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The following is taken from the Centennial Anniversary Book of Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church, 1967.


Sources for this history were Immanuel congregation minutes, the 80th anniversary book, North Chapel records, Bethany Ladies College catalog, Immanuel Hospital records, Ladies Aid records, and Teacher Martin Garbrecht’s congregational diary.

I would also like to thank the members who contributed pictures and bits of historical information, Al Affolter and David Menton who loaned photo enlarging equipment, Mr. Garbrecht who translated from German minutes, Mrs. Albert Sippert who typed out tape-recorded notes, Mrs. Jerry Hanel who did final typing and assisted in page layout, Robert Becker and Miss Miriam Schaller who gave technical advice, James Doring and Stanley Cooper who made the cover design, Pastor Reim who helped in editing, Art Weigt who took care of business details, Professor Gordon Radtke who brought in historical pictures, and my wife who allowed her fruit cellar to be turned into a photographic darkroom for this project and then pitched in to help.

Lowell Schreyer
Congregational Secretary