Walk Worthy of the Calling

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LESSON 1     A Consideration of the Concept of One’s  Calling and Being Called as a Saint of God

LESSON 2     Called in View of God’s Choice through Predestination

LESSON 3     Called through Jesus’s Redemptive Work

LESSON 4     Called by the Holy Spirit who is the Guarantee of Our Inheritance

LESSON 5     A Discussion of the Hope of His Calling

LESSON 6     A Calling Secure in Christ

LESSON 7     A Calling from Spiritual Death to Spiritual Life through the Grace of God

LESSON 8     A Calling with Purposeto Fulfill Good Works Prepared (by God) Beforehand

LESSON 9     Called into a Covenant Relationship with God

LESSON 10   Called into a Close Relationship with Fellow Believers based upon the Foundation of Scripture

LESSON 11    A Calling Exercised by the Gospel

LESSON 12    A Calling to Make Known the Manifold Wisdom of God

LESSON 13    A Calling which Comprehends the Love of Christ and Bestows the Fullness of God


LESSON 14    Interpersonal Relationships, Godly Attitudes and Objectives

LESSON 15    The Proper Use of Personal Gifts: Their Divine Origin and Purpose

LESSON 16    Avoiding Former Failures: Putting on the New Man

LESSON 17    The Proper Use of Our Tongues’ truth-telling and edification

LESSON 18    Learning to Control Anger

LESSON 19    Honesty and the Proper Purpose of Work

LESSON 20    Imitating Christ’s Love-Walk

LESSON 21    Maintaining Purity

LESSON 22    Walking in the Light

LESSON 23    Walking in Wisdom

LESSON 24    Spousal Relationships

LESSON 25    In the Home-Family Dynamics

LESSON 26    On the Job: the Responsibilities of Labor and Management

LESSON 27    Sources of Strength and Perseverance: Putting on God’s Armor

LESSON 28    The Purpose of Christian Friendship: Support and Comfort