Get to Know Your God

Sep 26, 2010
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Hymns: 748, 529, 54 (416 – Grade School Choir)
Pre-Service Prayer:

Heavenly Father, through Your Word teach me about You. Help me to know You better each day. Teach me to set aside my human reason and instead to trust You. When Your ways are too hard for me to understand help me to simply take You at Your Word. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 27

First Reading: 

Philippians 1:12-26

Knowing the true God and resting securely in His salvation meant that Paul had a win-win situation in prison: if he remained in prison he preached the Word; if he was released he would continue to minister to the Philippians and others; and if he were executed it would be to His gain to be in Heaven. We have the same kind of win-win situations in our lives through our merciful God.

Second Reading: 

Matthew 20:1-16

The master in Jesus’ parable was exceedingly generous to the shorttime workers and completely fair to the all-day workers. The all-day workers didn’t understand and questioned their employer’s ways. The parable highlights God’s grace and mercy—there is full salvation to every sinner who repents whether early or late in life.