Our Purpose

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It is the single purpose of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church to be a Christian church which strives to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, by which alone man can know the true God and the way to eternal life.

We earnestly desire to share our rich blessings, and thus extend a welcome to

  • All who are in distress of mind and heart because of their guilt and condemnation in the sight of Almighty God and seek the pardon and comfort which only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can confer;
  • All who are bewildered by the confusion of many voices offering the theories of human wisdom in the name of religion, and who desire to hear the Voice of the Good Shepherd whom God raised from the dead; whereof we are witnesses;
  • All who, though members of Christian churches, have come to fear or to know that their churches have departed from the truth of Holy Scripture, who therefore long for the old paths and the good way (Jeremiah 6:16);
  • All who have strayed from the blessed pledge of their Baptism and desire to be restored to the Bishop of their souls.

Taken from the CLC Statement of Faith and Purpose.