Behold! The Lamb of God!

Jan 20, 2002
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Topic(s): Savior
Hymns: 63; 652; 270; 344
Pre-Service Prayer:

Dear Jesus, Lamb of God, it is a marvel of Your love that You have provided salvation for all sinners, including me – Thank you! As John always pointed to You as "One who is greater than me" in his ministry, so lead me that I likewise submit myself and my life to You. Keep Your saving Word as the focus in the Gospel ministry among ourselves and to others. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 66

First Reading: 

Isaiah 49:1-6, 1 Corinthians 1:1-9

The Servant of the Lord (the Son of God) speaks through the prophet declaring the work He would do as the promised Messiah and Savior of the World. The Lord called and prepared His Servant to bring His people back to Him. Not only would the Messiah effect spiritual restoration for the people of Israel, but also for the Gentiles.

Paul could address the Corinthian Christians as "sanctified" and "saints" because they had been declared holy through the work of Jesus. Paul could speak of God’s grace and spiritual gifts working among the Corinthians because of Jesus, their Savior. The Corinthians were part of God’s family (as are we) because of JESUS, THE ONE AND ONLY Savior of the world!

Second Reading: 

Mark 6:17-29

John exposed sin among the people and was not afraid to do the same with King Herod when he sinfully married his sister-in-law. John’s ministry always pointed his hearer’s hearts in the direction of the "Greater One" to come, namely, Jesus. John’s faithfulness to the strong testimony of Christ ultimately led to his martyrdom at the hand of a weak king who made a foolish promise.