The Newer (Covenant) Is Always Better

Aug 14, 2016
Pastor Joseph Naumann
Hymns: LSB 811 (alt. TLH 30);375; LSB 574 (tune TLH 346); LSB 668 (alt. TLH 444)
Pre-Service Prayer:

O perfect and holy Savior, Jesus Christ, if we were to be held accountable for all the sin in our lives, we would surely be lost forever. However, You came into the world to redeem sinners and for that we are forever grateful! Be with us this day as we study Your holy Word and Your mission of salvation. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 25

First Reading: 

Isaiah 29:18-21

Through the prophet Isaiah, the Holy Spirit is prophesying concerning the many signs and wonders that Jesus would perform while on earth. These miracles brought the humble joy, yet they brought the terrible to nothing.

Second Reading: 

Mark 7:31-37

Here we find the words of Isaiah being fulfilled. Jesus shows His love for all of mankind by healing this deaf and mute Gentile. May we always remember as well to extend our mission field beyond those we feel comfortable with.