Caution! Life Under Construction

Aug 15, 1999
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Hymns: 550(1-6,9)/564; 385(1-5,10); 625; 433
Pre-Service Prayer:

Lord Jesus, my life is at times a confusion. Stress tires me. I begin to lose a proper focus as to what my role is on the earth. This affects me personally and in my family. I need Your help and guidance. I need Your forgiveness. Open my mind and heart to hear, understand, and apply Your Word so that I am always building my life with You. Lord, we are here in Your House to praise Your great name! Be with us in worship. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 124 & Psalm 125

The Tower of Babel was a construction project that grew out of pride and rebellion against God. The construction project never reached completion. God will not always physically destroy things that are done against His will. However, in due time, everything that is done without the Lord will come to nothing.

Organizations for "spiritual" support can be built on a variety of foundations and principles. The true Chruch of Christ is built upon the foundation of Christ and His Word alone! As we work together to build Christ’s Church we are reminded that many different workers will build, but it is always God who truly accomplishes the construction.

Second Reading: 

Luke 6:43-49

Building a visible church, a home – a life with the Lord involves more than just hearing the Word of God. Building a life that will last and be a joy here and in eternity also involves taking the Word to heart and incorporating it into life. A life built with the Word holding it together is a strong life that will withstand the storm.