An Open Invitation

Jun 5, 2016
Pastor Eric Libby
Hymns: LW #332 (alt. TLH 285); 281; 306; 755; 277
Pre-Service Prayer:

O Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You have all power, knowledge and wisdom!  We are so weak and limited.  We are even great sinners.  We pray, send Your Holy Spirit to us through Your Word, that by faith we are cleansed of our sins and that we are increased in true knowledge and wisdom of You that leads us in the way of true life.  Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 111

First Reading: 

1 John 3:13-18

God is love and has loved us with a saving love by which He has even sent His Son into this world to be sacrificed on the cross to pay the price for the full, eternal consequences of our sins.  As His redeemed, God calls us to love all people - especially our fellow Christians.  Love, as demonstrated by God Himself, is not a passive, passing thought.  Rather, true love translates itself into meaningful action that strives to meet the needs of others.

Second Reading: 

Luke 14:16-24

In this parable, Jesus compares the saving call of the Gospel to a great supper to which the sinners of this world are invited.  Unfortunately, there will always be those distracted by the cares of the world who do not realize their need for the saving “food” of the Word and Gospel of Christ.  However, for any and all who have been brought to repentance and faith through the converting work of the Holy Spirit, there is forgiveness, life and salvation freely offered!