Letters from God Addressing Our Roles in Christian Education

Aug 8, 1999
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Hymns: 36; 370; 366(st. 1,2,5,7); 629; 627
Pre-Service Prayer:

"I am Jesus’ little lamb, ever glad at heart I am; for my Shepherd gently guides me, knows my need, and well provides me, loves me every day the same, even calls me by my name." Dear Jesus, give me a childlike faith that rejoices to be a lamb under Your shepherding care. Fill me with the desire to proclaim your praises to the children and they to their children so that in every age sinners may hear, and set their hope in You. Come to us, be with us, bless us in our worship this morning! Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 102

First Reading: 

Philippians 3:1-10

Paul had every reason to boast if he was going to have confidence in earthly advantages. Paul was from a good family, followed every outward law, and was a highly educated Pharisee. However, Paul counted all of his honor, education, prestige, and all his worldly pursuits as rubbish because gaining Christ is of such greater value.

Second Reading: 

John 21:15-19

Jesus called Peter to be a shepherd and feed His sheep and lambs. For Peter, feeding Jesus’ sheep would mean losing his own life. Teaching and instructing the lambs of Christ in a world that is opposed to Christ will never be easy. It may well involve struggle and sacrifice, but it will also be well worth the effort. Jesus calls to us: "Feed my sheep and lambs…Follow Me."