Technical Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Login/Register?

Click on the Login Button in the top right-hand corner of the website. You will need to "Create a New Account" and be approved before you are able to see the additional features for logged in users. To register, you will need to provide a user name, a valid email address, your real name and a STRONG password. Then an administrator must approve your account before you are able to login.

Please note: Your username and password work for both the school website and the church website.  You may login either place and access both parts of the website. However, there are certain items that only parents/students can access. Please contact the website administrator if you can not access the sections of the website that should be available to you.

What is a Strong Password and Why Do I Have to Have One?

A strong password protects the users on this site as well all of the users' information. The stronger the password, the less likely a hacker will be able to gain access to the site. A strong password contains:

  • At least 8 Characters
  • 1 Capital Letter
  • 1 Lowercase Letter
  • 1 Number
  • 1 Symbol

Why Do I Have to Login to See the School's Weekly Updates?

This website is designed to protect all personal information. The Weekly Updates contain personal information about students and teachers.

Website Calendar - What is an iCal and How do I use it?

An iCal is a standardized calendar format. If you have a smartphone or use MS Outlook or Google Calendar, you can "subscribe" to either the school or church calendar (or different categories of the calendar) and be able to "see" it side by side with your calendar. To use it simply click on the iCal icon at the bottom of any calendar page. 

 Website Calendar - I only want to see certain kinds of events

Access either the school calendar or the church calendar by clicking on the calendar button. Choose the kinds of events in the dropdown that you want to see. Click the Apply button. To view all the events again, choose "Any" from the dropdown menu and click Apply.

How do I watch a video of the Worship Service?

You can watch the video in your Internet browser just by clicking on the link and then clicking on the play button in the middle of the screen.  If you would prefer to download the video and watch it offline, please right click on the Download Button and save it to your computer.  This download requires a Media Player that will play MP4 files. Please check your documentation that came with your software for more information.


I have an iPhone or an iPad - I want to watch the videos of the Worship Services

That feature is not available at this time. The videos of the worship service are currently in Adobe Flash format.  Apple's iOS cannot view Flash files. An update is planned in Summer 2013 to broadcast these files via HTML 5 - a format which can be read by more devices. However, our Sermons are broadcast in MP3 and are available to iPhones, iPads and Android Devices.

Is Your Question Not Answered Here?

Please contact the website administrator with your question and we will either answer it here or via email.