The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like a Wedding: Dress for the Occasion

Dec 23, 2001
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Topic(s): Life Everlasting
Hymns: High School Choir Concert + 62; 656; 371; 56
Pre-Service Prayer:

Dear Jesus, as the day draws so very close in which we will celebrate Your birthday, my spirit soars with excitement. Sadly, it is also the time when the pressures of our earthly "holiday season" also become the greatest. As this Advent season closes, keep my heart centered joyfully upon You. Teach me to see your cross also at Your manger and be filled with deepest gratitude that you were born to die that I might live. Come Lord Jesus and bless us all in worship this day! Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 85

Genesis 3:15; Deuteronomy 18:15; Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 9:2, Isaiah 9:6-7; Isaiah 25:6-8; Daniel 2:44; Micah 5:2; Malachi 3:1; (Luke 2:10b-11)

A selection of Old Testament prophecies leading to their fulfillment as announced by the angel to the shepherds.

Second Reading: 

Revelation 7:9-17

With white robes of purity and palm branches of victory a great multitude gathered around the throne of God. The multitude included people from every nation and people of the earth. With this awesome sight, Jesus revealed to John important truths concerning those who will enjoy eternal life. Those in the eternity of heaven are those whose sins have been washed clean in the blood of the Lamb (Jesus). They have come out of the tribulation of this world and from every walk of life on the earth; and they (we) will live forever with the Lord!