Articles of Incorporation

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State of Minnesota )
County of Blue Earth ) ss

Be it known that on this 15th day of September A.D. 1866 Henry Himmelman, F.H. Sterernagel, Jacob Traub and John Dreher and Simon Blume of Mankato, Blue Earth County and state of Minnesota have associated together to form a church association or corporation according to the statutes of Minnesota and do make and enact the following article to-wit.

1st Article

Names of the persons associated are Henry Himmelman, F.H. Sterernagel, Jacob Traub, John Dreher, and Simon Blume.

2nd Article

This church corporation shall be known and designated by the name of "Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mankato, Minnesota" and its place of location shall be Mankato, Blue Earth County and State of Minnesota.

3rd Article

The officers of this church shall be eighteen trustees and for the first year commencing at this date John Dreher, Jacob Traub and Henry Himmelman are hereby designated and elected to act as such trustees and these trustees and their successors shall conduct the business of the church. There shall be elected on the 15th day of September A.D. 1866 three trustees by the members of the church, one to serve for three years; one to serve for two years and one to serve for one year and on the Monday after the second Sunday in October in each succeeding year there shall be elected six trustees, the said trustees to be elected by the members of the church at a meeting on said day. The newly elected trustees shall take office at the January organizational meeting of the Church Council.

Henry Himmelman
F.H. Sterernagel
Jacob Traub
John Dreher

Constitution and Bylaws of Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church