Earthly Kingdom, Divine Purpose

Nov 23, 2014
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Topic(s): God-Son
Hymns: WR 68; 657; 245:1,4; 712:1-2; 725:1,3-4; 143:1,3-4; LSB 480:1,4; 339:1,3,5; 660-adapted; LSB 658:1-4; LSB 668; 451:1,4; 580:1-4,6; 642:4; 656; 341:1,4-5
Pre-Service Prayer:

Dear Jesus, my Savior, my King—what joy is mine because You are my King, and I am a citizen of Heaven even while journeying through this earth. Whenever my heart is heavy, lift it up with the knowledge that You are my King ruling in my heart and over all things even now while I’m away from Home. Enable me to be a “model citizen” of Your Kingdom—not to encourage my pride nor for my glory, but to glorify You and thereby declare to all around me that You are my Lord and King. I am humbled, grateful, and excited to come to the House of the Lord this morning to worship and praise You. My soul cries out, “Oh, come, let us worship the Lord!” – Bless me in that worship. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 24

Jesus Our King--Now and Forever!

A King for Every Season

I. Made Our King through His Redeeming Work

II. Still Our King While Strangers in a Foreign Land

Second Reading: 

Rev.5:8-14; Rev.7:13-17;Rev.21:4;Rev.22:3-5

III. Forever Our King When We Get Home