Lay Up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven

Mar 11, 2001
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Topic(s): Life Everlasting
Hymns: 8; 430(1-2, 4,6,8); 352; 465
Pre-Service Prayer:

Lord Jesus there is so much in the world that is appealing to my flesh and it looks “good” just as the fruit looked good to Eve. I am often tempted to love the things of the world and to live for them. Forgive me when I fall into this temptation. Increase in my heart a love for You so that my treasure and heart will always be with You. Send Your Holy Spirit to us in worship today and fill all of our hearts with the joy of our salvation! In Your name, I pray. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 31

First Reading: 

Exodus 33:17-23

Moses asked to see God’s glory. No sinner can see God face-to-face and live. Yet Moses and we can know and experience God’s glory through His Word. In the proclamation of His Word, God shows us His goodness, His grace, and compassion. As God reveals Himself to us in His Word we see Him for Who He is. All who make their treasure with God will also see Him face-to-face in eternity.

Second Reading: 

Matthew 6:19-34

If we are living for things in this world and our treasures are earthly, then there will be plenty over which to worry, because everything in this world is temporary. However, when our treasure and hearts are with our Savior in heaven, we will find no need to worry. Our heavenly Father who loves us will provide for our earthly needs and, more importantly, has given us a heavenly inheritance.