Jesus Lives! God's Word Is True! The Certainty of a Living Hope

Apr 8, 2012
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Hymns: 193, LSB 480, 732, 728, 200, 199
Pre-Service Prayer:

Thanks to You, O Christ victorious! Thanks to You, O Lord of life!
Death has no power o’er us, You have conquered in the strife.
Thanks because You did arise and have opened Paradise!
None can fully sing the glory of the resurrection story. 
[TLH 207:2 adapted]

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 118

First Reading: 

John 20:1-18

John’s account of Christ’s resurrection

The Apostle Paul applies Christ’s resurrection to us and declares the comfort, joy, and certainty that is ours because Jesus lives.