Pastor Naumann attended Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, WI, graduating with his Pre-Theological degree in 2013. He graduated from Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in 2016 and received the call to serve as Pastor at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mankato. He enjoys outdoor activities and home improvement projects. Pastor Naumann married his wife Rachel in 2014. They have been blessed with two daughters and a son.

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Mr. Sherman Carstensen

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Mr. Carstensen graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire in 2001 with a BS in Mathematics and a minor in Finance and also graduated from Immanuel Lutheran College in 2012 with a BS in Education. He is starting at Immanuel in 2017 and will be teaching Bible History, Religion, PE, Health and General Business. Mr. Carstensen is also the school counselor and looks forward to working with and encouraging the students to live their faith and grow as young Christians.

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Pastor Neal Radichel

Phone: (920) 268-8002

Pastor Neal Radichel attended Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, WI, graduating with his Pre-Theological degree in 2004. He graduated from Immanuel Lutheran Seminary in 2007 and first served at St. Stephen Church and School in Mountain View, CA until 2011. Following his time there he then served at Luther Memorial Church and School in Fond du Lac, WI until 2018 where he and his family moved to serve Immanuel here in Mankato, MN. He enjoys preaching, teaching, music, anything outdoors, and spending time with his family. Pastor Neal married his "high school sweetheart" Erin in 2003, and has since been blessed with four children. 

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Mr. Brandan Heinze, MS

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Mr. Heinze joined the staff of Immanuel in 2017.  A 2004 alumnus of Immanuel, he graduated Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2008 with a degree in Mathematics Education.  He taught 7-12 mathematics for seven years at Comfrey Public School before teaching college math and statisitics courses at Minnesota State University, Mankato for two years.  He earned a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2018.  

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Mr. Benjamin Hanel

Phone: (507) 508-2748

Benjamin Hanel graduated high school in 2001 from Immanuel Lutheran School, Mankato. After that, he served eight years Active Duty Air Force as a Mechanic and Technician. Two of those years were spent writing and conducting a training curriculum for new Airmen to be integrated into their new career fields. He graduated from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ with a BA in History. He will be continuing his education by pursuing a Teaching Licence in Secondary Education through Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has a passion for History and seeks to show students the importance that it has their everyday life and how it reveals God's hand in our lives. Mr. Hanel organizes the annual junior D.C. tour. He teaches high school history, geography, social studies, and computer. 

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Ms. Beth Olmanson, Teacher

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Ms. Olmanson joined the Immanuel staff in 2013.  She graduated from Ripon College in Ripon, WI, with a major in German Education and a minor in English Education.  She taught middle school English for five years in Page, AZ, before teaching ninth grade English for four years in Phoenix, AZ.  Currently, Ms. Olmanson teaches English 7-10, English 11-12 (British and American Literature), and German 1 and 2.  She is also in charge of Immanuel’s online newspaper as well as the annual yearbook.

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Mrs. Kayla Wendt

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Mrs. Wendt started teaching Spanish I part time at Immanuel in 2015. She graduated from Bethany Lutheran College with a degree in Music Conducting and Composition in 2016. She currently teaches K-6 classroom music, high school choir, and Spanish I and II.

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Mrs. Julie Busch

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Julie Busch has been teaching at Immanuel since 2011. Prior to this, she taught junior high math at Waseca Junior High School. She has also coached swimming, volleyball, and basketball in the Mankato community. Mrs. Busch is an alumnus of Immanuel Lutheran School. She received her BS in Teaching Mathematics from MSU in 2000 with a minor in athletic coaching. Mrs. Busch has been active in the school’s athletic program. She served as an Athletic Director from 2008-2012, has coached volleyball and basketball, and is the director of the Christian Athletic League Basketball Tournament held yearly at Immanuel.

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Mr. Matthew Kranz

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Matthew Kranz was called to teach Grades 5 & 6 at Immanuel in 2015.  He graduated from University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire in 2014 with a license to teach 1-8. Matthew is a graduate of Immanuel Lutheran High School located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and was a member of our sister congregation, Messiah Lutheran for most of his life.  He has coached various sports in the grade school and high school levels and hopes to become a part of the ILS program.  His wish for his students is that they grow as individuals in life, and as children of God in spirit.

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Mr. Lane Fischer

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Lane Fischer’s primary teaching responsibilities include teaching Grades 3 & 4, Music 7/8, and High School Music Appreciation. Mr. Fischer also directs ILHS Choir and the handbell choirs. Mr. Fischer is an alumnus of Immanuel Lutheran High School. He received two BS degrees--both in Elementary Education--one from Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, WI, and a second from MSU Mankato. In addition, Mr. Fischer has his MS in Curriculum and Instruction from MSU Mankato.

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Mr. Michael J Wheaton

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Michael Wheaton was called to teach Grades 1 & 2 at Immanuel in 1997. Prior to this, Mr. Wheaton taught in the Mankato and Owatonna Public School Systems. He also was the assistant coach for the Owatonna H.S. Varsity Girls' Gymnastics team from 1995-97.

Mr. Wheaton has been a lifelong member of Immanuel - Mankato, and is an alumnus of the Elementary and High School Programs. He graduated from Immanuel High School in 1990. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in Mathematics from Mankato State University in 1995.

Mr. Wheaton has been very active with our High School Drama Club. He was a Director from 1999-2003. Since then he has become the Producer (2003-present).

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Mrs. Stephanie Roettger

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Stephanie Roettger was called to teach Kindergarten in 2015. She graduated with a degree in Elementary Education from Minnesota State University in Mankato in 2014, and is licensed to teach K-6. Stephanie is a graduate of Immanuel Lutheran School, and has continued to be involved in both the church and school. She teaches Sunday School at the nursery level and directs plays for the High School Drama Club. Stephanie’s desire is that the students of Immanuel will grow each day not only in knowledge, but in love and faithfulness for God. 

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Mrs. Erin Radichel

Phone: (507) 345-3027
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Mrs. Deb Owens, Band Director, 5-12

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Deb Owens is an alumnus of Immanuel Lutheran School. She is a past percussion instructor for Mankato "77Lancers" and has a bachelor's degree in music from Mankato State University.

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Mrs. Mary Mackey


Mrs. Mackey serves as the K-2 Teachers' Aide.

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Mrs. Amanda Harris

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Amanda Harris has been teaching Elementary PE at Immanuel since 2002. Mrs. Harris graduated from our Immanuel Lutheran High School in 1991. She married fellow ILHS alumnus Tony Harris in 1992. She has lived in Omaha, Nebraska; Feltwell, England UK; and Colorado Springs, Colorado before moving back to Mankato in 1998.

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Mrs. Marie Casto, Athletic Director

Phone: (507) 469-0345

Mr. John Paulson, School Custodian

Phone: (507) 345-3027

Mr. Mark Geiger, Financial Aid Chairman

Phone: (507) 625-6405