Our Mission: to Campaign for the Lord's Salvation

Oct 17, 2004
Guest Pastor
Topic(s): Evangelism
Hymns: 14, 512, 505, 507, 496/498(5,6)
Pre-Service Prayer:

Lord Jesus, You have entrusted Your Word to me for my use and to share with others. I confess that I often fail in both uses. Fill my heart with a love for Your Word so that I grow daily in my understanding of Your truth and use it in my life. Then with strengthened faith let me be a ready, eager, and effective tool in bringing your Word to others. Cause Your Word to fill all of our hearts with zeal this morning as You are with us in worship. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 66

First Reading: 

Romans 10:8-15

The Word of God is the power for a soul’s salvation. The Word of God creates faith in the heart of a sinner to believe in Jesus as His Savior. That faith then shows itself in one’s life and confession. If God’s Word is what brings salvation, but the Word is not preached and no one takes the Word to others, how will sinners be saved? May we all answer the Lord’s call to share His Word by eagerly saying, “Here am I! Send me!”

Second Reading: 

Matthew 5:13-16

Jesus compares believers to salt and light. Salt has a preserving quality. We are the salt of the earth offering preservation from sin and death as we share the Gospel. But if we lose the Gospel and its power, we’ve lost our saltiness and are of no value. We are the light of the earth. We let our light shine by word and example and since that light is a reflection of our Savior others will see Jesus by the light we shine.