Why Do We Still Do Mission Work?

Oct 15, 2000
Guest Pastor
Hymns: 239; 799(1-4); 772; 509; 507
Pre-Service Prayer:

Heavenly Father, I know mission work is a matter of the heart. Therefore, cleanse my heart from all sin and selfish desires. Create in me a new heart that seeks the salvation of others just as You do, a heart that is bold and gives witness to you without hesitation, and a heart of love to follow You in all I do so that my entire life may be a testimony to the love You have shown me and the blessings You have given me. Be with us and bless us in worship, I pray! Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 96

God called Jonah to preach to the city of Nineveh. The first time Jonah ran away from God’s call. After Jonah spent three days & nights in the belly of a fish, God again called Jonah to go to Nineveh. This time Jonah went and warned the Ninevites of the coming judgment. The Word which Jonah preached bore fruit—the people repented and Nineveh was spared.

“Let none hear you idly saying, ‘there is nothing I can do’ while the souls of men are dying and the Master calls for you” (TLH #496 st. 4). Paul encourages that EACH and EVERY one of us can be active in mission work in at least two ways: 1) praying for the work of the Word and those who preach it; and 2) making the best use of every opportunity WE are given by using our words and actions as living testimonies to our Savior.

We are called by our Savior to be salt and light in the earth by proclaiming the Gospel…Jesus shows a “mission heart” by having compassion on lost and wandering souls. Oh that the Lord would continue to call and send workers with such a compassion!…The commission to make disciples is one Jesus gives to us all. He also gives us the tool (the Gospel) and the encouragement (I am with you always) which makes it possible to do the work.