We Invite You to Join Us!


Sunday Worship 9:30am (Bible Study at 8:15am)

Saturday Worship 6:00pm (Bible Study at 7:00pm)

Sunday School 8:15 am (Age 3 - 8th Grade)

Ambassadors Sunday 8:15am (High School)

Men's Breakfast Bible Study Friday 6:30am

Youth Instruction Wednesday 5:30pm

Immanuel Meditations Radio Sermon Sunday 8:15am 

Senior Bible Studies and Devotions

  • Orness Plaza Tuesday 1:00pm
  • Walnut Towers Thursday 10:00am
  • Old Main Village Thursday 1:00pm
  • Keystone Communities Thursday 3:30pm

Sunday Services are shown on Mankato's Community Access Cable Channel (CCTV) Monday 5:45pm and Wednesday 12:45pm