Stop! Marriage Is Protected by God

Hymns: 742, 790, 305/340, 51
Pre-Service Prayer:

Heavenly Father, the world around me so despises marriage and Your design of it. There are so many influences that continually bombard me and my fellow Christians, so that we too are in danger of not giving marriage and Your blessings of it their due regard and honor. Where I have sinned against Your will in protecting the sanctity of marriage, forgive me. Enable me to be a bright beacon in this world that shines for You, not only in connection with marriage but in every thing. Come to us and bless us in worship today. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 139

First Reading: 

Genesis 39:1-21

Joseph became a slave in the home of Potiphar, the Egyptian Captain of the Guard. Joseph became the object of Potiphar’s wife’s lust and she tried to seduce Joseph into sinning with her. Joseph showed love and honor to God when he refused the woman’s advances and removed himself from the temptation. Joseph’s actions led to greater hardship for a time, but God would later bless Joseph’s faithfulness.

Second Reading: 

1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

There are many prevailing theories about what is or is not God-pleasing in the area of sexuality and marriage. However, God is really very clear as to what His will is. To go contrary to this will is not a matter of rejecting “church policy,” it is rejecting God. God’s will for us is our sanctification—living a Christian life according to His commandments. This includes remaining sexually pure and exercising self control of our desires even if the world around has lost its control.