Let Us Walk by Faith, Not by Sight!

Mar 26, 2000
Pastor Paul D Nolting
Topic(s): Faith
Hymns: 151(1-5); 141; 145; 151(6-7)
Pre-Service Prayer:

Lord God, heavenly Father, impress upon our hearts the immeasurable nature of Your love for us in Christ, so that we, recognizing our sin and rejoicing in Your forgiveness, may dedicate our lives to Your service. Bless us, O Lord, as we worship in Your presence. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 25

First Reading: 

Hebrews 5:1-10

Old Testament priests were called by God to offer "gifts and sacrifices for sins." Christ was called by God to be our "priest forever" and became "the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him" through His sufferings and death!

Second Reading: 

John 10:24-33

Jesus claimed to be and is the Son of God—the promised Christ! His mighty miracles testified to the truth of His claims. We, who hear and believe His words and follow Him, are His sheep. He gives us the gift of life and together with His Father protects us in His loving hands!