God Has a Plan for You

Feb 16, 2014
Guest Pastor
Topic(s): Evangelism
Hymns: 773; 30; LSB 826 (alt. TLH 496); 54
Pre-Service Prayer:

O Lord, my Creator, Redeemer, and Comforter, as I come to worship You in spirit and in truth, I humbly pray that You would open my heart to the preaching of Your Word so that I may repent of my sins, believe in Jesus Christ as my only Savior, and grow in grace and holiness. Hear me for the sake of His name. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 72

First Reading: 

Romans 10:18-21, Rom. 11:1-6  

Paul describes Israel’s rejection of the Lord. Surely the Word of the Lord was available. The Anointed One was revealed through prophecy in their midst. Yet, He was rejected and despised; and so the Word of the Lord, the revelation of the Anointed One, has been made to those not of the covenant people. Still, the Lord has reserved a remnant from among Abraham’s children, a remnant chosen by grace.

Second Reading: 

Luke 4:20-32

The gracious words of the Anointed One win admiration but not hearts of faith. When confronted by their own unbelief and the inclusion of Gentiles in spiritual Israel, “Joseph’s son” is driven from the synagogue to be thrown from the cliff. Yet the Savior of the nations passes through the angry mob to continue His mission and reveal Himself in Capernaum.