Remember! Give Thanks!

Jul 4, 2001
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Hymns: 581, 379, 467(1,3-4,6-7), 575, 310, 306, 577
Pre-Service Prayer:

WELCOME to this special worship service of remembrance and thanksgiving to our God.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 63:6-8


225 years ago today the Declaration of Independence was signed. We have come to know this day as "Independence Day" and the "Birth Day" of our nation. Today and tonight Americans all over our country and all around the world have been celebrating FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, and a summer holiday. Patriots find the celebrations to be empty when people celebrate the day just because they don’t have to work and can go to the lake, meanwhile forgetting the historical significance. Even when celebrators think about the significance of the holiday, they often times forget the God whose power and grace it is that gives us our country, her freedoms, and prosperity. TONIGHT we REMEMBER and give THANKS!

More recently, just 30 years ago, the building in which we are now worshipping did not exist and its predecessor lay a smoldering heap and charred shell. It is so easy to come to a worship service, walk through the doors, sit down in the pews, and forget what a blessing it is to have the freedom to worship, to have a group of like-minded believers with whom to worship, and a physical church home together with all of the furnishings. Having an abundance of blessings day by day can lead one to forget how in His wisdom God might all of a sudden stretch out His chastening hand and take things away from us…for our blessing. TONIGHT we REMEMBER and give THANKS!

Even more recently, indeed currently, we experience the forgiving grace of God day by day in every day of our lives. Today, you have sinned many times in thought, word, and deed; and so have I. Today the grace of God and the forgiveness of all your sins through Jesus Your Savior is just as real as they were yesterday and as real as they will be tomorrow. In the rapidity with which we live our lives, it is easy and fashionable to forget the depth of God’s mercy. TONIGHT we REMEMBER and give THANKS!