History of Educational Agencies

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The following is taken from the 80th Anniversary Book of Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church, 1947.

History of Congregation

Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church
Mankato, Minnesota

History of Our Educational Agencies

The purpose of this treatise is to trace the development of the program of Chirstian education on the elementary level of this congregation. The data here presented had been gathered from the official records of the congregation and from other records, as indicated in the bibliography.

The congregational records were largely written in the German script for over half the years of the congregation's history. For that reason they had to be read to the writer. This task was assumed by Miss Eunice Bode, one of the members of our present school staff, and special credit is due her for her contribution to this work.

Others who contributed time to this treatise and are deserving of mention are: The Rev. A. Ackermann, who read the script and offered suggestions; Mrs. O. C. Kexel*, who also read the manuscript and made suggestions; Donald Peterson, a brother of the writer; and the writer's family who bore with him patiently and inspired him to complete his task.

The official records of the congregation for the early periods have largely disappeared. However, some rather complete histories of the congregation are available, and from these it is possible to gain some impression of the educational work. It should be noted that little reference will be made to confirmation instruction, and only slight reference will be made to "Christenlehre". While these may be considered agencies on the elementary level, they were supervised and conducted by the pastors, and only rarely are they mentioned in the congregational records until later periods.

The development of the program of Christian education on the elementary level divides itself into four periods, namely, the period of development for 1867 to 1902; the period of expansion from 1902 to 1922; the period of organization from 1922 to 1938; and the period of new horizons from 1938 to 1946.

*The former Miss Lacorda Schimmelpfennig, who was one of the teachers in Immanuel School.

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