The Essence of Advent: a Call to Repentance

Dec 17, 2006
Pastor Paul D Nolting
Topic(s): Repentance
Hymns: 701; 63; 75
Pre-Service Prayer:

O Lord God, my dear heavenly Father, You have graciously given me Your Word, in which You reveal those truths necessary both for my life and eternal salvation. Lead me, O Lord, always humbly to confess my sins before You and always to receive with thanksgiving Your absolution. Instruct me this day in the paths I should take, so that my life will be pleasing in Your sight and my words and actions might be a blessing to those around me. I come to You in the name of my blessed Savior Jesus. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 90

First Reading: 

Romans 3:19-26

The law reveals our sins and those of all men, declaring us guilty before God. We can do nothing to justify ourselves. The gospel reveals God’s solution for our “sin” problem! God sent Jesus through whom we have been justified. Through faith we receive “the righteousness of God” and are saved!

Second Reading: 

Matthew 11:2-10

Jesus responded to John’s inquiries by pointing to the miracles He had performed in order to confirm that He was indeed the promised Savior. Jesus wanted John, who was sent by God to prepare His way, to be assured of that fact. God wants us likewise to be assured that Jesus is our Savior!