Come, Lord Jesus, You Are Our King! Rule over Us!

Dec 19, 2010
Pastor Paul D Nolting
Hymns: 710; 55; 73; 705
Pre-Service Prayer:

O Lord God, my precious Savior and my powerful King—please watch over and bless me as I enter into Your presence for worship this day. Guard my mind and keep me from pondering distracting thoughts. Preserve my heart and fill it with only pure intentions. Open my lips so that I might sing Your praises and offer You my sincere petitions. Enlighten my eyes so that I might see opportunities to serve. Yes, be with me this day my Savior and King. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 145

First Reading: 

Philippians 2:9-11

God has highly exalted Jesus, placing Him above all things with this result: that every tongue—believer and unbeliever alike—will ultimately confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

Second Reading: 

Luke 1:26-38

Luke here records Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she was chosen by God to be the mother of the Christ Child. Mary could hardly believe what she was hearing, but accepted the fact that with God all things are possible and all promises are kept!