We Need the LORD!

Sep 16, 2012
Pastor Paul D Nolting
Hymns: CW 184 (alt. TLH 235), LSB 587 (alt. TLH 381), CW 356 (alt. TLH 355), 433
Pre-Service Prayer:

O Lord, my precious God and Savior, I come before You imploring Your blessing.  I need wisdom from on high.  I need to understand Your ways and will.  As I listen to Your word this day give me such insight, so that I might fully examine my life, repent of my sins, offer You my praise, and lay before You my petitions.  Be with my fellow believers as well, so that we might live together in peace as we seek to honor Your name.  Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 86:6-13

First Reading: 

Philemon 10-21

In this text the apostle Paul seeks to mediate between a run-a-way slave and his master.  Paul needed the wisdom of God in order to accomplish his goal of a peaceful and purposeful reunion.  We, too, need the wisdom of God in order to live together in peace and fulfill our divine purposes.

Second Reading: 

Luke 15:1-10

The Jewish religious leaders criticized Jesus for associating with known sinners.  Jesus revealed God’s passionate love and plans for all who are lost in His parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin.