God Gives Us the Victory through Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Nov 14, 2004
Pastor Paul D Nolting
Topic(s): Resurrection
Hymns: 472; 198; 736:1-3,5; 552:6-8
Pre-Service Prayer:

Dear heavenly Father, I know that I do not have to fear death, for You have forgiven my sin for Jesus’ sake. Yet at times I must confess that death appears so very frightening to me. Help me to remember that You sent Jesus in love for my soul, so that He might redeem me from sin, death, hell, and Satan. Move me ever to keep in mind Your precious promises, so that I may walk forward in life with boldness, knowing that death has become a doorway to Your gift of eternal life. Be with me and my fellow believers as we worship Your saving name this day. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 54

First Reading: 

Isaiah 52:1-6

Isaiah here announces to God’s Old Testament people that they will be redeemed by the LORD Himself “without money” and delivered from the enemies who oppressed them. Jesus indeed did come and redeem us with His holy and precious blood, delivering us from our enemies—sin, death, and Satan!

Second Reading: 

Luke 19:11-27

Jesus here tells the parable of the Minas. In the parable a nobleman distributes ten minas (pieces of money) to ten of his servants. They are to use them wisely until he returns. Upon returning he takes account of his servants, finding some to be faithful and others not. Jesus has given each of us His precious gospel word and commanded us to share it with others before His return at the end of time. Are we using that gospel word faithfully, or not?