The Christian Citizen

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The Christian Citizen

To be lethargic about the leadership and government of our land is to be lethargic about God’s appointed authority.

Life Issues: Abortion, Stem Cell Research, Mercy Killing

The right to life is the most important right we possess. (It) has a biblical foundation. God wants us to respect His gift of life!

Economic Issues: Wealth, Taxation, and Social Justice

God is not a communist! God is not a socialist! God is not a capitalist! God is “the King of glory!”

Marriage Issues: Same Sex Marriages?

Marriage, which comes from God for the blessing of humankind, is the life-long union of a man and a woman.

Environmental Issues: Stewardship of the Land

A proper view toward the stewardship of our environment begins with Creation.

Foreign Policy Issues: The Waging of War

Of all the powers and authorities given to governments to protect their citizens, the most fearful and awesome is the authority to wage just wars.

Government Authority Issues: Capital Punishment

Thus, the Bible unmistakably gives to our government the authority to punish evildoers, even to the extent of putting them to death.

Character Issues: Morality Matters

When exercising our right to vote, we ought to give serious consideration to measures of personal integrity which the Lord identifies for us in the Scriptures.

The Christian Citizen: A Citizen of Another Country

We are citizens of our country by divine providence, while we are citizens of heaven by divine grace!</blockquote