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CLC 40th ANNIVERSARY ~ Lesson 02
October 22, 2000

An Overview of the Present Kingdom Work of the
Reveals a Picture of Individuals and Congregations…



Forty years, while not an overly long time, is certainly a long enough period of time to gather a sense of what is important to individuals and the synod they form. As we consider an overview of the present kingdom work of our Church of the Lutheran Confession, we will see that Christian education, Christian charity, and Mission Outreach are important to us. Forty years, however, is also a long time in this sinful world to sustain ongoing zeal for these important tasks. It would be very easy to "loose our first-love" as our Lord and Savior says happened in the church at Ephesus (cf. Revelation 2:4). Therefore, as we consider the kingdom work entrusted to us by our Savior, may we pray that He continue to bless us with faithful hearts zealous to do His good work (cf. Titus 2:14)!

Current Statistics: 

  • Total Congregations: 77 (As of 7/00); Total Membership: 8,645 (1999 CLC Statistics)
    Alaska – 1 Michigan – 7 South Dakota – 11
    Arizona – 1 Minnesota – 15 Texas – 4
    California – 2 Missouri –1 Virginia –1
    Colorado – 4 Nebraska –1 Washington – 5
    Florida – 4 New Mexico – 1 Wisconsin – 9
    Georgia –1 New York – 1 Wyoming – 1
    Idaho – 1 North Dakota – 2 Alberta – 1
    Illinois – 1 South Carolina – 1 British Columbia – 1


  • Mission Congregations: 11 
    Holy Truth of Ketchikan, Alaska Rock of Ages of Grand Rapids, Michigan
    CLC Mission of North Port, Florida Berea of Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    Grace of Live Oak, Florida Shepherd of the Valley of Weslaco, Texas
    Zion of Atlanta, Georgia Ascension of Tacoma, Washington
    Immanuel of Addison, Illinois St. Paul’s of Vernon, British Columbia
    Zion of Detroit, Michigan  


  • Preaching Stations: 14 (2/2000) 
    Juneau, Alaska Kansas City, Missouri Killeen, Texas
    Stockton, California Fargo, North Dakota Withrow, Washington
    Orlando, Florida Columbus, Ohio Appleton, Wisconsin
    Coral Springs, Florida Nashville, Tennessee Wausau, Wisconsin
    Kimball, Minnesota Amarillo, Texas  


  • Schools: 22 Elementary; 2 Secondary; 1 College; 1 Seminary
    Arizona –1 Minnesota – 5 South Dakota – 2
    California – 1 Nebraska – 1 Washington – 2
    Florida – 1 North Dakota – 1 Wisconsin – 4
    Michigan – 2 South Carolina – 1 Wyoming – 1
    Secondary: Mankato, Minnesota; Eau Claire, Wisconsin
    College/Seminary: Eau Claire, Wisconsin


  • Synod Publications: 
    The Lutheran Spokesman—a monthly periodical;
    The Journal of Theology—a quarterly magazine.


  • Foreign Affiliates: 
    Bharath Evangelical Lutheran Church in South India (BELC)
    Church of the Lutheran Confession of India in Eastern Coastal Region of India (CLCI)
    Nigerian Church of the Lutheran Confession in Southeast Nigeria (NCLC)
    Independent Lutheran Congregation of Paris, France


  • Project Kinship: Provides support for— 
    Three orphanages (2 in India; 1 in Africa)
    Seminary students in India and Africa

    Current Opportunities:

    • Preparing for either the pastoral or teaching ministries—full-time or limited;
    • Praying for or supporting those preparing to become kingdom workers;
    • Praying for those congregations and schools who do not have pastors or teachers at this time;
    • Mission Helper Program—volunteering for overseas or stateside work in the field of missions; providing support for such volunteers;
    • Traveling Vacation Bible School—volunteers to distribute promotional materials, to teach classes, to support volunteers;
    • Supporting an orphan or seminary student through Project Kinship;
    • Volunteering to serve as congregation representatives to district and synod meetings and as members of district and synod boards;
    • Volunteering to serve as writers for synod publications;
    • Volunteering to serve as committee members and speakers for seminars and conferences;
    • Volunteering to help with maintenance work at Immanuel Lutheran College;
    • Contributing to "Missions."(PDN)