Shhhh, Listen!

Jan 24, 1999
Pastor Wayne C Eichstadt
Topic(s): Liturgy
Hymns: 38, 296, 490, Lift High the Cross
Pre-Service Prayer:

Lord, open my heart to hear Your Word today. Let me always gladly hear Your Word even when it must rebuke me. Work in my heart a willingness to submit to Your Word. Fill me with rejoicing as I celebrate the blessings You have revealed in Your Word. Speak Lord! Your servant is listening. Amen.

Pre-Service Devotion: 

Psalm 119:49-96

First Reading: 

Titus 2:1-15

God speaks to every sinner through His Word. His Word applies to each of us individually regardless of our age or status in life. Paul instructed the Titus to teach God’s Word to everyone in the congregation as it applied to them individually. In every case, when Titus spoke the Word of God he was doing so with the authority of God Himself.

Second Reading: 

John 17:6-21

Jesus thanked His Father for bringing the disciples to faith through the Word of God. Jesus prayed that His Father would use His Truth to keep the disciples separated from the wicked influence of the world. Jesus asked for the same blessings to be upon those who would be brought to faith through the apostles’ words, namely, us! The Word of God creates and preserves faith and is, therefore, the active ingredient in our worship services.