The School Counseling Program at Immanuel Lutheran School is designed to be comprehensive and developmentally appropriate for students in grades 7th-12th. The School Counselor assists students with personal and social difficulties, academic challenges and academic, college, and career planning and education. This is done in the following ways:

  • Classroom developmental guidance lessons in the areas of social and emotional well-being, college and career/ academic education and exploration
  • Small group counseling which may include: new student group, grief and loss, study skills, social skills, self esteem, friendship skills, and other topics as needed
  • Individual counseling for academic, personal, social, behavior, or mental health concerns
  • Individual academic and career planning
  • Crisis intervention
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, school staff and outside community resources
  • Referrals to appropriate community mental health providers and community resources as needed

School counseling services are available to all students in 7th-12th grade unless parents or guardians wish to opt out. Students interested in meeting with their school counselor can contact or email the school counselor for an appointment. Students can also talk to their teachers and/or principal about setting up an appointment with the school counselor. Additionally, parents can email the school counselor to set up a meeting to talk about any academic, social-emotional, college or career questions and concerns. The school counselor works with the principal and teachers to determine the best times for students to receive guidance lessons and counseling services, to minimize disruptions in the student’s(s’) academic learning.

If you have questions about school counseling services at ILS please contact Helena Stevens: